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Filiriko is manufacturing colored PET film for more than 20 years since we started. Our white PET films are exported nationwide offering the lowest prices to over 2000 shops. We can offer complete selections at the highest quality white PET films applicable for various applications.

Send your inquiries and get the lowest prices for white PET films!

Filiriko Colored Pet Film

As your leading colored PET film supplier and manufacturer in China, Filiriko ensures cost-effectiveness and durability for suitable applications. We provide comprehensive selections that surely fit your final applications. We can provide various designs, coatings, measurements, colors, and more options. You can also send your ideal colored PET film or look for our samples and list them below. Please send us your details and desired colored PET film!

Our Colored Pet Film Series

0.2mm Colored PET Film

0.2mm colored PET films are applicable for different industries. Easier to handle featuring scratch resistance and moisture-proof.

Anti-Fog Colored PET Film

Choose various colors for your business purposes. Decorative films at different measurements, and hardness.

Coated Colored PET Film

We guarantee the best quality coated colored PET films at cheaper prices. Metallic coated PET films at your ideal measurements.

High-Gloss Colored PET Film

High glossy colored PET films have various colors selections and types of transparency. Easier to handle and apply.

Matte Colored PET Film

We can custom your matte-colored PET film orders. You can decide your hardness, microns, layers, and more option needs.

Metalized Colored PET Film

Get your desired thickness and metalized colors of PET films. We can supply your ideal quantity, features, and measurements.

Moisture Resistant Colored PET Film

You can choose the soft and heavy hardness of moisture-resistant colored PET films for your ideal applications at affordable prices.

Translucent Colored PET Film

We can supply a lot of translucent PET films colors for various filming applications. request the ideal thickness and measurements.

Transparent Colored PET Film

Get various transparent colors of PET films available in all colors like green, brown, black, red, and gold at very affordable prices offer.

Why Filiriko Colored Pet Film

Choosing the perfect durability and cost-effectiveness colored PET film in China is your right choice. In China, Filiriko is one of the popular and well-trusted companies and skilled manufacturerss for your colored PET film orders. We can custom your orders from different measurements, colors, coatings, hardness, and more.

We are professionals in more than 20 years manufacturing colored PET film with complete processing machines and complete processing lines. Our manufacturing team has complete training familiar with entire operations.

Filiriko Colored Pet Film Video

Colored PET Film
Colored PET Film

Filiriko is an experienced company and reliable manufacturer which is able to custom your special request. We fully customized your colored PET film orders from your ideal colors, measurements, thickness, and more according to the needs of your final application. We have complete machinery for different processing and trained staff.

We, Filiriko can meet your special requirement and help you save a lot of money and effort through handling your entire process. Expect a faster response and send your inquiries now!

Colored PET Film

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Filiriko- Your Professional Colored PET Film Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for affordable but super effective colored PET films in China? Well, Filiriko is the right place you visit. Filiriko is manufacturing and producing various colored PET films selections suitable for your business and personal project applications.

Filiriko colored PET films are available in different coating, measurements, hardness, textures, and more. You can choose colors like green, blue, metallic, silver, gold, red, and more colors that fit your final applications. It is also perfect for a retail and wholesale business that you can provide a lot of selections for your customers.

Filiriko colored PET films is available in various selections, characteristics, etc:

  • Multiple extrusion processing types
  • Holographic soft and heavy hardness, non-toxic, FDA approved,
  • Decorative and logistics films, heat transfer, high-strength, and moisture resistance
  • Heat seal layered, long life span, and high standards
  • Easier to handle, etc

Filiriko is an experienced colored PET films manufacturer and supplier that meet your business’s special requirements. It is widely supplied to many factories and productions, a lot of shops nationwide, and more than widely use colored PET films. Filiriko ensures to support food and non-food film applications that are able to custom colors and prints.

Our colored PET films have various textures and hardness manufacture with a different transfer like heat transfer, microwavable, and more. It is widely used in different packings like medical packaging, plastic wrap, plastic cards, protective coatings, tape backing, and more.

Filiriko colored PET films is widely used as aroma barrier applicable for coffee and tobacco packaging. It is available in metalized colored PET films which develop the barrier against oxygen, water, and aroma loss. It provides high chemical resistance that exceeds FDA standards.

Filiriko Colored PET Film Advantages:

  • High chemical resistance
  • Durable and long life span
  • Easier to handle and apply
  • Various applications and selections
  • Moisture resistance and anti-fog films
  • Affordable, etc

Whether you need colored PET films for any business purposes, Filiriko will assure to provide amazing service and complete solutions. We have complete facilities and processing machines to ensure smooth and faster-colored PET films production. Send your details and ideal colored PET films. We can also suggest the best films suitable for your final applications.

You can expect a faster response since we are working 24/7 online with full support. Providing complete solutions and satisfaction for you. Send your message now!

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