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Filiriko is a professional 50 window tint manufacturer in China, providing products to over 2000 window film shops in more than 100 global countries.

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Filiriko 50 Window Tint

Filiriko is your #1 provider of 50 window tints in China. We have an extensive option of 50 window tints for your choice. If you require a 50 window tint for your business, then you are in the best place. Filiriko is your ideal choice for 50 window tint requirements. With many years of experience in manufacturing various window tint designs, Filiriko is your best source. Please email us your ideal 50 window tint now!

Our 50 Window Tint Series

50% Car Window Tint

Our 50% car window tint has a professional-grade scratch coat that prevents damage. They had a good quality adhesive that contained bubbles.

50% Polyester Car Window Tint Film

This 50% polyester car window tint film is perfect for blocking harmful sunlight UV rays. It is ideal for maintaining cooler temperature and privacy and protecting your car’s interior looking new for years.

Non-Reflective 50% VLT Car Window Tint Film

Our non-reflective 50% VLT car window tint film has 27% solar energy rejection and 50% glare reduction. It has 2ply, 1.5-mil thick, and is safe on all GPS enable vehicles.

50% VLT Car Window Tint

This 50% VLT car window tint has a five mil thickness premium and one-ply film. It is scratch-resistant and non-metalized.

50% Heat Insulation Window Tint

This 50% heat insulation window tint has 50cm*3m in size. It has many features, easy to construct, and is applicable in different areas.

50% 1PY Black Car Window Tint Film

The 50% 1py black car window tint film can reduce the fading of inside accessories. It is a perfect idea for saving air condition energy in hot weather.

50% PET Material Car Window Tint

Our 50% PET material car window tint is applicable in different models. It has 0.5X3M size and is available in colorless and transparent stickiness color.

Factory Price VLT 50% Window Tint

The factory price VLT 50% window tint helps block heat and can reduce interior fading. It is durable, scratch, and water-resistant.

50% Sun Window Film Car Tint

50% sun window film car tint is available at great prices. It comes in different sizes, materials, colors, and other specifications.

Why Filiriko 50 Window Tint

If you are looking for an expert 50 window tint manufacturer, look no further, Filiriko is the right place for you. As one of the leading 50 window tint suppliers in China, we can meet your standards. At Filiriko, you can ensure the best quality range of 50 window tints. We can provide a tremendous and versatile 50 window tint.

Filiriko uses imported materials in manufacturing 50 window tints. We manufacture all kinds of 50 window tints precisely the way you want them. Our professional and expert team makes sure to offer the perfect 50 window tint.

50 Window Tint Supplier

Filiriko 50 Window Tint Video

50 Window Tint Video
50 Window Tint Factory

If you are having a hard time choosing the right 50 window tint for your business, then you’re in the perfect place to be. At Filiriko, you will be able to get the best window tint solution for your business. If you are unsure, we can recommend the exceptional 50 window tint.

As an expert manufacturer of 50 window tints, we produce reliable and robust window tints with longevity. If you choose Filiriko, you will get the best 50 window tint.


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Filiriko- Your Premier 50 Window Tint Manufacturer

Filiriko is a professional car window tint enterprise in China, providing 50 window tints for all vehicles and applications. The Filiriko 50 window tint is a popular choice for vans, SUVs, and cars. If you are looking for 50% automotive window film for business or personal needs, then Filiriko is your best choice.

Filiriko 50 window tint adds essential heat rejection and blocks 99% of UV rays. It gives a factory-tinted look to your car windows. Your windows do not appear dark. The window tint film provides a basic level of heat rejection, thus improving your car’s appearance.

All of our 50 window tint films are professional-grade. It is designed to last.

Filiriko 50 window tint benefits and advantages include:

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Blocks harmful sunlight UV-rays
  • Increase comfort
  • Cooler temperature
  • Protects your car’s interior
  • Enhance vehicle appearance
  • Reduce glare – enhances driving safety
  • Keep your vehicle interior looks new for years

With Filiriko 50 window tint, you can get non faded tint films. Plus, they are self-adhesive film, it can be cut easily and trim to size. It allows natural light through the film.

This 50 window tint comes in various sizes and rolls, color and finishes, material, layer, thicknesses, and other specifications. Be sure to carefully research configuration before purchasing 50 window tint. Suppose you are unsure of the automotive window film to install on your car. In that case, we can recommend the superior 50 window tint for you.

At Filiriko, we dedicate ourselves to offer residential, commercial, and automotive tinting services. But be sure to follow state regulations regarding the percentage of window tint.

Whether you choose a 50 percent window tint or a different VLT percentage, Filiriko is your ultimate source. Because aside from 50% window tint, we offer 60 window tint, 70 window tint, 2.5 window tint, 15 window tint, 30 window tint, and so on.

Filiriko is a reliable 50 window tint manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been in the tint film industry for 20 years, with a professional and expert team. If you have any questions regarding Filiriko 50 window tint and services, please feel free to contact us today!

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