Filiriko PET Films
Professional PET Film Manufacturer
Filiriko PET Films
Professional PET Film Manufacturer
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One-Stop PET Film Manufacturer

Filiriko has been—and continues to be—the boPET film manufacturing leader in China since 2000. From the beginning, we were dedicated to becoming experts in manufacturing various types of polyester films. We have 300 factory employees and 30 technical engineers supporting the company. Our R&D center and patents bring innovation into the industry, and our strict quality control is trusted by brands worldwide.

Filiriko boasts a professional annual production capacity of 50,000 tonnes of PET films. Because we are located in Shanghai, we can easily ship our PET film in pallets worldwide.

  • one stop PET Film Manufacturer
  • one stop PET Film Manufacturer
  • one stop PET Film Manufacturer
20 Years Experience

Founded in 2000, Filiriko continues to gain expertise and be one of the best PET film suppliers on the market.

50,000 Tones Yearly Output

Filiriko’s annual production capacity perfectly fulfills the output demands of our clients.

Advanced Equipment

We use professional equipment from renowned German brands. We have 2 sets of Bruckner PET film manufacturing lines and 2 sets of Kampf high-speed slitting machines.

Certification & Patent

Our PET films comply with ISO 9001 and SGS standards. Plus, Filiriko R&D has registered over 30 innovative industry patents.

30,000 Square M, Factory

With an optimal location in Shanghai, China, our large factory allows for R&D facilities, lots of professional machinery, and convenient transportation options.

Filiriko PET Films

Metallized PET film also has good barrier properties, and it is commonly used in food and snack packaging.

Our famous BOPET Film films have high tensile strength, chemical stability, reflectivity, transparency, and electrical insulation. Most importantly, BOPET Film films have great gas-proof barrier properties.

Filiriko’s chemically treated PET films are pre-treated on one side to improve adhesion of aluminum metalizing, printing inks, adhesives, and coatings.

Matte PET films are used as security tape, and for lamination purposes. The matte texture creates a cloudy surface. This film is also safe for food contact.

Filiriko Pet Film Advantage

  • PET film Advantage
  • PET film Advantage
  • PET film Advantage

50,000 Tones Annual Output

Filiriko’s advanced factory produces about 50,000 tonnes of PET film each year. We have achieved efficiency in supplying our clients with quality films.

Thinkness from 10 to 350 Micro

We can manufacture PET film in a large range of thickness specifications. You can request thickness in microns, gauge, or mils.

Width upto 8500mm

Filiriko’s PET films can also have custom width up to 8500mm, or 8.5 metres. We manufacture PET film for many applications, and our specifications accommodate any request.


Strict Quality Control & Testing

Filiriko has a professional quality control team that supervises strict inspection and testing at every step of the manufacturing process. Our PET films are tested for every material property to ensure compliance with international standards. Some common tests include:

  • Glossy testing
  • Hazy testing
  • Transmittance testing
  • Friction testingHazy testing
  • Roughness testing
  • Tensile strength testing
  • Elongation testing
  • Heat shrinkage testing
  • Strict Quality Control & Testing
  • Strict Quality Control & Testing
  • Filiriko Certifications & Patent

Filiriko Certifications & Patent

The Filiriko R&D team has developed over 30 industry patents in the past 20 years. We bring innovation, enhanced material design, and greater efficiency into the field. Our patented technology is unique and can cover your needs. Plus, we have been certified for quality.

ISO 9001 Certification

The ISO 9001 certification focuses on quality management principles. This means that Filiriko demonstrates a reliably strong customer focus, top management, dedication to the entire manufacturing process, and continual improvement.

SGS Certification

SGS certification ensures high-quality of all components and finished products. You can be sure that both our service and end products are top-notch PET films suitable for your application.

Filiriko PET Films for Your Industry

Window Film

Filiriko window PET films are a great option for decorating windows and glass doors. Also, matte window films increase the privacy of windows and doors, and can protect from UV radiation.

Building Film

Our reliable PET building film can be used in a variety of construction applications.

PPF Film

PET paint protection film for auto detailing. We offer PET film for partial front end, full front end, and full car PPF application.

Silicone Coated Pet Film

This ultra-clear PET film is coated with silicone on both sides. Silicone-coated PET film is great for adhesive tape, and it has optimal releasing properties.

Aluminum Foil Film

Aluminum foil PET-met film is lightweight, tear-resistant, and flexible. It has excellent barrier properties against vapours, gases, and aromas, as opposed to non-metallized PET film.

PET Lamination Film

Filiriko’s PET thermal film for lamination has high tensile strength, durability, and barrier properties. Its design allows it to harden upon thermal application.


Filiriko PETG film is known to be resistant to heat, impact and solvents. It is widely used for packaging in retail and medical fields, electronic insulators, and advertising displays.

Heat Transfer Film

Heat transfer PET film can be used to transfer designs and promotional advertisements onto certain fabrics and materials. This PET film for heat transfer printing is great both for large corporations creating merchandise, and small businesses.

More Industries You Can Search


If you would like to know more, below we are presenting you with great resources to answer all your questions.

We will tell you about PET film material, types of PET film, PET film properties, and specifications, and more.

We will discuss all the possible applications of PET film types, encompassing commercial and industrial fields, including window, automotive, packaging, electronic, optical, etc.

We will uncover the manufacturing processes that produce PET film, as well as testing requirements, and the importance of advanced equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is PET Film?

Polyester or Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a plastic material produced by reacting terephthalic acid with ethylene glycol.

How Is PET Film Made?

PET film is generally made by melting PET chips and stretching the substance in various heating and cooling cycles, depending on the precise PET film type. Some types include silicone or aluminum powder coatings.

What Are The Advantages of PET Film?

PET film has many advantages over other plastic compounds, the biggest ones being thermal stability and tensile strength. PET film also has great barrier properties, clarity, and chemical stability. Different types of PET film make it versatile—we will supply you with the perfect PET film for your specific application.
PET film can be of different quality levels—high-quality, first-class, grade A-level, and grade B-level products will provide you with all the material advantages.

What Are The Specifications of PET Film?

PET film will have mechanical, optical, electrical, and thermal specifications, as well information on thickness, width, color, and finish.
Also, you can specify your PET film in either sheets or rolls, depending on your application.

Are All PET Film Types Available in Any Finish And Thickness?

Because some PET film types are made for a specific application, not all finishes and thickness specifications will be compatible with its specialized design. Contact us to learn more and discuss your ideas.

What Is PET Film Used For?

PET film can be used for a variety of applications, including food packaging, construction, and decor, auto detailing, thermal insulation, different printing techniques, electrical applications, and more.

What Are PET Film Types?

In terms of material, there can be boPET and CPET films.

In terms of categories, PET film may be electrical insulating film, capacitor film, card-protection film, general-purpose film, NANO film, and compressed air plastic film.

The general-purpose film is further divided into semi-reinforced film, hot-stamping film, printing composite packaging film, aluminized film, and magnetic recording film.

In terms of quality, PET film may be high-quality, first-class, or qualified, ordered from highest to lowest quality according to Chinese standards. According to international standards, PET film can be A-, B-, or C-level.

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