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Filiriko BOPET Film

Are you looking for a dependable BOPET film supplier? Filiriko is your one-stop solution. We are a reputable BOPET film manufacturer that can satisfy your criteria. You can guarantee the most excellent variety of BOPET films from Filiriko. We possess the sufficient capacity to afford an extraordinary and versatile BOPET film. We can professionally handle your BOPET film needs!

Our BOPET Film Series

Milky White BOPET Film

The milky white BOPET film features high-temperature resistance, high dimensional stability, and moisture-proof. Ideal for electrical insulation and other applications.

BOPET Thermal Matt Laminating Film

Our thermal matt laminating film is passed with REACH, TSCA, ROSH, BSCI,and ISO9001 certifications. Suitable for laminating documents, certificates, and photos.

Transparent BOPET Film

It is high transparency and has good brightness. Transparent BOPET laminating film has a smooth and professional surface making them a perfect fil solution.

Heat-Resistant BOPET Film

Our heat-resistant BOPET films are available in different dimensions, sizes, and colors. It has a strong and rigid construction allowing them for long time usage.

Metalized BOPET Film

The metalized BOPET films are one of the unique films that are suitable for various applications including paper lamination, printing, cosmetic box, adhesive label, and more.

BOPET Film for Packing

The BOPET film for packing has perfect flexibility and it provides zero damage in transport. Applicable for packages, food-grade packages, and folding boxes.

Colored BOPET Film

A colored BOPET film has an attractive appearance and reliable functions. Comes with different thickness and color. Its colors won’t fade easily and can withstand any weather.

Waterproof BOPET Film

The waterproof BOPET film has good chemical resistance. This kind of BOPET film also features wear resistance, high strength, and good folding-endurance.

Self-Adhesive BOPET Film

Our self-adhesive BOPET film is available in different thicknesses from 5mic, 6mic,7mic,8mic,10mic,12mic,  and 15mic. It blocks ultraviolet rays.

Why Filiriko BOPET Film

Filiriko is the number 1 BOPET film manufacturer and supplier in China. We involve in producing an attractive BOPET film that adheres to global standards. Filiriko provides an outstanding BOPET film to support customer’s requirements. You can always ensure a competent and long-lasting BOPET film from us.

We are worth your liability because we constantly deliver you generous assistance and solid BOPET film products. Filiriko will give full force and wholeheartedly services to keep our good reputation. As a responsible partner, we are sensitive to our customer’s needs. Let us handle your BOPET film orders!


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BOPET Film Installation

Filiriko is a professional BOPET film provider. We commit ourselves to manufacture, design, develop, and market BOPET Film products. We can recommend you the best BOPET film which is perfect for your projects. Our BOPET film has a desirable appearance.

As an expert BOPET film manufacturer, we can produce exceptional and world-class products. To maintain our best position, we put full effort into doing our job. We can give you a premium BOPET film and on-time services.

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Filiriko- Your Reliable BOPET Film Manufacturer

Filiriko is a smart and talented manufacturer of BOPET film. We can manufacture a marvelous BOPET film with professional design. We engage in developing and customizing film materials. Filiriko can support your printing, laminating, and packing projects.

Filiriko BOPET film can make plenty of aspects, and it is a multifunctions material. BOPET film is useful today in our modern life. As a multifunctional film, BOPET film is commonly used in different fields and applications.

Filiriko BOPET film comes with different thicknesses, colors, and features. They can withstand undesirable weather since it also features a weather resistance. Moreover, the BOPET film is suitable for various items, appliances, and other household products.

Applications of Filiriko BOPET Film

  • Packaging
  • Laminating
  • Printing
  • Covering
  • Electrical insulation
  • Aluminizing
  • Folding box
  • Coating

The Main Advantages and Benefits of BOPET Film

  • High-flexibility
  • Tensile strength
  • High-performance
  • Incredible resource efficiency
  • Dimensional stability
  • Good transparency
  • Moisture-proof
  • Easy coating property
  • High-temperature resistance

As an expert supplier, Filiriko offers a wide range of BOPET films such as waterproof BOPET films, self-adhesive BOPET film, colored BOPET film, metalized BOPET film, transparent BOPET film, and many more.

Whether you need BOPET film for your business, Filiriko is the best partner you have. We professionally manufacture an outstanding and extraordinary BOPET film. Our products are passed with ISO, ROHS, and FDA qualifications.

Filiriko is one of the reputable manufacturers who can meet your special BOPET film standards. We always choose excellent materials and utilize advanced equipment to produce an exceptional BOPET film.

