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Filiriko plays as the global independent manufacturer and supplier of 28 window tints in China. We can help you to seek the right classification of this product for your business and project assistance.

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Filiriko 28 Window Tint

Filiriko offers a chain series solution of 28 window tints. We are the top-tier founding company that is principal in providing you with high-premium quality products. You are free to avail yourself of a bulk quantity of our 28 window tint eco-mannered cost. Filiriko can also fully assist you with your product orders, delivery transactions, and installation services. 

Our 28 Window Tint Series

28 Window Tint Film

This is available in 2.5mil-3.0mil thickness. It is a high-premium product that gives a 100% safety protection property. 

Double Mirror Glass 28 Window Tint

Our double mirror 28 glass window tint is highly effective in controlling the excess heat and glare. It features adhesive property that prevents property damages.

Glass Protection 28 Window Tint

It adequately stands out against heat, bad weather, heat, dust, grease, and heat weak acid oil. Customized color is available for your choice.

Automotive 28 High Clear Window Tint

It is a high-temperature resistant product that suits different applications. Any OEM and ODM services are available to customize your business and project demand.

No Corrosion Front 28 Window Tint

This product specializes in metal-free properties and no-signal interference. It has stable color features and superior UV and heat protection.

One Way Vision 28 Window Tint

It features water-resistant and non-fading tint material. It also has the softest and most natural color that is optionally available.

Pure Color Transparency 28 Window Tint

It is available in an assortment of width sizes 0.5m, 0.75m, 1m, 1.52m. It provides 20%-40% IR, 99% UV, and 40% VLT rejection.

Silver Reflective 28 Window Tint

This durable product has a PVC + PET release film as primary materials. It is responsible for blocking any harmful light transmission.

Sun Shade 28 Window Wrap Tint

It is an environmentally friendly product that integrates high-definition driving sight. It also keeps your inside accessories to prevent them from fading.

Why Filiriko 28 Window Tint

If you request 28 window tints, deal these transactions with Filiriko! We have this stable firmness in providing you with the most innovative and developed products. Filiriko has thousands of these product stocks and is apt for urgent orders and deliveries. We centrally distribute our product to all vital markets worldwide.

Filiriko shows continuous confidence in manufacturing you absolute durability, stability, longevity features, and characteristics of 28 window tint. What stops you now? Be part of our firm, trustworthy, and enduring partnership! 

28 Window Tint

Filiriko 28 Window Tint Video

28 Window Tint
28 Window Tint

Enchant your business and project with Filiriko! We are the worldwide sourcing company that concentrates upon the 28 window tint manufacturing cycle for 20+ years. You visibly experience the most pleasing appearance, security, and protection of your cars and yourself by purchasing our products.

Our product configures out of high-quality base materials. Our products undergo in-depth testing and inspection to ensure their quality, authenticity, and performance functionality.

Filiriko 28 Window Tint To Expand Your Business

28 Window Tint

Data Sheet


Filiriko – Your Professional 28 Window Tint Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Filiriko is your all-rounder professional manufacturer and supplier of 28 window tints. We are your expert affiliate partner that prioritizes your market and project requirements. 

Choosing the perfect tint material for your cars and vehicles must first consider its quality features, performance capacity, endurance, and tint percentage. Filiriko gathers all the old-veteran manufacturers who deal with processing and configuring 28 window tints. We give you the entire attention in understanding and determining your exact taste for your product’s needs and requests.

In a straightforward definition, 28 window tints are among the most popular products from Filiriko where commonly used and installed by car owners. It is an ideal tint percentage to attach if you are concerned about your security and privacy. It is more than enough protection to use in deterring the most common snoops and theft.  

The Visible Benefits of Using Filiriko 28 Window Tint:

  • Sunburn prevention
  • Energy-saving
  • Creates a comfortable space
  • Reduces property loss
  • No signal interference
  • State-of-the-art visual clarity
  • Skin protection

In addition, our 28 window tint has a flexible formation that makes it match in different tinting installments. It considers one of the most recommended tint percentages where it remarkably allows in other places. Using the said product will enable you to experience something versatile, new, and different.

We design and formulate 28 window tints that correspond with our client’s specific requests and requirements. 

Filiriko 28 Window Tint Features:

  • Excellent as weather-resistant
  • Natural and uniform color
  • High heat resolution 
  • Superb barrier against UV radiation
  • Metal-free properties
  • Non-fading
  • Effectively avoids splash of broken pieces
  • Anti-vandal

Filiriko carries out irreplaceable treatment and services to our old and new clients. Through the entire duties we make for a couple of decades, Filiriko never fails to serve you the most pleasurable, gratifying, satisfying tasks through our products. We keep striving to win all your approval and satisfaction. 

As time goes by, Filiriko gains so much popularity in this field. Your positive feedback is an advantage for us to be more well-known and respected.

Do you highly need a 28 window tint or other specific window tint percentage? Filiriko is right here to give you unparalleled guidance for you to know everything and give you insight and references. Contact us now!

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