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For more than 2 decades, Filiriko has been serving clients with home window tinting services.

We manufacture superior quality home window tint at a very cost-effective price.

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Filiriko Home Window Tinting

Filiriko is a professional car window tint manufacturer and provider. We have a comprehensive option of car window tint for your selection. If you require a high-quality car window tint in your business, Filiriko is the perfect choice for you. We have been manufacturing various designs of car window tints for many years. As an expert supplier, we can export our car window tint in different countries nationwide. Please send us your ideal car window tint!

Our Home Window Tint Series

Ceramic Window Tint for Home

Ceramic window tints for homes are a state-of-the-art product that performs at a level unparalleled in the window film industry. This product delivers 99.9% UV blocking capabilities.

Glare Control Window Film

Glare Control window film helps make it more comfortable to look at virtually any electronic device. This product is made from the highest quality materials.

Heat Control Window Film

Our heat control window film features exceptional technology that prevents heat, reflects ultra-violet rays, and lessens glare for improved interior comfort.

Home Window Privacy Tinting

Home Window Privacy Tinting can enhance the safety and security of your home. It has is a lowered interior and exterior reflectivity.

Mirror Window Tinting

Our mirror window tinting provides an excellent method of promoting daytime privacy. It blocks 95% of light and gives the highest level of privacy.

One Way Window Films

This film has a reflective finish that provides the glass a one way mirror effect when there is more light on one side than the other. Filiriko custom one-way window films for various applications and needs.

Solar Window Film for Homes

You can keep your home bright and open to outdoor scenes with our Filiriko solar window films. Buy this product at a very cost-effective rate but never compromise the quality.

UV Window Film

Filiriko UV Window Film provides you an easy, efficient way to protect your family and your furnishings against the damaging effects of the sun. You can now experience all the beauty and brilliance of natural sunlight by installing this Filiriko UV Window Film.

Window Blackout Film

It is totally opaque and permits no light to pass through. Sleep better than ever in a darker, cooler room. It can improve outdoor viewing from the inside while keeping a beautiful look from the outside.

Why Filiriko Home Window Tinting

Filiriko is a professional home window tinting manufacturer and supplier with vast manufacturing and exporting experience. We are famous for delivering the right product for your business. With us, you can rest assured of obtaining superior-class home window tinting products.

When choosing Filiriko home window tinting, you team up with 20 years of manufacturing experience and a dedicated supplier in China. Discover the wide variety of quality home window tinting here, and with the guidance of our home window tinting designer, you can find the ideal tints for your needs and taste.

Home Window Tinting Film

Filiriko Window Film Video

Home Window Tinting Films
Home Window Tinting Film Manufacturer

If you need home window tinting products, Filiriko is your ultimate solution. We are one of the professional and expert home window tinting product manufacturers here in China. Our products are widely sold and appreciated in the foreign and domestic markets. 

Home window tinting can help reducing energy costs and consumption in your home. It delivers a more relaxed indoor experience, a more comfortable interior and helps to decrease glare and the fading of furnishings. Filiriko home window tinting will quickly provide many long-term advantages while remaining virtually invisible.

Home Window Tinting Film To Skyrocket Your Business

Benefits Of Home Window Tinting

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Home Window Tinting Film Manufacturer

If you require high-quality window tinting for your home, then home window tinting from Filiriko is your best choice. We manufacture all types of home window tinting that deliver superior quality and offer different features and advantages.

When you install home window tint, you can experience improved energy efficiency, safety, and security of your windows. It also offers enhanced UV protection, daylighting, and visibility to the outdoors. You can choose from a wide range of home window tint Filiriko provides.

Filiriko Home Window Tinting Types:

  • Ceramic window tint
  • One-way window films
  • Two-way window film
  • Glare Control window film
  • Window blackout film
  • Mirror window tinting
  • UV window film
  • Solar window film
  • Heat control window film
  • Home window privacy tinting

Each product has its unique advantages. Being a leader in this domain, we make sure to provide you an excellent and superior product with great benefits for your home application and installation.

Filiriko Home Window Tinting Benefits:

  • Prevent fading of interior furnishing and upholstery
  • Improve visibility to the outdoors
  • ¬†Maintain an attractive look from the outside
  • Redirect natural sunlight deeper into your home
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Control energy leaks and heat loss
  • Take advantage of energy tax credits
  • Window film products deliver 99.9% UV blocking capabilities
  • Block infrared solar energy that causes heat gain

If you require beautiful and long-lasting home window tinting, you are in the right place. Filiriko dedicates itself to manufacturing and producing home window tinting products. We utilize the best fabrication technique, manufacturing and inspection processes, and sophisticated equipment, guarantee 100% quality products. Before being delivered to you, all our products have undergone strict quality control and inspection.

Whether you need a large quantity of home window tinting for your business or projects, Filiriko will guarantee to satisfy your needs. We can produce standard and custom home window tinting according to your stipulations.

Besides home window tinting, Filiriko provides car window tint, commercial window tinting, architectural window films, office window tinting, exterior window film, and much more. Filiriko is your one-stop-shop manufacturer that can satisfy your needs.

If you have specific home window tinting requirements, please send us your message. Our team will work closely with you to achieve the best and suitable product for your applications.

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