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Filiriko is a China-based company that centralizes 36 window tint manufacturing. We exceed 20+ in providing you high-premium quality products at the most reasonable price.

Our product is available with thousands of stocks for complete urgent orders!

Filiriko 36 Window Tint

Filiriko plays as the independent 36 window tint manufacturer and supplier. We can be your trusted lifetime partner for all your needed products. We can help you source out and provide you the products that generally sum upon your application demand. To further view, we document some of our top-charting models of 36 window tint that you can see below.

Our 36 Window Tint Series

Auto-Solar 36 Window Tint

It provides the highest visual clarity with the stable color property. It has solid compact structures which endures for long service life.

PET 36 Carbon Window Tint

This product offers 5-35% VLT, 40-65% IR, 99% UV protection. It provides cooler and comfortable driving vibes day and night.

Ceramic 36 Sticker Window Tint

It has a versatile structure that enables your car or vehicle to gain pleasurable attraction. It also adds privacy and security comfort.

Magnetron Sputter 36 Window Tint

We initially produce and distributes this product with sizes availability of 1.52*600m. It is a highly affordable material that saves your funds.

Metallic Sputtering 36 Window Tint

This product provides state-of-the-art visual resolution day and night time. It rejects 36% VLT,  99% UV light rays.

36 Nano Window Tint Film

It adds an epitome color appeal to your car regarding different angles, weather, and brightness. It provides a comfortable environment in divergent seasons.

Optic 36 Window Tint

Excellently offers a delicate, uniform, rich optic color radiant. It is an excellent weather-resistant feature with epitome quality property.

Optimum 36 Fashion Window Tint

One of our most superior products that features anti-scratch, explosion-proof, and high lucidity effects. It ensures the high-security protection of your inside belongings.

36 Solar Copper Window Tint

We provide custom measurement and thickness of 36 solar copper window tint that is ideally compatible with your specific installations.

Why Filiriko 36 Window Tint

Are you thinking of where to purchase the most affordable yet high-quality 36 window tint in China? Filiriko is the only source you can trust. We own the highest technology production workshop and expert manufacturers who take an unequaled influence in this production cycle. Our 36 window tint guarantees long-life expansion services, excellent quality performance, and protection.

We are your qualified supplier who can give you instant support to your start-up business and projects. Filiriko professionally works on accomplishing your request layout. We promise to provide you with the right products.

36 Window Tint

Filiriko 36 Window Tint Video

36 Window Tint
36 Window Tint

Filiriko has a vast influence on all local and global markets. Thousands of our clients have trusted us for 20+ years due to our trustworthy services. At Filiriko, you can seek different models of 36 window tints that surpass your satisfaction and approval.

We build our reputation to maintain our best services with the best pricing scale and delivery performance. Purchase now our product only here at Filiriko!

Filiriko 36 Window Tint To Delight Your Business

36 Window Tint

Data Sheet


Filiriko – Your Excellent 36 Window Tint Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Selecting the right window tint percentage of your car is somewhat challenging, but it can quickly resolve if you give it a try to think about Filiriko. For being the world’s best manufacturing company, we are persistent in providing the fastest practical resolution for our client’s concerns and difficulties.

Throughout the years in this servicing industry, Filiriko stands out for being an acknowledged manufacturer and supplier in China. As a team, we primarily design and produce quality-mannered 36 window tint products. We always look for possible help to heighten your business rate and projects.

If you have some issues about your car’s appearance, privacy, security, and protection, the 36 window tint is the right one for you. It has a darker appearance but is effortless to see through. 

Filiriko 36 Window Tint Characteristics/Benefits:

  • Safety-explosion proof
  • Ensures the safety of inside property belongings
  • Anti-dazzle
  • Decreases the solar heat and glare
  • Scrub-resistant
  • High heat insulation
  • Remove fogging
  • Provides comfortable and safe driving vibes
  • Easy to shrink
  • High-adhesive
  • It gives you a satisfying view vision
  • Harmful UV radiation protection
  • Security and privacy preservation

Furthermore, aside from giving privacy and security protection, 36 window tint is preferably selected by plenty of vehicle owners due to its outstanding versatility appearance. This tint gives the smoothest, good stylish outlook of your cars. 

Before deciding on an action to tint your window car, it is intelligent to determine and understand the essential terms, specifications of choosing the right product to use. The first thing to consider is its quality performance and functional stability to get the appropriate tint for your window.

Filiriko is the only qualified company that enables you to fill out all your needs. If you avail of our product, it gives you chances not to spend too much amount for the beautification and maintenance of your car. 

You can guarantee the legitimate and visible execution of our 36 window tint. All our products obtain the highest peak of international certifications. Hence, we hand over our product to proper testing, in-depth inspections before proceeding with shipment transactions.

So if your car windows highly require 36 window tint, Filiriko powerfully renders you our products. It can be uncomplicated if you partner with a professional and expert company, like Filiriko. Let us work together to delight your business and projects, reaches the highest peak of success.

Please let Filiriko know your goals, and we will help you to cater the rest! Message us now today!

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