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Filiriko is the number one source when you need heat control window film for your applications. We manufacture thousands of heat control window films for your selections.

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Filiriko Heat Control Window Film

Filiriko is an expert window tint heat rejection manufacturer and supplier in China. If you require heat-resistant tint for your window, Filiriko has numerous options for your selection. We export heat control window film globally. Below are the top heat control window films we could offer to you.

Our Heat Control Window Film Series

Heat Control Window Film for Car

The film is certified to ISO, CE, and SGS standards. It is an anti-scratch window film with visible light transmission (Vlt) of up to 5%-70%.

Heat Control Window Film for Home

Available in the colors blue, green, grey, golden, or customize. They are beautiful and stylish, create privacy,  anti-glare, one-way perspective.

Window Film Solar Control Tint Film

We manufacture window film solar control tint film using high-quality PET materials. They are available in color blue, black, white, or customize.

Solar Heat Control Car Window Film

You can find different sizes for this type of window film. It is applicable for use in households, car windows, and building glass.

Decorative Plastic Privacy Window Films

Our decorative plastic privacy window films are self-adhesive, suitable for smooth glass surfaces. Colors: White Glitter, Etched, Textured.

Removable Window Film Heat Control

We manufacture removable window film heat control from PET and plastic materials. They are available in many different colors and sizes.

Solar Control Nano Ceramic Window Film

Available in black, green, blue, or customize. They are suitable for car window, building glass, and more.

Heat Control Window Vynil Wrap

Applications: Agriculture, Packaging Film, Glass Protection Film, Gift Packaging, Food Cling Film, Textile, and Apparel, etc.

Heat Control Frosted Window Film

We manufacture heat control frosted window film using PVC materials. You can get different sizes, features, and designs.

Why Filiriko Heat Control Window Film

Filiriko is the right place to manufacture your heat control window film. We stock thousands of standard window thermal films. If you choose from our design, we can deliver them to you in a quicker lead time. 

Filiriko has the full capability to manufacture your ideal heat control window films. We have a professional R&D team to support your business entirely. Our team ensures to deliver high-quality products to our valued customers.

heat control window film

Filiriko Window Film Video

heat control window film
heat control window film

Choosing Heat Control Window Film from Filiriko is a good idea. We also manufacture custom and standard heat control window film to meet all your needs. Additionally, our custom solution includes the materials, colors, sizes, and dimensions. If you have drawings or layouts, please submit us directly.

Filiriko is your trusted heat control window films manufacturer and supplier in China. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field. Drop us your message now!

Filiriko - Your Premier Heat Control Window Film Manufacturer in China

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Heat Control Window Film Manufacturer

Are you looking for a high-quality heat control window film for your project or business? Filiriko is an expert window thermal film manufacturer and supplier in China. We exceed over 20 years in supplying outstanding designs of window thermal film throughout China.

With many years of experience, our excellence in heat-blocking window film manufacturing allows us to gain more customers worldwide. Filiriko has gained an excellent reputation in domestic and international markets. You can count on our team for your heat-blocking windows film needs.

Heat Resistant Tint for Your Office and Home Windows

When it comes to window film, heat blocking is an ideal one. It can block several amounts of heat like solar film. At Filiriko, we produce numerous types of heat control window film perfect for your needs.

The heat control window film is a popular way for uncomfortable glare and heat. Usually, our customers from different countries want to know how to cool their offices and homes. At Filiriko, we recommend using heat control window film. It will block harmful UVB and UVA rays.

Heat Control Window Film Special Features

  • Less Reflection: The window tints can look mirrored from inside or out.
  • Control/Film Levels: Varying degrees of heat and glare blocking power in a wide range of subtle tints: Grey, Light, Platinum, and Titanium.
  • Adhesive or Static Cling: You can choose from our long-wearing sticky film for long-lasting change or reusable static cling film for more flexibility.

If you require top-quality heat control window film, Filiriko is always ready to accommodate all your needs. We will support your urgent needs to sustain your project requirements.

Filiriko is committed to high-quality products and excellent services. We are your trusted heat control window film supplier in China with 2o+ years of experience.

You can message us anytime for more information.

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