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Filiriko is your global leader that focuses on manufacturing and supplying high premium quality 100 tinted windows. A chain series of our products successfully distributes to all worldwide market necessities.

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Filiriko 100 Tinted Windows

For all your 100 tinted windows need, choose Filiriko for being your #1 provider. We independently spent 20+ years servicing our local and global clients. Filiriko persists in pledging our commitment to providing you with matchless products and unparalleled services. Our 100 tinted windows comprise assorted models, as you see below, and we are here to help you look for a complete resolution for your choice. 

Our 100 Tinted Window Series

2-Ply Self-Adhesive 100 Tinted Windows

The 2-ply self-adhesive 100 tinted windows specialize in pleasant visible light transmission, and its layer contains scratching resistance.

Automotive Solar 100 Tinted Windows

This automotive solar 100 tinted window features darker outside vision but shows a super clear vision resolution inside. 

Ceramic 100 Tinted Windows

Ceramic 100 tinted windows have a consistency of heat insulation and light resolution. This product has no toxins, is safe, and has CE/RoHS certifications.

Dark Smoke 100 Tinted Windows

It features a high lucidity resolution with superior durability and sustainability. It measures 1.52mx30m and has a thickness of 2mil/0.06mm.

Dyed 100 Tinted Windows

It is a 100% dyed material that provides superior light transmittance. This high-premium quality product is available in custom dimensions, colors, and thickness.

Nano 100 Tinted Windows

Our nano 100 tinted windows provide high stability of color insulation, security, and heat rejections, and UV protection. Any OEM and ODM services are welcome.

PET 100 Tinted Windows

This PET 100 tinted window ensures provides UV/IF/VTL protection. It is available in green, olive green, black, gray, sky blue, blue, etc.

100 Photochromic Tinted Windows

It is an unchanging product that provides 100% privacy and protection. Photochromic 100 tinted windows offer 100% UV, 95% IR, 70% VLT rejection. 

100 Security Tinted Windows

It has a clean sign structure that enables safe driving. Security 100 tinted windows provide excellent privacy comfort and cooling efficiency.

Why Filiriko 100 Tinted Windows

In China, Filiriko acknowledges as the pioneering manufacturer and supplier of 100 tinted windows. You can trust our company whether you have specific requirements in regards to the said product. It is available in several measurements, thicknesses, and colors that enable it to fit within your particular applications and installments. 

As time flies, Filiriko gains the highest popularity in all countries around the globe. Through our irreplaceable services and duties, we have been trusted by thousands of our customers and clients locally and domestically. Experience the most pleasurable and satisfying benefits with Filiriko!

100 Tinted Windows

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100 Tinted Windows
100 Tinted Windows

It’s pretty challenging to seek a reliable company that enables you to sustain all your market needs. Why don’t you try to think and study the services that Filiriko offers for you? Filiriko has a rich understanding of determining your specific request of 100 tinted windows. 

Any customization of our product is available to fulfill your per requirements. Contact us today!

Filiriko 100 Tinted Windows to Skyrocket Your Business

100 Tinted Windows

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Filiriko – Your Best 100 Tinted Windows Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Are you looking for top-quality 100 tinted windows at the most reasonable amount? Find them exclusively here at Filiriko! 

Cars and vehicles owners have their specific reason on why they pursue tint their car windows. To have the best car window tint, you must decide what window tint percentage suits your car. Filiriko offers several window tint recommendations, which include 100 tinted windows.

100 Tinted Windows:

Talking about 100 tinted windows, it states having the lightest or no tint. But this type of tinted window is able to block almost 100% of the sun’s UV rays. It is also possible to protect and reduce any exposure to any harmful transmission rays and lights.

Do you want to have complete privacy? Do you want to protect yourself as well as your car from harmful UV rays? Consider now the great benefits and advantages of using the right 100 tinted windows for your vehicles. 

100 Tinted Windows Features:

  • Long-lasting service life
  • High-premium quality
  • Top-graded raw materials
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Vandalism protection
  • Excellent durability
  • Provides a high amount of clarity

No matter what type of percentage you choose, you must first consider the quality stability of the window tint. You should look for the right window tint that does not allow you to spend lots of your funds; hence, it aims to add worth to your vehicle and keeps it look aesthetically tremendous and pleasant.

All classifications of 100 tinted windows are available at cost-effective prices. We completed a production series of 100 tinted windows under your requested length, width, thickness, colors, and models. 

The amount of positive reviews and feedback we receive reflects us to exert extra effort to make our customers delightedly happy and satisfied. Though Filirko is a China-based company, our services are widespread throughout the country.

There are many things to consider in tinting your vehicular windows. Are you now set on deciding on what window tint percentage suits your cars and vehicles? Contact us at Filiriko and get free and prompt answers and responses to your questions and concerns.

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