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Filiriko started manufacturing various types of 70 window tints for over two decades. We are exporting tints to over 2000 window tint shops in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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Filiriko 70 Window Tint

Filiriko is one of the professional 70 window tint manufacturers and suppliers. We offer a broad category of 70% window tint for your selection. Whether you are looking for high-quality for your business, Filiriko is your ideal choice to be. With more than 20 years in car window tint manufacturing, we offer various window 70 tint designs. We can export our 70 window tint in your country, anywhere you are, we can deliver your orders in your place. Contact us with your ideal 70 window tint!

Our 70 Window Tint Series

70% Nano Ceramic Window Tint

This nano-ceramic window tint has 4mil thickness and is about 152cnx300cm sizes. This tint can create a comfortable interior environment, not fade, and last a long life.

70 Window Glass Solar Tint

This window glass solar tint can block UV rays. It is a perfect solution to avoid skin damage and skin disease.

70% Vlt Car Window Solar Film Tint

This car window solar film tint is anti-glare, anti-shatter, and effective in controlling sun heat. It helps prevent accidents.

70% Green Car Sunshade Window Tint

Our green car sunshade window tint has 2 Mil thicknesses and 152*100cm,152*300cm,152*500cm sizes. They can keep the cool temperature and complete privacy.

70% Solar Car Window Tint

The solar car window tint has a 0.5m wide and resistant sunshade. They offer worldwide shipping so you can easily order wherever.

70% Chameleon Window Tint

This chameleon window tint has 100% anti-UV rays. It has a different color from different angles and fashion style decoration.

70% Explosion-Proof Window Film Tint

Our explosion-proof window film tint is 100% made of high-quality material and is durable. It has the capability of protecting the car’s interior.

70% VLT 2 Mil Window Tint

The 2 mil window tint can put a stop to the aging and fading of a car seat. They can helpfully protect skin from sun heat and make a comfortable interior environment.

70% UV-Proof Window Tint

This UV-proof window tint can reduce the use of air-conditioning, and it can avoid overheating. It helps protect the car’s interior and can be used long-lasting.

Why Filiriko 70 Window Tint

Are you looking for a dependable 70 window tint supplier? Filiriko is the place you can rely on. As a professional 70 window tint manufacturer, we can surely meet your standards. At Filiriko, you can guarantee top-quality 70 window tint. We can provide exceptional and flexible 70 window tint products.

Being one of China’s leading 70 window tint manufacturers, we will always use the finest imported materials in 70 window tint manufacturing and production. Our professional and expert team will make clear 70 window tints.

70 Window Tint Manufacturer

Filiriko 70 Window Tint Video

70 Window Tint Video
70 Window Tint Factory

It is vital to choose the right 70 window tint for your project/ business need. Filiriko provides the best-quality 70 window tint, ideally for your application. One thing, we can recommend you the most exceptional 70 window tint.

Filiriko is a leading expert in durable 70 window tint manufacturing. Our goal is to produce a solid and sturdy 70 window tint offering a longer lifespan. Get the ideal 70 window tint; choose Filiriko.


What Percent is Factory Window Tint?

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Filiriko- Your Reliable 70 Window Tint Manufacturer

Filiriko is a professional 70 window tint enterprise in China. We dedicate ourselves to offering a wide variety of 70 percent window tints for different applications. If you are looking for a high-quality 70 window tint for your business or personal requirements, Filiriko is your top choice.

Filiriko 70 window tint is ideal for auto cars, home offices, and other glass window tinting applications. But most significantly, it is excellent for vehicle window tinting as most vehicles require 70% light transmittance. Filiriko utilizes the finest and imported materials in manufacturing 70 window tint film.

Filiriko 70 window tint features:

  • Scratch-resistant and blocks 99% UV-rays
  • Reduce more than 50% of the heat inside the car
  • Explosion-proof; anti-glare, anti-scratch
  • Anti-fading, durable, and practical
  • Blocks up to 70% of visible lights into vehicles
  • Avoid overheating, reduce air-conditioning use
  • Protect the vehicle from insulation
  • Easy to install and remove

As an expert manufacturer and supplier, Filiriko produces 70 tint films that can be cut for multiple applications. Whether it can be window tinting, car tinting, etc., we can cut off the tint according to the specific use.

Filiriko designs 70 window tints to protect the vehicle from insulation, thus providing a comfortable ca interior environment. It is adequate protection for the car interior, as it does not fade nor age. Additionally, the Filiriko 70 window tint will reduce the use of air-conditioning, which saves you fuel.

All Filiriko 70 window tints are 100% brand new and high-quality. Utilizing high-grade raw material, it is durable and practical to use. It has a sturdy scratch-resistant coating that makes it easy installation and removal.

At Filiriko, you can find a wide range of 70 window tints. Available in colors, model, thicknesses, sizes, materials, and application. Our dyes excel in both appearance and performance. If you are unsure which 70 window tints suit your application, no worries, our expert and professional team will recommend you the best one.

If you want to know more about 70 window tints and services, please feel free to contact us today!

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