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Filiriko uses modern equipment for your black tinted windows development. You can always rely on us for all your tinting needs. We’ve been in the field for 20+ years.

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Filiriko 45 Window Tint

Filiriko is your number one provider of 45 window tints in China. We present to you an extensive option to fit your applications precisely. If you require our window tints products, especially the 45 window tint percentage, then Filiriko is the best manufacturing company you can trust. Please email us now with your concerns or question!

Our 45 Window Tint Series

1.52X0.5M 45 Window Tint

1.52X0.5M 45 Window Tint is your outstanding choice for your home and car windows installations. It provides a 99% UV barrier.

45% VLT Removable Window Tint

Filiriko will support your 45% VLT removable window tint needs. It features a 99% UV barrier to protect your skin and furnishings.

Anti-UV 45 Window Tint

Our series of anti-UV 45 window tint feature reflective outer layer supplies maximum heat rejection. It is affordable yet quality.

Commercial 45 Window Tint

You can find at Filiriko your ideal commercial 45 window tint. It provides some daytime privacy and reduces glare.

Decoration 45 Window Tint

Decoration 45 window tint is available up to 72-inch width and safe for dual-pane windows. Trust Filiriko to custom the product for you.

Eco-Friendly 45 Window Tint

Eco-friendly 45 window tint is the most popular residential and commercial window tinting solution. It has the highest quality.

Heat Insulation 45 Window Tint

Filiriko heat insulation 45 window tint has a lower reflectance color layer for an aesthetic purpose. It is available at lower costs.

One Way Mirror 45 Window Tint

We provide one way mirror 45 window tint that allows a glare-free interior view, high safety, and daytime privacy.

Solar Protection 45 Window Tint

Our solar protection 45 window tint provides improved comfort, UV protection, increased privacy, and accident safety.

Why Filiriko 45 Window Tint

If you are looking for a professional 45 window tint manufacturer, Filiriko is the right place for you. As one of the prominent 45 window tint manufacturers, we can guarantee to support your needs and meet your standards.

Always with Filiriko, you can ensure top-quality range of 45 window tints. We provide precise products the way you want them. Contact us now!

Why Filiriko 45 Window Tint

Filiriko 45 Window Tint Video

45 Window Tint Video
45 Window Tint Benefits

Do you have a hard time selecting the right 45 window tint for your business or applications? Good thing you came here! With us in Filiriko, you will be able to find the best window tint solutions for your brand.

However, if you are pretty unsure, Filiriko experts can recommend the exceptional one for you. You can depend on our 20+ years of history. Contact us today if you want more clarifications!


Filiriko - Your Premier 45 Window Tint Manufacturer in China

45 Window Tint Gallery

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Filiriko -Your The Best 45 Window Tint Manufacturer in China

Are you still wondering which window tint percentage is a better choice for your car or home? 45 window tints from Filiriko are your great choice. We provide 45 window tints that consider blocking UV rays and giving more privacy. It will satisfy all your purposes. And, Filiriko will have your back to support your needs.

Filiriko and its professional team have been in the field for more than two decades. We provide different kinds of window tints with different colors, sizes, thicknesses, and characteristics.

 Filiriko 45 Window Tint Characteristics:

  • 99% UV barrier that protects furnishings and your skin
  • Feature reflective outer layer provides maximum heat rejection
  • Low reflectance inside layer reduces glare
  • Lower VLTs provides some bright hours of privacy
  • Safe for dual-pane windows
  • Available up to 72-inch width

Our most popular commercial and residential window tinting film, the 45 window tint, integrated a highly reflective outside layer for solar heat rejection. It also has a lower reflectance color layer for an aesthetic inside view. The 45 window film also allows of having a glare-free interior idea, daytime privacy, and safety.

It’s always advantageous to have the best window tint percentage for your purposes. There are several benefits when having 45 window tints on any window, as detailed below.

Tinting the Windows with Right Percentage: The Benefits


Due to UV-proof benefits, it results in more comfortable and significantly cooling the inside of a car. Also capable of reducing glare for your eyes comfort.


Exposing for too long to the sun can damage your skin. Having 45 window tints can protect you from sunburn and damages.


The 45 window tints can hold the broken glass when an accident occurs. It prevents dangerous shards from shattering all over.


Having the correct percentage for car or home windows will increase privacy. It makes others harder to see in.

Allow Filiriko to recommend you the best window tints for your application. We have the total ability to provide window tints of all models, including 45 window tints. If ever you’re planning to get one for your application, go to Filiriko!

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