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Filiriko is a professional company that manufactures and distributes high-quality blue glass tinting throughout the Country. We provide a wide range of blue glass tinting options for you to choose from. With over 15 + years of expertise, Filiriko is the leading blue glass tinting manufacturer.

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Filiriko Blue Glass Tinting

Filiriko is the best prominent developer and provider of blue glass tinting. We will take every opportunity to fulfill your specific requests to help you manage your developing business and accomplish your customer’s expectations. We also transport our products, like blue glass tinting, all over the world. You can depend on us to produce high-quality blue glass tinting. Contact us directly right now!

Our Blue Glass Tinting Series

Clear Solar Glass Tinting

Filiriko transparent solar glass tinting is a form of metalized material that is manufacture using PET. It’s ideal for tinting windows and glass.

Heat Insulation Glass Tinting

We can provide a wide range of Heat Insulation Glass tinting, including various thicknesses and dimensions, at very reasonable costs.

Auto Window Glass Tinting

We produce auto window glass tinting depending on your requirements. It minimizes the amount of solar glare that enters the room through the windows.

Window Film Glass Tinting

Window Film Glass tinting is a cost-effective option that protects everyone from Uv radiation, optical glare, and more.

UV Window Glass Tinting

It uses modern nano distribution and polymerization technology to state weatherproof and quality steady. It usually sees in car and construction films.

Anti UV Glass Tinting

Anti UV glass tinting is the best way to protect your windows from damages, dents, and corrosion. Filiriko is the best place to start.

Nano-Ceramic Window Glass Tinting

It offers a high level of visibility while still being durable and stable. Also, it can efficiently shield the sun’s heat, resulting in a pleasant inside environment.

Anti-Scratch Window Glass Tinting

The anti-scratch coating on Anti-scratch window glass tinting is ideal for usage with windshield decorations. It’s suitable for window tinting in vehicles.

Privacy Dyed Window Glass Tinting

Filiriko Privacy Dyed window glass tinting is a self-adhesive product. It’s ideal for use on windshields and works well in heat gun and dry adhesive procedures.

Why Filiriko Blue Glass Tinting

Filiriko is a China company that produces a large variety of blue glass tinting. We create and provide blue glass tinting that has progresses internationals certifications and quality standards to satisfy the particular requirements of your business. We guarantee to give you the most satisfactory service possible.

Filiriko was a passionate proponent in designing and tailoring products in any manner possible. Our professional staff will significantly give each customer with acceptable solutions and goods. So, if you’re seeking a dependable blue glass tinting supplier, Filiriko is the company to call!

Blue Glass Tinting

Filiriko Gold Window Tint Film Video

Blue Glass Tinting
Blue Glass Tinting

Filiriko is a professional blue glass tinting producer with over two decades of knowledge. We conduct thorough quality assurance and product testing to guarantee smooth manufacturing, sales, shipment, deliveries, and packaging. We use high-tech, efficient equipment with extensive operating systems, as well as professional industrial personnel.

We have more than eight years of experience in the field and have helped various businesses and organizations with high-quality blue glass tinting and other similar items. It is available in both regular and creative pattern layouts. You can contact us right now!

Blue Glass Tinting

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Filiriko- Your Leading Blue Glass Tinting Manufacturer in China

Filiriko blue glass tinting is a well-known name because of the industry’s increasing understanding of glass tinting. Filiriko supplies you with consistent, high-quality items that meet your needs.

Filiriko blue glass tinting offers outstanding protection to your skin from UV light that can create wrinkles and sunburn. The brilliant thing about blue glass tinting is that it improves the entire appearance as well. Filiriko can allow you to reach your tinting desire with exceptional client support and a vast selection of professional-grade blue glass tinting.

Blue Glass Tinting Advantages:

  • Energy Conservation

The main objective for most people to tint their windows is to save money on their energy costs.

  • Consistent Temperatures

Certain places may stay significantly hotter or colder than others depend on whether portions of your property receive more daylight and how large your glass appears.

  • Glare Reduction

The sun’s brightness can have a massive effect on your coziness and production efficiency.


Although it isn’t anything we generally think about, sitting next to a massive window with plenty of daylight might expose you to harmful levels of UV radiation.

  • Security

They essentially shatter the pane and give access or climb through the glass to allow acknowledgment into your household, putting you in the situation of having to choose between the visual beauty of your windows and the protection of yourself and your home.

  • Safety

Window tint can handle glass together and prevent fractures from spreading everywhere.

  • Low Maintenance

Window tint is naturally weatherproof, and it is also obtainable with a scratch-resistant covering. 

  • Privacy

There are many different designs of films obtainable, with benefits ranging from extra UV coverage to a tint that minimizes the view of your property from the outside.

Our blue glass tinting capability is the greatest in China; we guarantee it. The use of blue glass tinting can help to strengthen the products’ general appearance. We always do each transportation procedure for your purchases, and we cheerfully deliver it to you door-to-door.

We provide high-quality blue glass tinting that complies with global standards. Filiriko is the place to go if you demand the most delicate blue glass tinting. It comes in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to create the exact style you want.

Filiriko is available 24/7. Contact us now!

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