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Filiriko company overview, assets, and more.

Filiriko was founded and started manufacturing PET film in 2000. Since then, we have developed into the leading boPET film manufacturer in China. Dedication, experience, innovation, and customer service lead us to success on the market. Over the years, our workforce grew to 300 factory employees and 30 technical engineers that help us bring innovation into the field.

Our R&D department claimed over 30 patents, advancing the industry forward. We work to enhance the efficiency of the manufacturing process, which helps us to keep our prices competitive. Moreover, Filiriko continues to improve the properties of PET film, including chemical engineering, mechanical and electrical features, and optical qualities.

We also supply PET film with custom finishes, colors, properties, and dimensions. For instance, you can request:

  • PET film thickness from 10 to 350 microns
  • PET film width up to 8500mm
  • Various PET film surface properties
  • PET film specific to your application (e.g. construction, automotive, packaging, electronic, optical, etc)

Filiriko’s location in Shanghai presents yet another asset. Since Shanghai is the largest economic hub, shipping products is easier than ever. We have established a 300,000 square meter factory to accommodate manufacturing, R&D, and storage—all to supply the best PET film.

Our wide range of products demonstrates our expertise in the niche of PET packaging. Brands worldwide choose to partner with Filiriko because of our client-oriented tailored solutions, high-quality products, and reliable manufacturing capabilities.

  • Tailored Solution
  • Tailored Solution
  • Tailored Solution

Tailored Solution

Not only do we offer PET film in different dimensions, but also in different types. We manufacture food-contact-safe and microwave-safe PET film for packaging, decorative holographic PET film, PET film for electrical insulation, high-bond PET film, metalized PET film, anti-fog PET film, color PET film, protective solar PET film, self-adhesive tape PET film, PET film for printing, recyclable and biodegradable PET film, and more.

All these PET film types serve specific purposes and have different properties. You can request both sheets and rolls. Our professional engineers will consult you on design, developing the most suitable solution for your business.

High-Quality Products

After decades of experience and hard work, we have earned many certifications. Our customer service and management meet international ISO 9001 standards; our PET film quality complies with SGS guidelines.

We further guarantee high quality via consistent product testing at every step of the manufacturing process. We test the mechanical, optical, and electrical properties of our PET film. For example:

  • Gloss testing
  • Hazy testing
  • Transmittance testing
  • Friction testing
  • Roughness testing
  • Tensile strength testing
  • Elongation testing
  • Heat shrinkage testing
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  • products
  • products
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  • factory pictures

Excellent Manufacturing Capabilities

Filiriko boasts excellent manufacturing capabilities. On average, we produce 50,000 tonnes of PET film every year. The factory achieves this because of our professional equipment and machinery supplied by top-notch German brands. For example, we have 2 sets of Brückner PET film manufacturing lines and 2 sets of Kampf high-speed slitting machines.

Our manufacturing capabilities include full-coverage and pattern metalizing, chemical treatment and silicone coating, wet and dry laminating, and more. Choose Filiriko, and unwrap the benefits of innovation!

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