We have decades of experience in the film industry. Our rich experience enables us to be the number 1 BOPET film supplier in China. We are serving thousands of customers from different countries. Additionally, we are exporting BOPET film locally and abroad.

Whenever you need window tint film, car tint film, home window tinting, matte PPF film, clear paint protection film, and other films, Filiriko is always ready to provide and accommodate your orders.

Please let us know your preferred BOPET film. You can send us your film details. Contact us directly!

BOPET Film: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

At times, choosing a suitable BOPET film for your application of business can be an overwhelming task.

That’s why this guide will answer all your questions on BOPET films.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Is BOPET Film?

BOPET film refers to a polyester film that is manufactured from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

It is produced by using resins that are of high quality and enhanced technology of art.


BoPET Film

What Are The Features Of the BOPET Film?

Some of the features of BOPET film include:

  • High versatility: this ensures that there is increased usage of BOPET film in different ways such as film and synthetic fiber.
  • Excellent thermal and mechanical stability: this feature makes BOPET film preferred for use as a substrate in several applications.
  • High tensile strength: BOPET film allows for elongation or stretching along a given axis of force.
  • Chemical and dimensional stability: the nature of BOPET film makes it withstand different types of chemicals and other elements in environments where it is used.
  • Good stiffness: BOPET film tends to be firm and not easily bent or moved.
  • Transparent: it tends to allow light to pass through the film in a way that objects can be seen.
  • Excellent clarity: the quality of BOPET film is certain as it is composed of very pure materials. It tends to have an optical density of between 0.25 to 4.0
  • Smooth surface: it has a shiny and smooth mirror-like surface that is appealing to the eye.

Which Are The Applications Of BOPET Film?

There are several applications of BOPET film some of which include:

  • Insulating material: BOPET film is used as an electrically insulating material, to reflect thermal radiation in tents and houses, fire shelters, and aluminized proximity suits. It is also used as insulation in indoor gardening and emergency blankets for the conservation of shock on the body of a victim.
  • Flexible packaging and food contact: for example, it is used as lidding for containers of dairy products like yogurt, metalized films, metal sheets that are laminated and used for making cans. It is also used in roasting bags, protection of food from loss of aroma and oxidation, and as lidding for ready meals which are either frozen or fresh.
  • Covering over paper: used on maps where it is possible to draw additional or copied data and notations without destroying it. It is also able to decorate on book covers and t-shirts by the production of a mirror-like surface.
  • Solar and marine aviation: used for solar sails and solar curtains to reflect heat and sunlight from windows. It is also used as a back face in solar panels which have PV modules and in solar cooking stoves as a reflector material.
  • Science: used as in both professional and amateur telescopic and visual solar filters, photomultiplier cosmic-ray observatories, and around hematocrit tubes.
  • Electronic and acoustic: used as a carrier for printed circuits that are flexible, like a diaphragm in microphones, headphones, and electrostatic loudspeakers.

What Is The Available Thickness Range Of BOPET Film?

The thickness of BOPET film tends to range from 0.0045 millimeters to 0.25 millimeters.

However, we offer custom BOPET film thickness depending on your unique applications and market needs.


BOPET Film Roll

What Are The Physical And Mechanical Properties Of BOPET Film?

Some of the physical and chemical properties of BOPET film include:

  • Color: it is either metalized or transparent. Of course, there are other custom options available depending on your market needs.
  • Odor: BOPET film tends to be odorless.
  • Melting range: it has a melting range of 260 degrees Celsius.
  • Its density mass at 20 degrees Celsius is 1400 kg/m3.
  • BOPET film is insoluble in water at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

Are There Any Available Color Options Of BOPET Film?

Yes, there are some available colors of BOPET film and these include:

  • Black BOPET film
  • White BOPET film
  • Matte BOPET film
  • Blue BOPET film
  • Pink BOPET film

Colored BOPET Film

Colored BOPET Film

How Should BOPET Film Be Stored?

BOPET film should be stored at 50% relative humidity and temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius in the original packaging.

It is important to ensure that it is stored away from sources of potential heat to protect it from forming static electricity.

Whenever any pallets are kept on racks, you should ascertain that the pallets fit well on the racks.

How Should You Handle BOPET Film?

The rolls of BOPET film and pallets tend to be very heavy, their edges very sharp thus may cause wounds or cuts.

It is therefore very essential to exercise a high level of caution when handling them.

Which Regulations Should BOPET Film Comply To?

