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Get affordable 2.5 window tint without compromising the quality only at Filiriko! We have been a leading 2.5 window tint manufacturer for over 20 years.

Customize your window tint now!

Filiriko 2.5 Window Tint

The most trusted 2.5 window tint manufacturer and supplier is Filiriko. With many years of experience, we have become a leading supplier to customers from over 100 countries. Being your reliable manufacturer and supplier, we can make your 2.5 window tint according to your specifications.

Our 2.5 Window Tint Series

Window Tint for Building

Our Window Tint for Building is certified to GB15763.2-2005.

Window Tint for Shower Rooms

Our window tints for shower rooms are available in different colors for your selection.

Two Way Privacy Window

We can manufacture them with different surface treatments, such as frosted.

Window Tint for Car

Our window tint for a car can be available in 2.5 Vlt, 5 Vlt, 15 Vlt, 20 Vlt, and so on.

Anti-Scratch Glue Window Tint

You can choose colors like black, charcoal, green, blue, or customized.

Reflective Window Tint Film

It can be 2.5 Vlt, 10 Vlt, and so on. Just send us your requirements for your window tint.

IR Car Window Tint

You can decide what Vlt percentage you require for your project. Just let us know!

Automotive Window Tint

We manufacture automotive window tints using high-end PET materials.

Heat Resistant Window Tint

Colors we have: blue& silver, golden&silver, double silver, or customized.

Why Filiriko 2.5 Window Tint

Filiriko is a professional 2.5 window tint manufacturer in China that offers competitive prices to customers. We adopt the most advanced equipment to produce custom 2.5 window tints according to our customer’s requirements.

If you’re looking for the best firm to custom all your window tint, Filiriko is always a good choice!

2.5 window tint

Filiriko 2.5 Window Tint Video

2.5 window tint
2.5 window tint

Filiriko is an expert 2.5 window tint manufacturer with 22 years of experience. We use excellent methods and techniques to produce your needs. Furthermore, Filiriko has a professional material sourcing team. We always choose the best raw materials to ensure the durability of every product we ship.

We are offering customized solutions to meet all your window tinting business needs. Once you purchase from us, you can experience satisfaction with our products and services!

Filiriko - Your Premier 2.5 Window Tint Manufacturer in China

2.5 window tint

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Filiriko- Your Reliable 2.5 Window Tint Manufacturer

Are you in need of a window tint that has a 2.5 Vlt percentage? No need to look further. Right now, you’re in the right place! We, Filiriko, are a leading window tint manufacturer with 22 years of experience.

With years of experience, Filiriko has been providing satisfying and fast services to our customers worldwide. Plus, we have qualified materials, high-end equipment, and skilled workers.

Filiriko can help you find the best window tint percentage for your car or home window. We are your one-stop window tint provider in China. We can offer you high-quality window tints with a Vlt percentage of up to 2.5% to 90%.

Filiriko 2.5 window tint is one of the top Vlt tint solutions we could offer to you.

Benefits of 2.5 Window Tint

  • Complete privacy
  • Protects your skin from UV rays
  • Protects your car from harmful UV rays

If UV rays are your concern, you can get our 2.5 window tint. However, if you don’t want darker windows but still blocks 100% of the sun’s UV rays, we can adjust them for you.

Our 2.5 window tint can protect you from harmful UV rays. Plus, it can keep your vehicle’s interior looking new. It can also reduce the risk of a break-in and keep your car safer.

No matter what tint percentage you’re looking for, Filiriko is always the right place to come. We are a professional window tinting solution, among others.

Filiriko is your trusted 2.5 window tint provider in China. All of our window tints have a longer life span. Filiriko is your all-in window tint supplier in China.

Besides, we are experts in pet films, window tint film, commercial window tinting, and many more. Whenever you need 2.5 window tint, you can always choose Filiriko.

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