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Filiriko is the leading exterior window film manufacturer in China. We are committed to providing high-quality products for every customer. Whether you need exterior window film for your business, Filiriko is the right choice for you. We can provide you an exceptional exterior window film!

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Filiriko Exterior Window Film

Filiriko is a reputable exterior window film manufacturer and provider. We can produce an extraordinary exterior window film that can delight your business. We can be your great partner for your exterior window film needs. Once you choose us, we will give you an exact exterior window film base on your specifications. You can trust our products and services!

Our Exterior Window Film Series

Decorative Exterior Window Film

Our decorative exterior window film has the best appearance making them an ideal film for any building. It provides better protection and great privacy.

Nano Ceramic Exterior Window Film

A nano-ceramic exterior window film has low visibility and is easy to cut. They effectively protect your privacy and also other property. Very affordable yet high-quality.

Exterior Commercial Window Film

The exterior commercial window film helps to save energy costs and at the same time keeps your rooms or offices cooler. It rejects UV rays and other harmful lightning.

Solar Exterior Window Film

Our solar exterior window films are suitable for various applications such as office, home, hotel, and building glass. These exterior window films block the sun’s heat.

Self-Adhesive Exterior Window Film

The self-adhesive exterior functions as decorative and heat insulation. This is one of the smartest exterior window films that are perfect in any commercial and industrial building.

Exterior Window Reflective Film

The exterior window reflective film provides a high-transparent resolution. It will not be easy to scratch and damage. Available in different dimensions, colors, and features.

Weather-Resistant Exterior Window Film

This kind of exterior window film resists harmful UV rays and reduces the uncomfortable glare. Applicable in home, restaurant, offices, schools, and other buildings.

Anti-Scratch Exterior Window Film

The anti-scratch exterior window film can withstand and will never scratch easily in any weather condition. They can be customized in different dimensions and colors.

Exterior Window Protective Film

Having an exterior window protective film in your building is one of the great ideas. The exterior window protective film consists of the finest raw materials and offers a long lifespan.

Why Filiriko Exterior Window Film

Being a professional manufacturer, we always fabricate a solid exterior window film. We engage in providing a superior and world-class exterior window film to exceed customer’s requirements. Filiriko exterior window films are passed with ISO, ROHS, and FDA certifications. You can expect qualified and professional products from us.

Filiriko is a dependable company that can supply a remarkable exterior window film. We select excellent and high-quality materials to produce long-lasting exterior window film. With decades of experience, we can guarantee you a high-class and satisfying film solution.

Exterior Window Film

Filiriko Exterior Window Film Video

Exterior Window Film Installation
Exterior Window Film

Filiriko can manufacture a smart exterior window film. We can also customize exterior window film with different thicknesses, dimensions, and other specifications. Filiriko produces an acceptable and qualified exterior window film that is suitable for various applications.

We can afford to manufacture an exterior window film with a professional design. You can always count on Filiriko when you order a bulk and wholesale exterior window film. Send us your specific exterior window film!

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Exterior Window Film Manufacturer

Filiriko is an old pro exterior window film manufacturer and supplier. We manufacture long-lasting exterior window film and other film products. We have decades of experience in manufacturing and developing exterior window film. You can always expect the best product quality from Filiriko.

Filiriko exterior window film provides extra benefits. They are popular in this industry because of their characteristics and amazing features. Filiriko exterior window film comes with different thicknesses, dimensions, colors, and designs.

Having exterior window film is one of the best ideas. You can avoid some undesirable effects that cause by UV rays. Filiriko window film is manufactured from professional and sturdy materials ensuring long-term usage.

The Advantages and Benefits of Filiriko Window Film

  • Block Uv rays
  • Energy saving
  • Provides decorative edge
  • Increase privacy
  • Minimize window damages
  • Eliminates undesirable glare
  • Safeguard you properties
  • Reducing sun heat

If you desire to have additional privacy, then this exterior window film is the best choice for you. The exterior window film brings high security for your valuable things inside. Filiriko manufactures an effective and serviceable exterior window film.

Applications of Filiriko Exterior Window Film

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Home
  • Commercial building
  • Restaurant
  • Hotels

You will enjoy the advantages of exterior window film when you have this in your particular building. Whether you need exterior window film for your business and other personal applications, you can count Filiriko.

We offer various selections of exterior window film such as anti-scratch exterior window film, exterior window protective film, decorative exterior window film, exterior commercial window film, and others. Our products have superior quality and elegant designs.

You can send us your exterior window film specifications, and we will do the rest to meet your standards. We can customize your exterior window film with your exact size and style. We accept bulk and wholesale orders to support your business.

Please send us your inquiry directly if you are interested in Filiriko exterior window film!

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