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Filiriko is your top manufacturer of any film as the clear paint protection film in China. We are also glad to provide our worldwide customers with such high-quality films. Filiriko is your complete guide in marketing advantageous protection films.

Choose your suitable type of protection film in Filiriko now!

Filiriko Clear Paint Protection Film

Filiriko manufactures various measurements, sizes, and sometimes colors of protection films. We mainly introduce here protection films with transparent paints. Filiriko is your licensed manufacturer and supplier is based in China. We have expert workers whom you can trust on the quality and durability of your ordered protection film.

Our Clear Paint Protection Film Series

Clear Automotive Paint Protection Film

Filiriko guarantees 5-6 years of life for indoor applications and about 3-4 years outdoor. It protects from dirt, grease, acid oil, etc.

High-Durable Clear Paint Protection Film

We manufacture this high-durable PPF as moisture-proof to the surfaces of your car. It had wide applications like steel, metal, wood, plastics, etc.

High-Quality Clear Paint Protection Film

This high-quality PPF has about 1.52*15M in size. It is a practical application for car body paint protection. We assure you of the best quality of the products.

Multi-Purpose Clear Paint Protection Film

This type of PPF is applicable in plastic, metal, and even glass surfaces. Its width measures about 40-1600mm and 70-4000 in length.

Outdoor Clear Paint Protection Film

We assure this outdoor paint protection film is without residue, waterproof, and easy to tear. It forms with 450mm-2700mm width and 20m/25m/27m in length.

Removable Adhesion Clear Paint Protection Film

This kind of PPF has about 0.8 mils / 0.2mm of thickness. We design it with thermal polyurethane material. Order it now from Filiriko!

Self-Adhesive Clear Paint Protection Film

We manufacture this clear paint self-adhesive paint protection film to prevent scratches, water, and specks of dust from your car’s outside surface. 

Self-Healing Clear Paint Protection Film

We accept customizing logos of this type of PPF. Filiriko offers this protection film with about 13kg/roll.  It is used as car stickers to protect car surfaces from damages.

Traceless Photolectric Paint Protection Film

This type of PPF is the film using in agricultural fields. We offer it at the lowest price possible. Just let us know your needs, and we will take care of its processes.

Why Filiriko Clear Paint Protection Film

Trusting Filiriko products helps your sales and customers increase. Choosing us as your partner will surely give satisfying outcomes to your business. We manufacture reliable protection films intending to meet your expectation and standards. Filiriko is your individualistic supplier who cares about your benefits and earnings.

We love to build solid partnerships on business related to protection films. Filiriko is your continuous provider that assures your running business to grow. We guarantee you tested clear paint protection films at the lowest price possible.

Clear Paint Protection Film

Filiriko Clear Paint Protection Film Video

Clear Paint Protection Film
Clear Paint Protection Film

Manufacturing high-conditioned transparent paint protection films are our line work. Filiriko has been in the manufacturing industry for a long time until now. We can also provide a complete service and video guide for the exact application of the mentioned film. This product we offer has extended applications. 

So if you desire to apply durable protection film, choose it from Filiriko. We never postponed the expectations of our customers. We maintain our being on the top one supplier of such valuable protection films for your applications.

Clear Paint Protection Film

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Filiriko – Your No.1 Clear Paint Protection Film Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Filiriko has professional workers and employees that have a deep understanding of producing and marketing such high-quality products. We are your capable partner that offers the best products for our clients. You can already have immense measures of protected film for your numerous applications.

We are keeping our excellent work, sourcing our constant clients with high-standard protection films. Filiriko is your ideal manufacturer that produces numerous sizes of the said protection film for its specific applications. 

If you are searching for a top-rated clear paint protection film at a competitive price, Filiriko can provide that for you. You can surely enjoy the advantages of our main product offered. Filiriko provides after-sale service.

Types of Clear Paint Protection Films:

  • Clearcoat
  • Polyurethane
  • Adhesive

Advantages are:

  • Protects from scratches and weather
  • Saves money
  • Easy to remove
  • High-durability
  • Adequate for an extended period
  • Provide stain resistance

In Filiriko, your ordered products are safe and delivered safely to the place we have agreed. Our offered protection film highly use to enhance the durability of the surface of your car. We can share with you the best ways of installing these valuable protected films for your vehicle.

We have all-out sales staff to entertain your inquiries. Filiriko has complete sets of teams that are assigned to process every stage of your orders. You can expect immediate responses to your calls and emails. We provide turnkey-solution to your ordered clear paint protection film.

Please feel free to ask us for more information. We are always ready to give you satisfying answers and details. We are open 24/7 for your anytime inquiries. You will indeed receive a brand new and product without damage from Filiriko.

Kindly contact us right here for further information!

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