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Filiriko is your legit and certified 27 window tint manufacturer based in China. We are also glad to introduce our high-quality window tint to our customers worldwide. We specialize in supplying such a top-rated type of window tint in all suitable applications. 

Choose your preferred 27 window tint in Filiriko!

Filiriko 27 Window Tint

Filiriko provides a total solution of window tint products at the lowest price. We intend to provide you with the fulfilling quality and effects of our offered window tints. Filiriko has advanced production facilities with active workers you can trust for the best quality car and building window tints. We provide these window tints with different thicknesses, sizes, and colors depending on their applications.

Our 27 Window Tint Series

Optical 27 Window Tint

This type of 27 window tint is high-class and helps it easier to see the view outside. Filiriko is professional to assist with your exact installation.

Adhesive Glass 27 Window Tint

This adhesive glass 27 window tint rejects heat and Uv rays. It also protected from an explosion. Filiriko has the available size and thickness of such window tint.

Anti-Scratch 27 Window Tint

This anti-scratch window tint helps maintain the smooth glass window of your car. In Filiriko, we offer long-lasting effectiveness of the said product.

Auto Solar 27 Window Tint

We accept auto solar 27 window tint measurements customization according to your applications. We assure you it protect your eyes and skin from solar heat.

High Heat Rejection 27 Window Tint

This type of window tint rejects heat for about 96%. It has about 2.0 mil thickness—the best for your glass car windows.

Metallic Car 27 Window Tint

This metallic car window tint is available in an olive green color. It usually measures up to 1.52*30m. Perfect for your metallic car windows.

Modern Static 27 Window Tint

Filiriko manufactures this high-quality modern static 27 window tint with stable colors. It applies to cars and building windows. Order your desire color in Filiriko.

Nano Ceramic 27 Window Tint

This type of 27 window tint for nano ceramic car windows can block UV rays of about 99.8%. We can offer you any color you want for your vehicle.

Static Transparent 27 Window Tint

Filiriko manufactures this high-quality static transparent 27 window tint for more privacy and protection. You can get it at a reasonable cost.

Why Filiriko 27 Window Tint

Filiriko is your dependable company in China that offers an immense selection of series of 27 window tints. Professionals guide each part of manufacturing-specific window tints. We are your worldwide associates extending your window tint business by sourcing you with our high-class products. 

We are your approved supplier that can support your growing business related to window tints. Filiriko can give you an instant delivery for your quick orders. So if you want to have a continuous supply of any window tints, trust Filiriko!

27 Window Tint

Filiriko 27 Window Tint Video

27 Window Tint Video
27 Window Tint Video

Filiriko has more than enough knowledge on successful selling such valuable products. We have more than 20 years of background in manufacturing and supplying these functional window tints. We assure you that our offered type of window tint has been undergoing quality tests and inspections. 

Manufacturing 27 window tints are our expertise. Choosing products from Filriko helps your business improve and gain high rates and customers. We are your reliable source that maintains outstanding service and assistance to our customers.

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27 Window Tint Gallery

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Filiriko – Your Trusted 27 Window Tint Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Filiriko is your all-out manufacturer and supplier who prioritizes your demands and specific series of 27 window tints. We are your excellent co-partner, especially for your start-up business related to window tints. Choose Filiriko now!

Considering Filirko window tint products in your business is the best way to heighten its sales and customers. We never disappoint our clients with the quality and features of our offered type of window tints.

In addition, Filiriko assures you gratifying processing of your orders with our skilled teams. All of us in Filiriko have a deep understanding when it comes to the perfect window tint for your car and even for your home glass windows.

Filiriko 27 Window Tint Advantages:

  • High-durability
  • Cost-effective
  • Tested and proven 
  • Functions according to their purpose
  • Well manufactured
  • Available in custom measurements
  • Environment friendly

Filiriko manufactured these window tint lessens the risk of shattering glass of your window. You can avail of our cost-effective window tint depending on the size of your applications. We are the most trusted manufacturer of any 27 window tints locally and internationally. 

Benefits of 27 Window Tint

  • Improves visibility
  • Comfortable aircon efficiency
  • Reduce slight exposure
  • Upholstery protection
  • Extra protection and privacy
  • Shatter proofing

The 27 window tint is allowed in particular places in the world. Filiriko makes sure its exact percentage of darkness and tinted window cars and even home windows. We have professional manufacturers that correctly form your requested type of window tints. 

You will enjoy the benefits of this kind of window tints for your car windows. This series of window tints also gives ultimate safety from direct to the sun rays. It is also helpful for not damaging and fading the upholstery of the interior of your car. 

In Filiriko, you will experience extraordinary assistance and services. We have an enthusiastic sales staff who can provide quick responses to your inquiries. We ensure protected packaging and safe transporting of your ordered window tint products.

We can accommodate your emails and calls for 24/7 working time. Filiriko also ensures that we deliver your ordered Tint products in the time and place we agreed. Please communicate with us for more selections of window tints that are ideal for your applications. 

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