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Filiriko has been the leading dyed window tint manufacturer in China for many years. We offer the broadest collection of dyed window tints to meet your requirements.

Filiriko offers a one-stop solution to your needs. Enquire now!

Filiriko Dyed Window Tint

Filiriko offers the broadest range of dyed film tints in China. We have our advanced production technology to manufacture high-quality products. We spent our time providing customers with reliability, superiority, and 100% satisfaction for many years.

Our Dyed Window Tint Series

VLT5% IR 75% UV 99% Dyed Window Tint

It features upgraded polyester film materials to ensure better shrinkage, IR cut 75% without fading, and non-metal structure.

2-Ply Dyed Window Tint

We manufacture 2-ply dyed window tint using imported PET materials. It features 1.5mm thickness, removable acrylic glue, and black color.

Insulated Dyed Window Tint

It features nano-ceramic construction, excellent infra-red ray rejection, a high amount of clarity, durability, stability, and security.

Explosion-Proof Dyed Tint Film for Car Window

These are available in a variety of Visible Light Transmission that ranges from 1% to 70%. It is perfectly suitable for car glass windows to provide security and UV block.

Automotive Foil 2-Ply Dyed Car Window Tint

Our automotive foil 2-ply dyed car window tint features an anti-scratch and removable glue. It is suitable for UV/heat rejection and solar control.

70% VLT Dyed Window Tint

Filiriko produces 70% VLT Dyed Window Tint using UV rejection PET material. It features 20% heat rejection that makes it suitable for car window application.

Dyed Dichroic Solar Window Tint

Filiriko offers dyed dichroic solar window tint that features chip dye, high definition, stable quality, PET base film, and UVR materials.

UV98 Anti-Scratch Automotive Dyed Window Tint

It features PET materials, 73-98% UV rejection, 10-12% heat rejection, and 5-35% VLT. It comes with custom sizes and thicknesses to suit your requirements.

35% VLT Car Dyed High Heat-Resistant Solar Tint Window Film

These products are self-adhesive and suitable for windshield stickers as well as car glass windows. It features 35% VLT, 35% IRR, and 78% UVR.

Why Filiriko Dyed Window Tint

Do you need dyed window tint for your business or projects? Filiriko is your best choice! We provide high-quality dyed window tint to customers around the world.

Filiriko offers a one-stop solution to your needs. We offer competitive prices, low MOQ, high-quality, and on-time delivery. Choose Filiriko as your no.1 dyed film tint supplier.

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What is a Dyed Window Tint?

What is a Dyed Window Tint?

A dyed window tint is the most inexpensive and basic type of window film. It creates a reflective barrier to hinder sunlight from entering the interior.

Also, a dyed window tint can reflect the sun’s rays while creating a superior portion of heat. It is also a must to consider the proper airflow level of the glass for heat dissipation.

Dyed Window Tint Material Filiriko Will Use

To make sure that we produce the best quality dyed window film, we use superior quality materials.

  • High-quality polyethylene materials
  • Excellent UV blockers
  • Premium quality dye colors
Dyed Window Tint Material Filiriko Will Use
Filiriko Dyed Window Tint Process

Filiriko Dyed Window Tint Process

Our dyed window tint is a combination of premium dye colors, effective UV blockers, and high-quality polyethylene materials. Then, it is extruded to form a micro-thin sheet film.

It is again coated with the second UV blockers and adhesives. At Filiriko we infuse a multilayer of dyes into the film to ensure maximum durability and reduce fading.

Dyed Window Tint Darkness Variations You Can Choose

Filiriko manufactures dyed window tint coated or treated with premium dye to achieve the preferred darkness of the film. The shade or darkness of the film is commonly referred to as VLT or Visible Light Transmission percentage.

Notably, if the VLT percentage of the film is lesser, it appears a darker shade, thus, less light can pass through. Here in Filiriko, we offer different VLT percentages to meet your requirements.

Dyed Window Tint Darkness Variations You Can Choose
Can Filiriko Dyed Window Tint Reduce Heat?

Can Filiriko Dyed Window Tint Reduce Heat?

We manufacture color-stable dyed films that can effectively block UV rays up to 99%. It has a nano-carbon polyester material that helps in extending its lifespan.

Also, it also has a higher heat rejection with additional UV protection. Thus, it can significantly keep your car cooler on the inside.

Advantages and Features of Filiriko Dyed Window Tint

  • It can effectively block bright reflection, sunlight, and headlight glares
  • Zero signal interference for your mobile technology, GPS, and more
  • Offers non-reflective properties
  • Minimizing interior fading due to sun rays
  • Cost-effective options
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Increased privacy
Advantages and Features of Filiriko Dyed Window Tint
Filiriko Dyed Window Tint Applications

Filiriko Dyed Window Tint Applications

Because of its high-quality and versatile design, you can install a dyed window tint for the following applications.

  • cars
  • trucks
  • SUV
  • Train windows

Filiriko Window Film Video

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Filiriko is a professional dyed window tint manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer products that meet specific international standards for quality. Here in Filiriko, you can ensure the best quality products.

We offer superb services, competitive prices, and full capabilities. We have a professional sales team to assist and cater to your needs. Request a quote for more inquiries.

Filiriko - Your Premier Dyed Window Tint Manufacturer in China

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Dyed Window Tint Manufacturer

If you are looking for a high-quality dyed window tint, Filiriko can provide a one-stop solution to your needs. We are the leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier that focuses on providing customers with quality products.

What is a Dyed Window Tint?

A dyed window tint or dyed film tint is the most economical window tint film. It can block UV light rays and infrared lights. Besides, a dyed window tint is a perfect solution if you need superior privacy. It combines high-quality dye, UV blockers, and polyethylene formed into a micro-thin sheet of film coated with adhesives.

What Can Filiriko Dyed Window Tint Do for You?

We manufacture these dyed window tints with the following features:

  • Excellent heat rejection
  • Superior UV rejection
  • Straightforward connectivity with zero signal interference
  • It helps in increasing privacy
  • It helps in minimizing fading
  • Custom style

Advantages of Filiriko Dyed Window Tint

  • Wide selection of shades
  • Can resist scratches
  • Blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Self-adhesive
  • Anti-glare

Applications of Filiriko Dyed Film Tint

  • Car glass window
  • Home windows
  • Commercial
  • Residential

Here in Filiriko, you can choose dyed window tints with different variety of shades. You can also customize your orders with your specification like thickness or length. We use nano-carbon technology to provide premium colors with compromising clarity.

Filiriko can provide the best solution for your dyed window tint requirements for your business or projects. We offer competitive prices, on-time delivery, low MOQ, and excellent services. We can also provide 24/7 assistance to your inquiries.

Aside from dyed window tint, we also manufacture PET films, PET aluminum foils, matte PET films, hot stamping foils, calling card laminating films, polarized window tint, car window security film, photochromic window tint, SUV window tint, reflective window tint, and more.

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