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Filiriko is your no.1 global leader that specializes in sourcing ceramic reflective tint. We produce a thousand ceramic reflective tints that comprise plenty of measurement, thickness, colors, model, and materials.

Expand your business by availing of our product at an eco-friendly price.

Filiriko Ceramic Reflective Tint

Filiriko is your independent ceramic reflective tint manufacturer and supplier. China’s best company initially provides ceramic reflective tint that constantly surpasses the international product quality surveillance. So if you want a long-lasting and clear reflection quality of ceramic reflective tint for your car maintenance and other specific applications, think of and visit Filiriko!

Our Ceramic Reflective Tint Series

Anti-Heat Ceramic Reflective Tint

The anti-heat ceramic reflective tint has the highest-ranking characteristics that block the UV and IRR light. It creates comfortable day and night driving.

Ceramic Visible Reflective Tint

A thousand of our ceramic visible reflective tint is available in an accurate dimension of 30×1.524m/roll and tint thickness of 1.5 mils. 

Magnetron Ceramic Reflective Tint

It is an environmentally friendly product that provides superior heat protection. It offers lucid visual results. We warmly support any OEM and ODM services.

Metalized Ceramic Reflective Tint

Our metalized ceramic reflective tint features 100% explosion-proof UV protection and heat rejection. Available with 1.52*30m/60m/600m or custom measurements. 

Nano Ceramic Reflective Tint

Using nano-ceramic reflective tint prevents your window car from scratching and cracking. It decreases inside/outside fading and increases safety driving.

Removable Ceramic Reflective Tint

Avail now our removable ceramic reflective tint at cost-effective amounts. It is available in different models, colors, and measurements that indeed satisfy your needs.

PET Ceramic Reflective Tint

PET ceramic reflective tint is suitable for SUVs, trucks, cars, and anything you want. It provides 95%-100% of infrared protection. It is long-lasting and affordable at a price.

Sputter Ceramic Reflective Tint

Our sputter ceramic reflective tint contains top-quality materials. It is ideally perfect for car window glass or construction buildings: very high clear vision and dust-free.

Ultraviolet Ceramic Reflective Tint

We provide the most inexpensive but high-level protection ultraviolet ceramic reflective tint. It features 100% UV protection and state-of-the-art visual reflection.

Why Filiriko Ceramic Reflective Tint

Do you have a particular specification in any of your ceramic reflective tints? Would you mind sharing it with us? We have the sharpest-wit to understand from biggest to most minor detail of your product identifications and requirements. Our factory has thousands of available ceramic reflective tints 24/7, ready for any local and global orders and shipments.

Please do not feel any worry about availing of our ceramic reflective tint. We guarantee the 100% highest-standard quality of our product that surpasses your approval.

Ceramic Reflective Tint

Filiriko Ceramic Reflective Tint Video

Ceramic Reflective Tint
Ceramic Reflective Tint

Searching for the right reflective tint is quite challenging. But it is so easy if you consider the unparalleled capability and skills of our company. Our ceramic reflective paint is made up of high-ranking materials that suit all your car models and brands. It features flexible measurements that make it ideally perfect in any dimensions of your car window.

Filiriko acknowledges as the world’s top-charting supplier and manufacturer. Plenty of worldwide clients trusted us due to our selfless services. Filiriko group of companies gained a couple of decades in manufacturing and supplying ceramic reflective tint products to 100+ countries worldwide.

Filiriko Architectural Window Film to Skyrocket Your Business

Ceramic Reflective Tint

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Filiriko – Your Superior Ceramic Reflective Tint Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Filiriko is professional enough to handle numerous orders of our customers worldwide. We mainly introduce our durable ceramic reflective tint for any of your applications. You can always count on our assistance whenever you want to purchase more types of ceramic reflective tint for your business.

As your constant manufacturer and supplier, we are more than responsible for fulfilling your desires. Including our offered ceramic reflective tint in your business can surely heighten your sales and number of customers.

This ceramic reflective tint has a lot of benefits for any of its applications. It doesn’t contain any metal, carbon, or even dyes. We manufacture this ceramic reflective tint with ceramic-based nanoparticles that our naked eyes cannot see.

Benefits of Ceramic Reflective Tint:

  • Blocks UV-rays
  • Less glare while driving
  • No signal impedance
  • Creates cooler interior
  • It gives privacy and safety
  • High-quality and durability

Filiriko manufactures only high-quality yet competitive cost ceramic reflective tint products. The said ceramic reflective tint blocks out 99% UV rays. It is easy to install, considering its thick features. A lot of cars, homes, or building owners prefer these advantageous ceramic reflective tints. 

Ceramic Reflective Tint Applications:

  • Domestic use
  • Boat windows
  • Car windows 
  • Tractor tinting
  • House interior

We always intend to satisfy you with the qualities and our excellent services. With ceramic reflective tint, you can only get 50% of light entering your car. Filiriko is an expert on creating unique colors that suit your applications.

Just let us know your chosen color and required applications. We will provide everything for you and your business. Filiriko has experienced workers and manufacturers to make sure you’ll get the best ceramic reflective tint. 

We are open 24/7 for your anytime questions and orders. We can give you quick answers to your emails and calls. Please feel comfortable discussing your preferred type of ceramic reflective tint on us.

Contact us here for more orders and updates about our ceramic reflective tint!

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