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Filiriko has been in the cycle of hot stamping film production for a couple of decades. We fully support hot stamping film projects, businesses, markets, and companies by sustaining them with sufficient hot stamping film products. We only produce and supply hot stamping film that approves the international certifications.

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Filiriko Hot Stamping Film

Filiriko is a licensed and most trusted company in China that centrally focuses on hot stamping film manufacturing. We have the most robust foundation and are responsible for presenting you with the most advantageous and top-level hot stamping film for specific applications. Our hot stamping film is available in different features models that are listed below. You are also free to send us any of your specifications that correspond to your choice.  

Our Hot Stamping Film Series

3D Lenticular Hot Stamping Film

The 3D lenticular hot stamping film features multiple 3D lenses. It is available in plenty of colors as well as holographic patterns. 

Clear PET Hot Stamping Film

We offer the most dominant and inexpensive transparent PET hot stamping film for your applications. They are commonly use for packaging, alcoholic drinks, lasers, etc.

Decorative Hot Stamping Film

Our decorative hot stamping film is available in a film thickness of 9-25 microns. It has a measurement of 1.23mx100m and is accessible with custom decorations and colors. 

High Glossy Hot Stamping Film

It is available in silver, gold, rainbow, metallic colors, and holographic designs. This high glossy hot stamping film is available in 12-25 micron thickness.

Holographic Hot Stamping Film

Holographic hot stamping film bears an epitome holographic design that enhances and adds a combined visual appearance and colorful effects in printed images. 

Hot Stamping Composite Film

We excellently produce hot stamping composite film based on your specific request and applications. It highly endures in any stamping operations and temperatures.

Hot Stamping Textile Film

The hot stamping textile film has a significant aspect that makes it suitable in any stamping application. It sizes 640mm*120m and features the smoothest textural surfaces. 

Matte Hot Stamping Film

It is available in a set of epitome designs and color mixtures. This matte hot stamping film is available in approximately 75cm*120m to 150cm*2500m. 

Vinyl Plaid Prints Hot Stamping Film

Vinyl plaid prints hot stamping film is highly perfect for basic fabrics. It can work for any letters, logos, and different designs. Available in 25cmx30cm per roll.

Why Filiriko Hot Stamping Film

Do you need an abundant supply of hot stamping film for your stamping and printing projects or business? Let Filiriko handle all those matters. We are your trusted global partner that is an expert in sourcing out your needed hot stamping film. Filiriko is a high-ranking manufacturer and supplier of hot stamping film that consistently distributes all local and global market necessities. All of the hot stamping films that we provide will guarantee your product standard satisfaction and approval.

The hot stamping film materials coming from Filiriko will constantly give you a direct and state-of-the-art visual effect of all your printed images. We professionally work in all of your hot stamping films and promise to provide you with the right and satisfying kind.

Hot Stamping Film

Filiriko Hot Stamping Film Video

Hot Stamping Film
Hot Stamping Film

The hot stamping films distinguish as one of our top-charting products. It consistently receives an increased market demand in both local and international stores. It has an adequate characteristic that helps in enhancing the visualization effect of your printed images, designs, and artworks, which makes it look more versatile and epitome. 

Filiriko ensures 100% durability, stability, and longevity of hot stamping products. It comprises environmentally friendly materials and is highly affordable, which fits within your budget funds. What awaits you? Avail now Filiriko hot stamping film!

Hot Stamping Film

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Filiriko – Your #1 Hot Stamping Film Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Filiriko is your old-veteran manufacturer and supplier of hot stamping film products. We continue to innovate and develop the most precise classes of hot stamping film that correlate with your product requirements and specifications. Our company only supplies those hot stamping films that obtain the highest peak of international certifications.

So what does it mean if we talk about the hot stamping film? Hot stamping film plays a vital role in the stamping and printing industry. It is a centrally valuable material that transfers a printable image, artwork, and design to other pieces of product objects, materials, and fabrics. It provides eye-catching text and patterns.

Hot Stamping Film Advantages:

  • It provides superb printing results
  • It works in the most straightforward and purest printing procedures 
  • Does not need any complex machines and expensive consumable equipment
  • It does not require in use of ink
  • Useful in different materials ranges (rubber, plastics, paper, leather, fabric, etc.)
  • Best in visual appearance
  • Smoothest film surfaces

This hot stamping film employs the majority of polyester film materials. It is highly commendable in the printing industry since it dimensionally gives a stable and explicit printing outcome. Using this hot stamping film from Filiriko turns out your artwork and output into a versatile one. 

Hot Stamping Film Features:

  • Strong surface bond strength
  • Specified in moisture content
  • Dimensional firmness
  • Durable
  • Enduring printing appearance
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Heat-resistance

Filiriko offers you a stable performance in terms of this manufacturing process. Our hot stamping film is available in different measurements, thicknesses, patterns, designs, and colors. Our company warmly welcomes any ODM and OEM services out of the said product. You are free to send us any of your custom specifications and particular layout for your desired hot stamping film. 

Its exceptional features, properties, and characteristics allow us to be highly recognized by local and global clients. It exclusively receives the highest market demand and sales in all printing market necessities. 

Additionally, Filiriko hot stamping film is available in plenty of models. It includes the vinyl plaid prints hot stamping film, holographic hot stamping film, decorative hot stamping film, matte hot stamping film, 3D lenticular hot stamping film. Each of the models has specific purposes and applications such as:

  • Logos
  • Labels
  • Fabric patterns
  • Game card
  • Product packaging
  • Bookbinding
  • Medical and industrial applications
  • Postcard or invitation -card

Aside from hot stamping film, Filiriko also stands out by manufacturing any varieties of film, printing, laminating, and stamping materials. We produce and supply BOPET film, PET aluminum foil, PET tape, window tint film, etc. Our product is not just for printing materials but also useful as security materials for residential, commercial, and vehicular applications. 

Filiriko assures you that all of the hot stamping films surpass your satisfaction and approval. You can guarantee absolute performance and pleasurable printing outcomes in using our products—one of the most affordable hot stamping films you can have.

You can trust Filiriko at all costs. We wish nothing but to give you unparalleled services. Filiriko is also your #1 assistant in accomplishing any of your printing projects, whereas also expanding your printing profession and does your business on top.

Filiriko fully supports 24/7 online services. You can reach us anytime and anywhere you are. Visit us on our official website to update our product’s latest update, or you can directly contact us on our hotline for your possible inquiries and concerns.

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