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Filiriko is the most acceptable place to go for high-quality Heat Transfer Foil. We have a solid capacity to reduce your costs and manufacture to your specifications. You can email your information as well as your complete applications. We can provide the quantity you want and send it to you wherever you are.

Send your queries right away to ensure that you will receive high-quality Heat Transfer Foils.

Filiriko Heat Transfer Foil

Filiriko can give complete assistance for your developing business as your expert Heat Transfer Foil manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer full Heat Transfer Foil samples to make your decision easier and quicker. We’ve included some examples below. Send us your information right now!

Our Heat Transfer Foil Series

Adhesive Heat Transfer Foil

Filiriko Adhesive Heat Transfer Foil features a heat transfer printing function. It has a 12-micron thickness and gold color.

Metallic Heat Transfer Foil

Filiriko Metallic Heat Transfer Foil is a heat transfer type that has a cold tear peel. It features a 0.1 to 0.12mm thickness.

Holographic Heat Transfer Foil

Filiriko Holographic Heat Transfer Foil features a transfer printing function that is ideal in paper applications. It has a 12 microns thickness.

Printed Heat Transfer Foil

Filiriko Printed Heat Transfer Foil features a gravure printing type. It is excellent in high temperatures that have a 19micron thickness.

Composite Heat Transfer Foil

Filiriko Composite Heat Transfer Foil is a generic type. It is ideal in a paper, PVC, coated paper, leather, and plastic application.

PVC Vinyl Heat Transfer Foil

Filiriko PVC Vinyl Heat Transfer Foil is a leather stamped-on that has a 120m roll length. It is ideal for leather embossing usage.

PP Plastic Heat Transfer Foil

Filiriko PP Plastic Heat Transfer Foil has a heat transfer printing function. It has a generic type that has a 12micron thickness and gold color.

Hot Stamping Heat Transfer Foil

Filiriko Hot Stamping Heat Transfer Foil is ideal for a paper application that is great for paper or packaging usage. It has a generic type.

Vinyl Roll Heat Transfer Foil

Filiriko Vinyl Roll Heat Transfer Foil is a film material type. It is ideal in clothing applications that have a 40℃ washing resistance.

Why Filiriko Heat Transfer Foil

Are you looking for applications that necessitate the highest possible quality Heat Transfer Foil? Filiriko is on your side! We are your most acceptable source in China, and you can count on us. We manufacture Heat Transfer Foils that meet and exceed your quality requirements.

Please send us your specifications for high-quality Heat Transfer Foil and other related items. We will provide the exact quality you want.

Heat Transfer Foil

Filiriko Heat Transfer Foil Video

Heat Transfer Foil Installation
Heat Transfer Foil Manufacturer

Filiriko is a reputable supplier that you can trust for your Heat Transfer Foil requirements. In the field of Heat Transfer Foil manufacture, we have the most manufacturing experience. With our services, Filiriko helps you stand out and develop your foils and films projects and business. You may look for a suitable Heat Transfer Foil that meets your approval and satisfaction requirements right here.

We can provide Heat Transfer Foil and other foil products as a one-stop-shop. Let’s make your Heat Transfer Foil dreams come true!

Heat Transfer Foil

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Heat Transfer Foil Manufacturer

In China, Filiriko is the most trustworthy Heat Transfer Foil supplier. For your suitable Heat Transfer Foil, we provide different advantages, visual effects, and printing methods. If you require a specific kind of Heat Transfer Foil or other foil, please let our experts know, and we can design it for you.

Heat Transfer Foil Advantages: 

  • 100% Custom-made
  • Different visual effects
  • Various printing methods
  • Easy to manage
  • Environmentally safe
  • Durability 
  • Reliability
  • Spotless appearance

Heat Transfer Foil Different Visual Effects:

  • Up to 11 colors of the high-quality multicolored print
  • Image with high definition and photographic quality
  • Letters that are both small and fine
  • Vacuum evaporation metallization using genuine Aluminum, Tin, or Chrome
  • Half Metallization 
  • Metallic colors
  • Frost (Matte) finish or Matte/Gloss finish combo
  • Smooth Gradation 
  • Colors: Pearl, Polarized Pearl, and Polarized Metallic
  • Glitters
  • Transparent and translucent colors
  • Combination of multi-finish

Heat Transfer Foil Printing Method:

  • Gravure printing
  • Digital printing
  • Coater printing
  • Silk-screen printing

Filiriko is a leading Heat Transfer Foil manufacturer and supplier in China. We’ve been providing the most excellent Heat Transfer Foil for our clients’ applications, enterprises, and projects for over two decades.

You can assure the complete production of our Heat Transfer Foil. It goes through a series of tests and inspections to guarantee that its quality is stable and can provide long-term service. So, if your market has the most significant request for Heat Transfer Foil and requires a steady supply, Filiriko can help! We are continuously trying to ensure that all of your transactions and orders are safe.

Send us an email or call us on the Filiriko hotline if you have any questions.

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