Some of the regulations that BOPET film should comply to include:

  • EEC directives: the commission regulation 10/2011 and its last successive amendments, regulation 1935/2004/EC and regulation 2023/2006/EC.
  • FDA regulations title 21 CFR part 177.1630

What Should You Consider When Buying BOPET Film?

Some of the factors that you should consider when buying BOPET film include:

  • End-use: you should ascertain whether the application you would like to use the BOPET film is either low, medium, or high end. Flexible BOPET fil tends to be well suited for low-end applications while rigid BOPET film is for high-end functions.
  • Thickness: ensure that the categories of BOPET film thickness are produced to meet the specialty application you intend to use it for.
  • Clarity: clarity tends to have a direct impact on the cost of the BOPET film. BOPET films that are clearer and brighter tend to be costlier as their processing tends to be relatively high.
  • Inner diameter: the larger the inner diameter of the BOPET film, the more you will achieve the economy of scale. BOPET films with smaller core sizes do not hold roll lengths and weights which enhance production efficiency.
  • Shrinkage: you should consider the shrinkage of the BOPET film as it is used in applications that need elevated temperatures.

What Is The Difference Between Polyethylene And Aluminized BOPET Film?

Some of the differences between polyethylene and aluminized BOPET film include:

Aluminized BOPET Film:

  • Aluminized BOPET film tends to be coated with a thin layer of aluminum metal and gives a glossy metallic appearance. It is commonly used for packaging food, insulation, electronics, and decoration.
  • Most Aluminized BOPET films tend to have barrier properties as they tend to be impermeable to water and gases. However, you should note that thinner films do not warrant 100% properties of serving as a barrier although they ensure efficiency.

It can be deformed with a lot of ease without any interference on the barrier properties.

  • Aluminized BOPET film also tends to offer better dissipation of heat, higher molding flexibility, and is light in weight.
  • It has a higher resistance to stiffness and rust and it is possible to print and paint it to meet different packaging needs.

Polyethylene BOPET Film:

  • Polyethylene BOPET film on the other hand tends to be made from polyethylene terephthalate which is stretched and ensures reflectivity and transparency.
  • It is a chemically inert, heat shrinkable, and odor-free type of BOPET film which tends to shrink when heated.
  • Polyethylene BOPET film tends to be a good barrier of moisture although it possesses high gas permeability, odor resistance, and sensitivity to oils.
  • Polyethylene BOPET film is well suited for packaging, protection of surfaces, covering machines and equipment, and production of labels.

How Much Does BOPET Film Cost?

The price of BOPET film tends to vary depending on several factors such as features, size, thickness, and type.

It is therefore important to contact the manufacturer and request a quotation before making your order.

What Are The Available Sizes Of BOPET Film?

BOPET film tends to be available in different size options such as 640mm, 630mm, 620mm, and 730mm.

You should contact the manufacturer with specifications of the size you need when placing your order.

Types of BOPET Film

Types of BOPET Film

What Are The Advantages Of Using a BOPET Film?

Some of the advantages of BOPET film include:

  • It is environmentally friendly and this makes it suitable in the climate of today.
  • Light in weight thus ensuring it is suited to serve the intended functions efficiently.
  • Ensures that products are protected from damage during transit and different weather conditions.
  • BOPET film has excellent clarity and good stiffness which makes sure that products are well insulated.
  • It ensures easy processing of products to obtain a perfect oxygen barrier for protection from oxidation.
  • BOPET film can achieve perfect adhesion with adhesive, ink, and aluminum metallization.

Which Are The Available Types Of BOPET Film?

Some of the available types of BOPET film include:

Aluminized BOPET Film

Suitable for applications such as food packaging and can be laminated using a layer of polyethylene to offer puncture resistance and sealability.

They are coated with a thin layer of aluminum that gives them a glossy mirror-like appearance.

It ensures that molding is flexible, has perfect dissipation of heat, is transparent, light in weight, and has excellent barrier resistance.

Co-polyester Coated BOPET Film

Suitable for dry food and confectionery packaging for items such as tea, milk powder, tea, and juice that is in powder form. It has one side functional layer which is special and ensures excellent metal adhesion and adhesion to solvent inks.

It is very easy to print on and laminate this film.

Anti-static BOPET Film

Used for electronic packaging (ESD bags CMOS). This type of BOPET film tends to have a special functional surface which makes it possible to stack products with ease and eliminate slippage in the process.

It tends to possess special surfaces which are functional and regulated by the element of friction.

Chemically Coated BOPET Film

For applications of high performance such as pasteurization and metalized version hot fills. It has one side which is chemically coated to ensure the safety of products.

