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Filiriko is an authorized shatterproof window and supplier in China. We can help you find the best car window security film to match your needs.

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Filiriko Car Window Security Film

Filiriko offers the most comprehensive warranties for your automotive security window film orders. We design car window security films with extreme durability and maintenance-free. Here in Filiriko, you can find the broadest collection of car window security films.

Our Car Window Security Film Series

UV Blocking PET UV Car Window Security Film

These products offer a V400 UV protection coefficient. It features a light blue color that functions as UV rejection, typically in car glass windows.

2-Ply Car Solar Nano Ceramic Security Window Tint Film

These products are 100% pure inorganic, weather-proof, and non-fading. It also offers superior shrinkage performance and high-definition vision.

Safety Security Explosion-Proof Car Window Film

The advantages of these products include anti-explosion, anti-glare, high transmittance, excellent heat insulation, and anti-fog.

7% VLT Car Window Security Tint Film

Filiriko 7% VLT car window security tint film features high insulation, superior sun protection, excellent clear vision, and environmental protection.

4Mil Clear Car Window Security Film

Our 4mil Clear Car Window Security Film offers clear vision without signal interference. It also features drainage and dust-proof properties.

Car Tint Clear Safety & Security Window Film

It offers 5% VLT, 99% UV rejection, and 12% IR rejection. These also feature anti-explosion, anti-UV, and solar control for car windows.

1.52x30M Nano Ceramic Car Security Window Tints Film

It features self-healing, stretchability, removable, and anti-scratch. It also has nano-explosion-proof insulation and UV blocking.

4Mil PET Car Window Security Film

It features privacy protection, is energy-saving, prevents sunburn, and is self-adhesive. It has a 4mil thickness that is customizable based on your requirements.

5% VLT Privacy Nano Ceramic Car Security Window Film

It features excellent heat insulation, explosion protection, and high-definition vision. It can block UV, reduce reflection, and offers maximum security.

Why Filiriko Car Window Security Film

Filiriko is a high-technology company that specializes in the production of car window security films. We offer good services and products that adhere to eco-friendly environment international standards.

We are well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology for shatterproof window production. Filiriko is also a customer-oriented company that focuses on providing customers with complete satisfaction.

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Filiriko Window Film Video

Filiriko Car Window Security Film
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As a professional manufacturer, Filiriko uses the best quality materials for your car window security films. Aside from that, we also have technical professionals and highly efficient production methods to ensure full capabilities.

We can also customize your orders according to your requirements. Filiriko professional sales team will provide 24/7 assistance and immediate response to your inquiries.

Filiriko - Your Premier Car Window Security Film Manufacturer in China

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Filiriko – China’s Leading Car Window Security Film Manufacturer and Supplier

Filiriko is a rich-experienced shatterproof window manufacturer in China. We have complete dedication to your orders’ design, development, production, technology, and quality. Here in Filiriko, you can guarantee quality products at a competitive price.

What is a Car Window Security Film?

Car window security film or automotive security window film is much thicker than any other standard window film. It helps in preventing break-ins while also providing you protection from shattering glass in an accident. Commonly, car window security film is transparent. Thus, you can install it without affecting the aesthetic of your vehicle.

If you are looking for the best car window security film, choose Filiriko as your no.1 manufacturer. We offer a wide range of car window security films with excellent features to match your application requirements.

Features of Filiriko Car Window Security Film

  • Secure, safe, and cool
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Reducing glare
  • you can stay connected with its zero-signal interference
  • Can protect your property
  • Increasing your car’s privacy

Advantages of Filiriko Car Window Security Film

  • Can reject solar energy up to 40%
  • Anti-glare properties from blinding sunlight
  • Available in different shade levels
  • Can efficiently block outsider’s vision up to 95%
  • Helps in holding glass fragments to prevent shattering
  • Non-metalized films, thus, it doesn’t interfere with GPS or mobile phone signal
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty in case of blistering, peeling, or bubbling

Getting a shatterproof window for your vehicle is affordable here in Filiriko. These products are easy to install for your application. At Filiriko, we can help you find the proper car window security film for your requirements. You can contact us for more information and services.

Besides car window security film, you can also purchase dyed window tint, photochromic window tint, non-reflective tint, SUV window tint, marine window tint, truck window tint, clear car window tint, gold window tint film, green car window tint film, and more. We are your one-stop solution for your window tint and film needs.

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