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Filiriko is a worldwide leader in the production and distribution of high-quality bronze window tint cars. A bronze window tinting car is the most outstanding alternative for making any vehicle stand out. We provide a variety of colors and sizes to match your client’s objectives.

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Filiriko Bronze Window Tint Car

Customers worldwide recognize and trust Filiriko technologies, which can adapt to shifting economic and environmental necessities. We have become a premier distributor to China’s leading companies due to our numerous years of professional experience. We can also help you grow your business by supplying high-quality and long-lasting golden window tint cars. Message us now!

Our Bronze Window Tint Car Series

Brown Window Film Covering Tint

Applicable in-home window, office glass, and building and silver, gold, green, blue, bronze, and black are available colors.

Black Charcoal Anti Scratch Window Tint

It rejects 100% of UV to protect your health and interior designs in your car. It rejects the highest sun heat to save A/C energy.

Black/Bronze Outside Window Tint

The exterior color of it is bronze, and the inside color is black, and it’s also a stable product without color fading.

Mirror Bronze Tint Privacy Tint Film

It has two layers, and the thickness of its layer is 2 mil. It’s also applicable in building window glass.

Chameleon Window Tint Film

It has made from pure inorganic nanomaterials, and it’s also a non-metal structure for the signal to interfere freely.

Carbon Bronze Window Tint

Its thickness is 2.5 Mil for more secureness and safety. It has no signal interference and isn’t color fading.

Anti Scratch Nano Ceramic Car Window Tint

Provides OEM services; it’s also self-adhesive and one-sided glue. It rejects 100% UV to protect your health.

Window Decorative Car Tint

Window decorative car tint is ideal for windshield stickers to use. It is perfectly great at rejecting UV radiation.

Auto Window Protective Tint

 Auto Window Protective Tint feature its lower temperature, UV protection, sun control, explosion-proof, and more. It’s a removable adhesive, and it’s an anti-scratch.

Why Filiriko Bronze Window Tint Car

Filiriko has been working in this field for almost two decades. We use the most modern machinery available to create custom bronze window tint cars that meet our clients’ needs. If you have particular requirements for the products in inquiry, you may count on our company.

Filiriko was in favor of customizing and personalizing things in any way. We can guarantee top-quality and great performance bronze window tint cars because we have over 15 years of production experience. For your bronze window tint car, you could always trust us!

Bronze Window Tint Car

Filiriko Glare Control Window Film Video

Bronze Window Tint Car Installation
Bronze Window Tint Car Manufacturer

We are constantly working to develop all varieties of bronze window tint cars and satisfy your needs. We use high-tech and cutting-edge equipment, as well as testing devices and comprehensive product examinations.

Filiriko can customize a bronze window tint car to meet the needs of our clients. It comes in both conventional and innovative pattern designs. Allow Filiriko to assist you in growing your business!

Bronze Window Tint Car

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Filiriko- Your Professional Bronze Window Tint Car Manufacturer in China

Filiriko bronze window tint cars are a well-known trademark due to the company’s extensive knowledge in the areas of window tinting. Filiriko has more than Twenty Years of expertise as a top bronze window tint car producer. Filiriko is an excellent firm for customizing your bronze window tint car in both domestic and global markets.

Filiriko is China’s leading production company, and it aims to provide you with matchless and satisfying experiences. Filiriko has several window tint alternatives, including a bronze window tint car. You can approach our designing staff for assistance and guidance if you want our concepts.

Advantages of Bronze Window Tint Car:

  • Protects Your Car From Harmful Sunlight
  • Blocks Prying Eyes
  • Keeps Your Car Cooler
  • Safer for Children
  • More Car Security
  • Resale Car Value
  • Protection Against Shattering

What is the Bronze Window Tint Car?

Window tinting is the technique of darkening or coloring the glass of a car by applying a thin laminated material to it. Bronze window tint cars are available in various colors, tints, and substances.

Bronze window tint cars are one of the most famous of the different color selections accessible. Bronze is a terrific option to the conventional black or silver tint on the right vehicle.

Why choose a Bronze Window Tint Car?

All varieties of car window tints generally offer similar vital advantages for you and your cars. These are some of them:

  • Safeguard from Ultraviolet rays for you, your companions, and your car upholstery; 
  • Reduce sunlight; 
  • Improve safety and privacy; 
  • Reject sunlight radiation, keeping your vehicle extra productive by keeping it cool in summer weather.

The combination of these positive features is where various kinds of window film vary. And, of course, the appearance of the window tint.

We guarantee that our bronze window tint car performance is the best in China. Visit Filiriko if you ever need the finest bronze window tint car. Furthermore, a passerby cannot view whatever is in your vehicle because of the bronze window tint.

We primarily operate in China and provide tinting services to various businesses, including domestic, industrial, and vehicle tint. You may obtain a bronze window tint car at Filiriko, which has a lot of advantages for your project.

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