It is highly recommended for use in hot fill applications, sterilization, and retort as it ensures efficiency.

Ultra-clear BOPET Film

It is a standard BOPET film that is primer coated on both sides in a way that it remains transparent. Used for flexible packaging, hot fill and pasteurization, printing, labels, industrial applications, and imaging.

Isotropic BOPET Film

This type of BOPET film has improved tensile strength and properties of elongation. Used for high barrier lidding applications.

How Does BOPET Film Compare To PET Film?

BOPET film compares to PET film in the following ways:

  • PET film tends to be a great barrier material for moisture and water and is thus commonly used in plastic bottles and soft drinks. In certain specialty bottles, an additional layer of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) tends to be added to further inhibit the permeability of oxygen.
  • The permeability of BOPET film on the other hand can be achieved by aluminizing it through evaporating a thin metal film. This makes it suitable for thermal insulation and flexible food packaging.
  • PET film and BOPET film both tend to have high tensile strength, good dimensional stability, low absorption of moisture, and heat resistance. They also have excellent electrical properties, perfect optical clarity, and great gas barrier.
  • BOPET and PET film also tend to be perfect films for quality printing and lamination in different areas of use.

What Is The Production Process Of BOPET Film?

BOPET Production Line

BOPET Film Production Line

The production process of BOPET film entails the following steps:

  • It is manufactured using a film of the molten polymer which has been extruded into a chill roll.
  • Once this is done, it is then quenched into an amorphous state and biaxial orientation takes place. The orientation happens through a drawing process that is either sequential or simultaneous.
  • The sequential method tends to be the most commonly used process. In this, the draw ratios are about 3 to 4 in both the transverse direction and machine direction.
  • Once the operation of the drawing is done, the film is then heat set while submitting it to tension and oven temperature of 200 degrees Celsius.
  • This orientation makes sure that the final BOPET film has high strength and stiffness.

Can BOPET Film Be Recycled?

Yes, BOPET film can be recycled. Some of the ways of recycling BOPET film include:

  • Mechanical recycling: BOPET film tends to be suited for this recycling method because it can retain its optical and physical properties. However, you should note that BOPET tends to be combined with other plastic materials like PP or PE which may reduce the efficiency or quality of this technique.
  • Monomer recycling: it is a type of chemical recycling and entails breaking the BOPET film down into pre-cursors or monomers like DMT, PTA, or BHET. It tends to encompass enhanced purification steps that produce a final product that resembles the virgin material.
  • Feedstock recycling: it a type of chemical recycling suitable for BOPET strictures that are polyolefin-based and tend to refer to as pyrolysis.

Are There Any Cons Of the BOPET Film?

There are very few cons of BOPET film and these include:

  • It tends to have poor sealing due to a high range of crystalline in its structure.
  • BOPET film becomes more static if it is not well heated to the recommended temperature.

Is BOPET Film Economical?

Yes, BOPET film is economical as it can be recycled fully and reprocessed easily to make many other products suited for a variety of applications.

Is BOPET Film Safe?

Yes, BOPET film is safe for health and does not have any toxicological properties as there are no sensitizing and irritant effects that have occurred when using it. Patch tests of BOPET film which were tried on human skin proved that it does not cause any skin irritation.

How Does BOPP Compare To BOPET Film?

BOPP compares to BOPET film in the following ways:

  • BOPP film tends to be a flexible packaging material while BOPET film is a polyester film that is biaxially stretched.
  • BOPP film tends to be colorless, non-toxic, odorless, and has impact strength, high tensile strength, rigidity, good transparency, and toughness. BOPET film has features of good rigidity, transparency, high strength, tasteless, odorless, high gloss, colorless, outstanding toughness, and non-toxic.
  • BOPET film also has good heat resistance, low-temperature resistance, good oil resistance, chemical resistance, and excellent cooking resistance. In BOPP film, the heat shrinkage tends to be very small at about 120 degrees Celsius and tends to only shrink 1.25% after fifteen minutes.
  • BOPET film tends to be stable in the entire process of printing and lamination as compared to BOPP film. It is therefore mostly preferred where there is a need for graphics of high quality.
  • BOPP film is mostly used in dry snacks, salty packaging as compared to BOPET film because it gives an excellent barrier for moisture and vapor.

Is BOPET Film Biodegradable?

BOPET film does not readily decompose although there are biodegradable additives that can be used to enhance its biodegradation. These additives also, make sure that the physical properties of BOPET film are not interfered with.

Apart from BOPET, we have a range of PET films for your unique applications.

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