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Filiriko is a reputable ceramic window tint manufacturer with 20+ years of manufacturing experience. We produced premium quality nano-ceramic & carbon-ceramic tint films. These products have vast features such as high optical clarity, improves vehicle appearance, and many more.

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Filiriko Ceramic Window Tint

For your ceramic window tint needs and requirements, Filiriko is your one-stop shop solution. We are a certified ceramic window tint supplier with profound history and experience in this industry. Our innovative Filiriko ceramic window tint is accessible in a wide range of sophisticated colors and shades, so you can choose and get the precisely ceramic window tint that you need. Contact Filiriko to skyrocket your ceramic window tint business!

Our Ceramic Window Tint Series

Heat-Reduction Ceramic Window Tint

Made from 100% pure materials nano-ceramic, non-metal insulation technology. Features long-lasting stability, high heat insulation, full color, etc.

Dyed Solar Ceramic Window Tint

Dyed solar ceramic window tints deliver superior heat rejection, glare control, and UV protection.

Ceramic Polarized Window Tint

Ceramic polarized window tint prevents fading of inside accessories, preserves the car privacy, scratch-resistance, etc.

Custom Ceramic Window Tint

Filiriko offers custom ceramic window tint, you can choose the thicknesses, color, types, designs, etc. Send your inquiry now.

Explosion-Proof Ceramic Window Tint

Our team rigorously checked and tested ceramic window tint to perform the various features such as explosion-proof, prevent sunburn, save energy, etc.

Self-Adhesive Ceramic Window Tint

Self-Adhesive Ceramic Window Tint has color-stable dye and powerful adhesive.

High-Performance Ceramic Window Tint

Our high-performance ceramic window tint offers high optical clarity and improves vehicle appearance.

Black Ceramic Window Tint

Manufacture with size 1.52M*30M/roll. We can provide ceramic UV window tint in black, gray, light blue, etc.

Ceramic UV Window Tint

Ceramic UV window tint offers excellent heat rejection and blocks 99% of harmful UV rays.

Why Filiriko Ceramic Window Tint

Filiriko ceramic window tint has excellent high IR rejection, low reflectivity, and high clarity. It has color stability and glare reduction-makes driving safer.  This product has high infrared and heat rejection of up to 95%.

With a scientific research team and development engineers formed by many top-level talents in window film, Filiriko is committed to providing customers with more dependable, higher quality, cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly ceramic window film and other window tint products. Message us today!

Ceramic Window Tint

Filiriko Ceramic Window Tint Video

Ceramic Window Tint Installation
Ceramic Window Tint Benefits

Filiriko is a trusted ceramic window tint supplier. Filiriko ceramic window tints are sold and distributed all over the world. Our products are appreciated in the China market with 1000+ distributors worldwide. Filiriko is dedicated to providing clients with higher quality, more environmentally friendly, more reliable, more economical ceramic window tint.

All Filiriko ceramic window tints are assembled, inspected, quality controlled under our roof. Backed by our top excellent R&D team and our dedicated staff, we are confident to provide quality products up to your requirement. Place your orders immediately!

Filiriko Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic Window Tint Benefit

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Dependable Ceramic Window Tint Manufacturer – Filiriko

Are you having a hard time searching for the best ceramic window tint for your business or applications? Filiriko is a leading ceramic window tint manufacturer and supplier in China. We have 20+ manufacturing experiences that you can rely on. We produced high-performance ceramic window tint and other film products. All are offered cost-effective that can save you time and money.

Filiriko ceramic window tint has risen as the industry leader when talking about quality, security, and best appearance. It doesn’t contain any carbon, dyes, or metal. Instead, it is manufactured from small, ceramic-based nanoparticles that are undetectable to the naked eye. Using this, you will experience an easier time seeing on the road.

Filiriko Ceramic Window Tint Characteristics:

  • Nano-ceramic technology
  • Improves vehicle appearance
  • High optical clarity
  • Color-stable dye and powerful adhesive
  • Available in various sizes and shades
  • Smart and full-featured
  • Manufacture to the strictest standards
  • Custom style and design
  • No signal interference

Many customers all over the world appreciate Filiriko ceramic window tint. It is sold in foreign and domestic markets thanks to its various advantages and features. It provides long-lasting usage and can add beauty to your car. High-performance ceramic window tint doesn’t just keep ultra-violet rays out of your vehicle; it also blocks 80% of infrared light.

Filiriko Ceramic Window Tint Advantages:

  • Outstanding heat reduction
  • High infrared and heat rejection Up to 95%
  • Help reduce fading
  • Cost-effective window tint
  • Excellent UV rejection
  • Energy saving
  • Increase privacy
  • Minimize window damages
  • Scratch resistance

If you desire to have additional privacy, then ceramic window tint from Filiriko is your best choice. When you choose quality ceramic window tint, you’ll feel more satisfying privacy without signal interference. Plus, ceramic window tint will prevent your interior remarkable, stop running your air-conditioner so much and protect your skin and eyes from the sun.

Filiriko manufactures effective and functional ceramic window films. You can also choose ceramic window tint for transparent connectivity and superior taming of the heat, glare, and ultra-violet rays.

You will be delighted to have multiple ceramic window tint features and advantages. Whether you need ceramic window tint for your business and other personal applications, you can count Filiriko.

We offer various selections of ceramic window tints such as heat-reduction ceramic window tints, ceramic polarized window tints, explosion-proof ceramic window tints, self-adhesive ceramic window tints, and many more. Our products have premium quality and superb designs ideal for various applications.

For your specific ceramic window tint requirements, you can depend on Filiriko. You can send us your specifications such as thicknesses, color, sizes, style, designs, etc. We will do our best to meet your standards.

As your professional window film and tint manufacturer, we manufacture all types of products for your business. It includes PET films, home window film, architectural window film, metalized window tint, dyed window tint, and so on. Filiriko is your one-stop-shop provider that can satisfy your needs.

For further ceramic window tint details, please get in touch with our team today. We have an expert team willing to assist you in the entire ceramic window films manufacturing process.

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