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Filiriko focuses on manufacturing high-class commercial window tinting for all of its application fields. You can tell us your commercial window tinting desire, and we will do the rest in processing your requests.

We can provide all your needed commercial window tinting. Trust Filiriko now!

Filiriko Commercial Window Tinting

Filiriko is your leading commercial window tinting manufacturer and supplier. You can already have a high-standard quality of commercial window tinting at the lowest price possible. We are also confident to deal with our good commercial window tinting nationwide.

Our Commercial Window Tinting Series

One-Way Visual Commercial Window Tinting

This commercial window tint functions as decorative, heat insulation, UV rays protection, and many others. Avail of this with the lowest price.

Shopping Mall Commercial Window Tinting

Filiriko manufactures this colorful type of window tinting for shopping malls. It is also waterproof and protects items from UV rays.

Bulletproof Commercial Window Tinting

This bulletproof commercial window tint is also available in black, charcoal, grey, and many other colors. Just let us know your preferred beneficial window tint for you.

Silver Mirror Commercial Window Tinting

We can provide your customized color and measurements. It is ideally used as windshield stickers for your building.

Home Building Commercial Window Tinting

Most of the building owners prefer this type of anti-scratch window tint. Filiriko offers it at reasonable costs.

Solar Commercial Window Tinting

This modern-style solar commercial window tint is also available in Filiriko. You can get this high-quality product with the color you desire for your windows.

Anti-Explosion Commercial Window Tinting

This anti-explosion commercial window tinting can be used as decoration, saves energy, and protects objects or people from harsh UV rays.

Gold Commercial Window Tinting

This self-adhesive gold commercial window tinting is helpful when it comes to privacy. It is perfect for installing for your offices, homes, and even automobiles.

Mirrored Effect Commercial Window Tinting

This high-quality mirrored effect commercial window tinting is the best for your safety. You can have this anti-glare featured window glass tinting at an economical cost.

Why Filiriko Commercial Window Tinting

Whenever you are looking for well-finished commercial window tinting for any of your applications, keep on touching Filiriko. We have extended selections of different kinds, thicknesses, and even measurements of commercial window tinting. Filiriko keeps our outstanding works to reach your expectations.

Filiriko is also an expert on customizing your preferred type of commercial window tinting for your specific application. We can give you full assistance in installing these reliable commercial window tinting. Trust our expert teams on processing your orders.

Commercial Window Tinting

Filiriko Commercial Window Tinting Video

Commercial Window Tinting Installation
Commercial Window Tinting

Filiriko is professional enough to manufacture and supply high-quality commercial window tinting for your specific applications. Our more than two decades of experience in producing valuable products assure you of satisfying services. We care about your commercial window tinting business.

We are your capable supplier that can fully support your running business. Order now our offered cost-effective commercial window tinting for your business.

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Commercial Window Tinting Manufacturer

Filiriko is your premier manufacturer and constant supplier of in-demand commercial window tinting locally and abroad. We keep on receiving positive feedback from our previous clients. Moreover, you can also experience the benefits of including commercial window tinting in your business. 

As your expert associates in business, we are responsible for providing you a tested and proven commercial window tinting products, especially for your business. Filiriko knows what the best building and industrial window tint for you is.

Commercial window tinting has endless benefits. You can have a worthy one with the best effects on your commercial building windows. Enjoy its benefits such as follows:

  • Saves energy
  • You can get privacy
  • Produces a comfortable environment for your staffs
  • Improves the looks of your building
  • Enhance security
  • Long-lasting
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Easy to maintain

We also ensure that we can provide the exact type of commercial window tinting according to your building applications. You can indeed enjoy its advantages when being applied in every commercial building and facility.

Applications of Commercial Window Tinting

  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Medical lab and facilities
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Schools

Manufacturing commercial window tinting according to its purpose is always our goal. This commercial window tinting stops the broken shards of the glass window from piercing people and damaging pieces of stuff. 

Filiriko manufactures the said window tinting to filter out the harmful UV rays that make it inside the office cooler. It helps you enjoy your work in a room with privacy and comfortability. We also made it to prevent any vandalism on your glass windows. 

Considering our great background in manufacturing lasting commercial window tinting, we assure you of equal qualities and features for the best result for your glass windows. We can accommodate your calls and messages 24/7 with our enthusiastic sales staff. 

Trust on our professional assistance. We provide quick responses to your questions and inquiries. We are your all-out supplier of high-quality commercial window tinting. Just let us know your choice, and we will manage its easy ship and delivery.

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