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Filiriko is the best home window privacy tinting manufacturer with 20+ years of experience. We can export a wide range of home window privacy tinting to over 100 countries.

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Filiriko Home Window Privacy Tinting

One of the leading privacy window tinting manufacturers and suppliers in China is the Filiriko company. Being a reliable manufacturer and supplier in China, we produce numerous types of privacy window tinting for your reference. Filiriko is a perfect place to provide all your project requirements.

Our Home Window Privacy Tinting Series

Frosted Privacy Window Film

The advantage of our frosted privacy window film is moisture-proof, waterproof, and privacy protection.

Self Adhesive Window Tint

Our Self Adhesive Window Tint is suitable for office, home, bathroom, and a meeting room. You can choose different colors.

Privacy Glass Solar Tint

We manufacture privacy glass solar tint using high-quality PET materials. It is self-adhesive, available in different sizes.

Self Vinyl Glass Film

Our self-vinyl glass film is durable, has no shedding, has superior adhesion, and has no lifting.

Window Decorative PVC Film

Our window decorative PCV film is self-adhesive without residue. OEM and ODM services are welcome.

Privacy Building Window Film

It is available in custom and standard sizes. Available colors are green & silver, blue & silver, golden & silver.

Waterproof Window Privacy Film

We can supply limitless rolls for waterproof window privacy film. We produce this type of film according to your details.

Privacy Frosted Window Film

Our privacy frosted window film has excellent dimension stability and low shrinkage. It also has good flatness and easy operation.

PVC Window Film for Home

Our PVC Window Film for Home is environmentally friendly. It also meets the local heavy metal requirement.

Why Filiriko Home Window Privacy Tinting

In China, Filiriko is one of the leading home window privacy tinting solutions. We have been in this industry for over 20 years. More and more clients have counted on us for high-quality home window privacy tinting solutions through the years.

If you require window tint privacy film for your home, Filiriko has numerous options to offer. You can get our products with the highest quality at a very reasonable price! Inquire us now!

home window privacy tinting

Filiriko Home Window Privacy Tinting Video

home window privacy tinting
home window privacy tinting

Old and new clients are always welcome to purchase private home window film at Filiriko. At Filiriko, you can find all kinds of privacy home window film that suits your project requirements. We can recommend you our outstanding privacy home window film to fulfill your business necessities. 

Filiriko is an expert privacy home window film manufacturer and supplier with 20+ years of experience. We always choose sturdy and durable raw materials that are compliant with industry standards.

Filiriko - Your Premier Home Window Privacy Tinting Manufacturer in China

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Home Window Privacy Tinting Manufacturer

Whether you need high-quality home window privacy tinting for your home or business, Filiriko is an ideal firm to accommodate your needs. We produce different types of home window privacy tinting, suitable for all your applications. Our series of home window privacy tinting are the following:

  • decorative window film
  • blackout window film
  • perforated window film
  • Casper cloaking film, etc.

If you want more from our designs, you can ask for assistance from our design engineering team. Please message us right away to discuss your product requirements, and our team can recommend you the proper home window privacy tinting.

Installing Window Tint Privacy Film

Filiriko window tint privacy film is ideal for installing the interior face of the glass. It can ensure the longest possible lifespan for the window film.

You can also install our window tint privacy film at the exterior face of a window. However, it can shorten the lengths of time that they function at peak performance.

Furthermore, you can apply the liquid solution to any window film, such as our window tint privacy films. It allows for maneuvering precisely into place. After you squeeze the liquid using a squeegee, the film adheres securely to the glass.

Benefits of Window Tint Privacy Film

  • Provides a high level of daytime privacy
  • High level of reflectivity: It is excellent for UV blocking and heat reduction. It can also block out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • It is very effective at blocking glare: It is a suitable treatment for windows in entertainment rooms or home offices.

Filiriko is a leading manufacturer and supplier of window tint privacy film in China. Our series of films are the solutions to improve the function and look of many exterior window styles.

Filiriko is an expert in all home window tinting. Besides, we are also great for manufacturing almost all pet films, commercial window tinting, car window tint, and many more.

At Filiriko, you can find your ideal window tint privacy film that fits your taste and needs. Combining expertise and a knowledgeable workforce, our team is one of the leading suppliers of window tint privacy film to the top brand worldwide!

Whether you need high-quality window tint privacy films for your business or project, Filiriko has a wide range to offer. We can supply custom and standard designs.

Please let us know if you have designs or layouts. Filiriko has skilled engineers to design your ideal window tint privacy films that suit your needs.

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