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Filiriko has been manufacturing different types of window films for over 20 years, our car tint films have been exported to over 100 global countries, and over 2000 window film shops.

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Filiriko Car Window Tinting Film

Filiriko is a professional car window tint manufacturer and provider. We have a comprehensive option of car window tint for your selection. If you require a high-quality car window tint in your business, Filiriko is the perfect choice for you. We have been manufacturing various designs of car window tints for many years. As an expert supplier, we can export our car window tint in different countries nationwide. Please send us your ideal car window tint!

Our Auto Window Tint Film Series

Decorative Car Window Tinted Film

The decorative car window tinted film has light gray color and 1.52*30M sizes. They can keep the temperature down and prevents from peeking.

Changing Color Car Window Tint

Our changing color car window tint has a 2mil thickness. It is CE, ROHS, and SGS certified, making them an ideal type of car window tint.

Heat- Resistant Car Window Tint

A heat-resistant car window tint is about 1.52*12m,1.52x30m sizes. This tint can 100% block UV rays and is capable of using until five years.

Anti-Reflection Car Window Tint

The anti-reflection car window tint is consists of durable film materials. They have great characteristics and bring extra benefits.

Anti-Glare Car Window Tint

This anti-glare car window tint can withstand water, heat, dust, grease, salt, and weak acids oil. This tint is available in different colors.

Solar Control Car Window Tint

The solar control car window tint can function as explosion-proof, decorative, heat insulation, and anti-scratch. Available in various thicknesses and dimensions.

Car Window Glass Tint

A car window glass tint has full capabilities to block and reject the UV rays. This is a perfect idea to avoid any skin disease and skin cancers.

Dark Black Car Window Tint

The dark black car window tint is very useful to protect inside decoloration and protect health. It can also give privacy protection for those who are inside the car.

Photochromic Car Window Tint

This tint can reduce and eliminates fading of goods and making your car more attractive. It can effectively protect all personnel and any belongings.

Why Filiriko Car Window Tint

Are you looking for a reliable car window tint provider? Then Filiriko is the right place for you to count. We are a well-known car window tint manufacturer that can meet your standards. You can assure the best quality of car window tint film from Filiriko. We have the full capability to provide an exceptional and versatile car window tint.

Filiriko is the leading manufacturer of all kinds of car window tints. We always use the finest and imported materials in manufacturing a car window tint. We are working with the professional and expert team to make sure that we can produce an optimal car window tint.

Car Window Tint

Filiriko Window Film Video

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Choosing the right car window tin for your business is one of the important decisions. Here at Filiriko, you can always get an exact and high-quality car window tint that is perfect for your business applications. We can recommend you the most superior car window tint.

Filiriko is an expert in manufacturing a solid car window tint. We always produce a sturdy and durable car window tint that offers a long lifespan. Once you choose Filiriko, you can always get desirable car window tint!


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Filiriko- Your Reliable Car Window Tint Manufacturer

Filiriko is the number 1 car window tint manufacturer and provider. We engage in manufacturing an excellent car window tint that meets international standards. Filiriko supplies an excellent car window tint to support global needs. You can always guarantee a safe and durable car window tint from us.

Filiriko car window tint has full capability to protect against any harm caused by the sunshine. If there is a car window tint, it blocks the UV rays and avoids any skin disease. FIiriko brings extra benefits and advantages due to its great capabilities.

Our car window tint comes in different dimensions and designs. They have great characteristics and features, making them an ideal tint film. In addition, the car window tint can prevent any discoloration and gives excellent privacy for those who are inside the cars.

Filiriko car window tints are more attractive and elegant, adding good looks to the cars. They function as a decorative, anti-scratch, sun blocking, and more. As an expert manufacturer, Filiriko offers a great car window tint.

We offer different car window tints like photochromic car window tint, car window tint, dark black car window tint, heat-resistant car window tint, and changing color car window tint. We also have solar control car window tint, decorative car window tint, and many more.

Whenever you require a car window tint, Filiriko is always ready to provide your needs. We can support even your urgent needs to sustain your project requirements. We always strive to produce a remarkable car window tint.

We are worth your trust since we always give you satisfying services and reliable products. Filiriko will always give full efforts and wholeheartedly assistance. We offer 24/7 service to give you a quick response.

Filiriko is a highly-recommended manufacturing company due to our good reputation. Filiriko will give you the right and exact car window tint according to your specifications.

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