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Filiriko offers a comprehensive range of 15 window tints with high quality. You can get our products at a very affordable rate.

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Filiriko 15 Window Tint

If you need customized solutions for 15 window tints, Filiriko is the right place to come! Filiriko has engaged in the development, designing, and marketing of all types of window tints. Additionally, we export our products to customers from different countries.

Our 15 Window Tint Series

Privacy Tint for Car Vlt15

Our privacy tint for car Vlt15 is highly customizable according to your requirements. Just send us your details now!

High-Quality Window Tint Vlt15

Visible light transmission:15%, IR Reduction: 10%, UV Reduction: 97%. The tints are available in various colors.

Frosted Window Tint Vlt15

It is available in color white glitter, textured, and etched. If you have designs or layout for this tint, just let us know!

Glue Tint 99%UV Rejection

Our team carefully chooses high-end PET materials to manufacture UV rejection window tint. It is available in Vlt from 5%-90%.

Heat Reduction Window Tint Vlt15

Our heat reduction window tint Vlt can guarantee 100% self-adhesive. You can find various colors for this type of tint.

Window Tint Vlt15 for Bathroom

We can adjust the darkness for your window tinting needs based on your requirements. Please submit your details now!

Colorful Pet Film

Our colorful Pet film is available in many colors, such as champagne, orange, red, blue, green, yellow, and many more.

Iridescent Decorative Film

We can apply the Vlt (visible light transmission) of up to 5%-90%. It has explosion-proof and heat-insulation features, ideal for decoration.

Sun Control Window Film

We manufacture sun control window film utilizing high clear polyester materials. It is available in many colors like blue, yellow, red, etc.

Why Filiriko 15 Window Tint

For you to showcase your business, why not settle with Filiriko. We have been a leading window tint manufacturer for over 22 years. At Filiriko, you can find a wide range of window tints with various Vlt percentages. Filiriko 15% window tints are one of the best solutions we could offer for you!

15 window tint

Filiriko 15 Window Tint Video

15 window tint supplier
15 window tint supplier

Filiriko 15% window tint serves many industries from different countries. Our team carefully chooses the best raw materials to ensure its product’s quality. We have professional technical engineers and skilled material sourcing team who are responsible for the production.

Whenever you find the best 15% window tint, you can always count on our team! We can accommodate all your window tinting needs for your business. Let Filiriko help you improve your business!

Filiriko - Your Premier 15 Window Tint Manufacturer in China

15 window tint

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Filiriko- Your Reliable 15 Window Tint Manufacturer

If you’re looking for the best 15 window tint for your business or project, you need to look for a trusted manufacturer. In short, you need to trust Filiriko.

Filiriko has been working in the field of window tinting for more than 20 years. We manufacture 15 window tints with structural characteristics, endurance, thicknesses, colors, features, and advantages.

In China, Filiriko is the largest factory of window tint. We can provide for all your needs. Our factory has complete manufacturing equipment along with skilled workforces.

Benefits of Using 15 Window Tint

Window tints from Filiriko are available in various visible light transmissions to meet your application needs. It is suitable to use for car windows and home windows.

If you’re planning to import window tint with complete visible light transmission, Filiriko is the right place to come. We have the darkest film (50%) and the lightest film (90%).

Installing 15 window tints from Filiriko gives advantages to your applications, including:

  • Protects your skin from UV rays
  • Provides security from wandering eye
  • Protect your car from UV rays
  • Reduce glare

Filiriko 15 window tint allows more light to penetrate the glass. Plus, it can block 100% of UV rays. At Filiriko, you can find the perfect window tint with various visible light transmissions (Vlt).

Other Window Tint Vlt from Filiriko

  • 5% tint: it is the darkest film, which you can’t see through at all.
  • 20% tint: applying 20% tint means you can see through the window
  • 35% tint: means you can see through easily
  • 50% tint: it forms a little bit of dark

For more window tint Vlt, you can contact us directly so we can assist your needs.

Our Advantage

  • 22 years of manufacturing experience
  • We can export 15 window tints for over 100 countries.
  • All window tints are highly customizable.
  • OEM and ODM services are welcome.

Filiriko is your trusted 15 window tint manufacturer and supplier in China. Our goal is to supply customers with high-quality products and excellent services to improve their business.

We are looking forward to working with you in the future! Filiriko can assist your needs for your upcoming projects.

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