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Filiriko is the most competent custom car tint manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide several appearances and dimensions of custom car tints that meet your project requirements.

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Filiriko Custom Car Tint

Filiriko is a long-established and professional manufacturer of custom car tint in China. As the origin, Filiriko has been performed to exceed customer satisfaction. Therefore, we always ensure the best quality of each product. At Filiriko, you can get durable, long-lasting, and high-quality custom car tint. We can provide you the most exceptional product that can delight your business.

Our Custom Car Tint Series

Custom Black Car Tint

The custom black car tint keeps your car cooler, It provides an extra layer of benefits while driving and traveling. Also suitable for vans, SUVs, and trucks.

Custom Size Car Tint

Our custom-size car tint is available from different dimensions and thicknesses. We offer affordable custom-size car tint at very affordable and reasonable rates.

Custom Car Window Tint

The custom car window tint comes in different natural and soft colors. Protecting you and your properties is one of the primary purposes of this custom car film. 

Custom 1 Ply Car Tint

The custom 1 ply car tint rejects sun heat and other harmful lightning. This kind of custom car tint consists of superior quality materials ensuring a long lifespan.

5% VLT Custom Car Tint

5% VLTcustom car tint provides a high level of protection for drivers and passengers. Due to its great features and characteristics, this tin film comes popular in any kind of car.

75% VLT Custom Car Tint

The 75% VLT custom car tint can not be easy to scratch since they are manufactured from strong and durable film materials. It has a stable color and performance.

Custom Nano Ceramic Car Tint

If you are looking for effective heat insulation for your car, then the custom nano ceramic car tint is the best choice for you. It extremely blocks the sun’s heat and provides better privacy.

Custom Clear Car Tint

Having a custom clear car tint is the best idea to avoid any skin disease and any discoloration of your property inside. Available at an affordable price yet high-quality.

Custom Solar Car Tint

Our custom solar car tint features an explosion-proof, UV resistant, and cost-effective. Any sizes, thickness, colors of this tint are always available.

Why Filiriko Custom Car Tint

Finding the right custom car tint is very hard. Filiirko is the manufacturer that has the full capability to give you a suitable custom car tint. You can always count on us regarding film materials. Filiriko is over 20 years in manufacturing custom car tints in China. We became a famous manufacturer and provider to the most well-known organizations throughout China over the years.

Filiriko can transport custom car tint and other film products from any country. With our experienced craftsmen and functional departments, Filiriko can support your needs about your custom car tint requirements.

Custom Car Tint

Filiriko Custom Car Tint Video

Custom Car Tint Installation
Custom Car Tint

If you require a custom car tint, Filiriko has the best choice to offer. We are your most trustworthy provider for your custom car tint requirements. Our advanced production lines, along with our proficient workers, enable us to achieve your necessary requests on time. 

Being your dependable custom car tint manufacturer in China, we aim to give you the best-looking custom car tint that matches your qualifications.

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Custom Car Tint Manufacturer

When the privacy of a car or any vehicle is your concern, Filiriko suggests using custom car tint. Filiriko is the best manufacturer and supplier who can produce an exceptional one. We can provide a professional and excellent solution for your custom car tint requirements.

Filiriko has over 20 years of manufacturing custom car tint experience. We have sufficient raw of materials in our factory. Moreover, we have an innate capacity to fabricates different designs of custom car tints. You can check our selection for your custom car tint desires!

Features and Characteristics of Filiriko Custom Car Tint

  • Scratch-resistant 
  • Lasts longer
  • Fade-resistant
  • Keeping your car cool
  • Protect you and your properties
  • Effective heat insulation
  • High definition
  • UV resistance
  • No fading

The Colors of Filiriko Custom Car Tint

  • Black
  • Anber
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Chameleon

Filiriko is an ideal spot when it comes to your custom car tint film requirements. We produce top-quality custom car tints according to your specific shades, layouts, and measurements. Depending on your needs, we can customize your tint film materials according to your ideas.

Filiriko is the leading producer of custom car tint and other films. We have a natural ability to create a perfect custom car tint with a professional perspective. As a tint film specialist, we achieve the most high-grade reputation, and we constantly keep our respected name by fulfilling unique goods.

We are proud to offer our custom car tint in other countries nationwide. We also supply window film tint, marine window tint, solar tint film, and others more. We can support your start-up and running a business. Fikiriko can provide you the best custom car tint that can give your customer’s a good impact.

We are always ready to serve and sustain your needs. Filiriko can provide you a fast and quick response. We have 24/7 services to accommodate your inquiries immediately.

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