35 Window Tint Expert Manufacturer in China

Filiriko is your expert 35 window tint manufacturer and supplier in China. We are your best partner in the window tint business who cares about improving your sales and outcomes—choosing Filiriko window tints to satisfy your desires and their advantages. 

Our window tint products are cost-effective and high-quality. Get yours now!

Filiriko 35 Window Tint

Filiriko becomes more responsible for more than two decades of manufacturing and supplying products like 35 window tints. You can trust our whole processing and production methods. We also have complete high-tech machines to test the qualities and condition of our offered window tints products. Filiriko owns the most affordable yet high-quality window tints.

Our 35 Window Tint Series

Solar Blue 35 Window Tint

 This solar blue 35 window tint serves as exterior decoration with benefit. It gives a more relaxed and comfortable interior to your vehicles. Filiriko offers you this at an economical cost.

Anti-Scratch Automotive 35 Window Tint

It is the best type of window tint that protects your windows from scratches. Filiriko manufactures cost-effective window tints for your business.

Black Color 35 Window Tint

This black color window tint gives you a night vision from the inside. It has a removable adhesive tint. It has usually had 1.52m in width.

Carbon Tinted 35 Window Tint

Filiriko assures you secured packaging of carbon-tinted window tints. We grant your desired color for the best look of your window vehicles.

Charcoal 35 Window Tint

Filiriko avail this charcoal window tint with 60”X100FT, 1.52X30M/60”X100F size. We manufacture this type of window tint for the best of your car windows.

High-Insulation 35 Window Tint

This high-insulation window tint measures 1.52x30m. It has 100% anti UV rates. Filiriko offers ODM and OEM orders for our loyal customers.

High-Quality 35 Window Tint

Filiriko can provide your preferred color that suits your car windows. It has about 2mil of thickness. We use PET material for its high durability.

Nano Ceramic 35 Window Tint

This Filiriko nano-ceramic type of window tint can block 99% UV rays. It is available in different colors you desire. Order it now at a negotiable price.

Sun Shade Wrap 35 Window Tint

This sun shade wrap window tint is available in 1 roll MOQ. This window tint measures 1.52*30m/60m/600m, 1.52*30m.

Why Filiriko 35 Window Tint

Filiriko 35 window tint is perfectly manufactured and designs according to its purpose. We are your knowledgeable business supplier of any series of window tints. We also introduce enormous selections of these tints for windows that suit all your applications. 

Filiriko is your functional supplier that provides constant supplies of window tints for your business. We successfully produce your aim measurements, color, and even sizes of window tints need. Filiriko is your number one expert on window tints qualities.

35 Window Tint

Filiriko 35 Window Tint Video

35 Window Tint
35 Window Tint

Filiriko has completely upgraded machines to manufacture your desired 35 window tints. All our offered products are high-effective and beneficial to all your applications. We have a long time of experience manufacturing and sourcing different sellers worldwide with our window tint items. 

Trusting Filiriko is the best way you can enhance your window tint business. Our extensive production line assures continuous stocks of window tints for your business. Using 35% tint to your glass windows protects you from harmful UV rays.

Purchase now our high-quality window tints right here!

35 Window Tint Gallery

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Filiriko – Your Reliable 35 Window Tint Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Filiriko is your professional manufacturer, primarily of 35 window tints. You can always rely on our supply of window tints for your exact application. Manufacturing such beneficial products are our line of work. We already have a broad understanding of marketing window tint products and their series.

We are the best company you can always trust on processing cycles. Professional manufacturers are with us when making your custom window tints. Choose your desires from our lists above. Filiriko is your progressive associate located in China.

Our high-quality window tints are available at economical costs. Filiriko is also successfully importing our high-standard window tint products out of the country. Using Filiriko window tints gives you a lot of advantages and benefits.

35 Window Tint Advantages:

  • Lessen fading
  • Block harsh UV rays
  • Extend cooler’s life
  • Shattered glass protection
  • Anti-glare
  • Gives privacy
  • Security
  • Easy to install

This 35 percent window tint gives you a darker but still easy-to-see outside view. The aforementioned is one of the best-selling window tints considering its smooth and stylish look. Filirikon manufacture this high-durable 35 window tint that lasts for a long time.

35 Window Tint Features:

  • 35% complete solar energy reduction
  • 60% anti-glare
  • 99% UV protection
  • Provides clear path GPS signals
  • Non-metal color structure
  • Thick quality window tint

Filiriko assures you of well-packaged window tint orders. We are experts in handling such significant negotiations and marketing window tint products. Also, in Filiriko, your ordered window tints are all 100% tested and qualified.

Filiriko offers turnkey solutions for the best of your starting business. We are conducting total assistance from manufacturing to delivering your ordered window tint. You can surely experience comfortable rides using our 35 window tints.

Tell us more about the sizes and thicknesses you want to apply to your window glass. Filiriko also operates quickly, customizing your needed window tint for its applicable vehicle windows. Our active staffs are hands-on, giving satisfying answers to your questions and inquiries.

Furthermore, you can get a more friendly cost of window tints for your large quantity orders. Filiriko constantly receives positive feedback from our recent customers. Believe in our equal assistance and services.

Please feel free to contact us right here for your ordered window tint products!

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