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Filiriko is the industry leader in the production of black paint protection films. We are developing and supplying a wide range of color options for you to choose from. You can rely on our more than decades of experience making high-quality black paint protection film in a variety of colors and sizes.

Filiriko is a competent and cost-effective producer who can help you with your project from start to finish. Please send us your ideas right now!

Filiriko Black Paint Protection Film

We are a prominent black paint protection film producer and provider in China with over decades of knowledge. To manufacture high-quality items, we use cutting-edge production technologies. We have professional developers at Filiriko that can build a wide assortment of black paint protection films. You can send us your perfect dimensions, colors, textures, and utility categories. Contact us directly immediately!

Our PET Holographic Film Series

TPU PPF Paint Protection Film

The material that we use is TPH, and the sizes can be customized. It can withstand dust, heat, salt, weak acid oil, and more.

Car TPU Paint Protection Film

It has a strong adhesive that is perfect for installation without peeling it off and uses TPU material for good elastic stretch.

Matte Material Car Covering Film

It features anti-fouling and anti-corrosion. It functions as its self-healing strong impact resistance.

Black PPF Paint Protection Film

You can apply into cars, trucks, and motorcycles, and TPU/PVC material is available. Transparent is the adhesive color, and 30μm is the adhesive thickness. 

Glossy Black TPH Car Paint Protection Film

It’s applicable to the body of the car, computer, phone, and more. The type of glue is Ashland glue.

Self Healing Car Paint Protective Film

It’s scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and protects from UV damage. Its made to protect your vehicle from rock chips, chemical stains, and more.

Body Wrap Paint Protection Film

We use imported American and Korean PET for this product. It’s an anti-scratch product, stretchable, self-healing, etc.

Car Removable Paint Protection Film

Its thickness is 7.5 Mil, and the size is 1.52*15m. It helps you protect your vehicle from paint face fading, scratches, external pollution, and more.

Anti Scratch Paint Protection Film

It has scratch resistance, long-lasting protection, thermal healing, and ensures the bond’s stability.

Why Filiriko Black Paint Protection Film

Filiriko, as your expert black paint protection film manufacturers and distributor in China, is qualified to assist you. Filiriko was founded and began producing a wide range of tinted films for various projects with high-quality standards to fulfill your business’s unique requirements.

We can ensure top-quality and high-performance black paint protection films because we have over twenty years of experience in the producing sector. We strive to supply you with reliable items that are of excellent quality. We can tailor your order to your specifications. Please get in touch with us right away!

Black Paint Protection Film

Filiriko PET Holographic Film Video

Black Paint Protection Film Installation
Black Paint Protection Film Manufacturer

Filiriko will continue to provide you with exceptional products and support. We manage thorough quality checks and quality management to ensure smoother production, sales, shipping, delivery, and packaging. We may perform quality product checks before shipping and packaging. To meet your requirements, we also offer conventional and innovative black paint protection film.

Filiriko has built a positive reputation over many years in the business. We may perform quality product checks before shipping and packaging. Our team is competent in providing you with a high-quality black paint protection film as well as exceptional after-sales solutions. Please send us a message with additional details.

Black Paint Protection Film

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Black Paint Protection Film Manufacturer in China

Filiriko is diligent in providing only low-cost, high-quality black paint protection films to customers in China. It offers the car a distinctively stylish appearance. Its distinct characteristics are visible in its appearance.

You can select black paint protection film specifications for your company and projects in Filiriko. Our product strengths enable us to be a valuable business companion. We’re not hesitant to give these to you since the performance of our films is more important to us.

Black Paint Protection Film Advantages:

  • Polished Look– Paint Protection Film for your car accentuates a clean and shiny presence with its high-gloss resilience and shining end-result effect.
  • Protects Integrity– Your car is safe against damages, road rage material, insects, extreme weather events, and numerous chemicals using Black Paint Protection Film.
  • Preserves Paint– Paint Protection Film helps preserve the colors of your vehicle and protects it from the sun’s destructive UV rays.
  • Cost-Effective– Black Paint Protection Film reduces the amount of corrosion to your vehicle’s appearance, providing it to help you minimize your vehicle’s expenses.
  • Increases Resale Value– regardless of what environment or circumstance the vehicle is subject to, Black Paint Protection Film guarantees that the paint keeps it fresh and looks brand new.
  • Paint Protection Film is Easy to Remove— If you need or want to eliminate your paint protection film, you may take it to a technician, and your automobile will look just as lovely as the day it’s done.

Choose Filiriko as your go-to black paint protection film manufacturer and distributor. Filiriko black paint protection film comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit your needs.

Filiriko offers a wide range of black paint protection films to suit your needs. They give some thermal control, but not as much as some of its rivals.

Filiriko has over 20 years of knowledge as a dependable black paint protection film producer in China. We always do every transportation process for your item, and we gladly ship it to you door-to-door.

Filiriko is the ideal black paint protection film producer and marketer in China, employing cutting-edge technologies. We can also respond to your concerns 24/7.

Please send us your inquiries right away, and we’ll provide you with a complimentary consultation!

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