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For your hot stamping foil needs in China, Filiriko is your ultimate provider. We manufacture and supply superior quality hot stamping foil products from various sizes, thicknesses, designs, colors, etc.

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Filiriko Hot Stamping Foil

For more than 2 decades, Filiriko dedicates itself to the production of high-quality hot stamping foil. We offer complete hot stamping foil solutions for your selection. If your company needs hot stamping foil you can find it in Filiriko at the best price. As an expert manufacturer, we can create standard and custom hot stamping foil to boom your brand. We are equipped with mature manufacturing technology, advanced production line, and skilled employees. Contact us for more details! 

Our Hot Stamping Foil Series

Pet Hot Stamping Foil for Paper and Plastic

Applied to a wide range of substrates and surfaces. Suitable for various materials such as glass, metallic, leather, paper, plastic, wood, etc.

High Quantity Washable Hot Stamping Foil for Textile

Holographic types high quantity washable hot stamping foil for textile.  It is available in high-gloss, satin gloss and matte finish.

Packing Aluminum Stamping Foil

This product has a normal size of 0.64*120m(W*L)/roll with 12μm thickness. You can specify the length, width, color, etc. you require.

Laser Printer Hot Stamping Foils

Laser printer hot stamping foils have good coverage and excellent edge sharpness. It is available in holographic and transparent patterns.

Rainbow Hot Stamping Foil

Get the latest rainbow hot stamping foil in Filiriko. Used as a decorative sheet, rainbow hot stamping foil is suitable for “Foil Embossing” effects.

Customized Wallpaper Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

A type of repeated logo hot stamping foil that exceeds unique customized design. Meet different shapes and sizes stamping demand.

Custom Hot Stamping Foil for Laminating

Custom hot stamping foil for laminating with a customized logo pattern design that can meet the anti-counterfeiting requirements and demands of customers.

Pattern Hot Stamping Foil

Filiriko provides hot stamping foil to match different applications or requirements which can greatly enrich the value of products or packaging.

Cost-Effective Hot Stamping Foil

Filiriko can fulfill your hot stamping foil expectations. We can supply various hot stamping foil with superior quality and low prices for your packaging solutions.

Why Filiriko Hot Stamping Foil

Filiriko is a reputable hot stamping foil manufacturer in China. With advanced manufacturing techniques and a comprehensive product line, Filiriko became a famous hot stamping foil supplier for over 20 years.

Many hot stamping foil products and packaging solutions are offered at a very reasonable price and have been exported worldwide successfully. We are working with a professional and expert team to guarantee superior quality hot stamping foil products.


Hot Stamping Foil Supplier

Filiriko Hot Stamping Foil

Hot Stamping Foil Application

Filiriko hot stamping foil is used for various industries due to its significant advantages and benefits. Already in many applications. Hot stamping foil can be utilized to add value to your products through hot foil finishing, such as in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, electronics, security, etc.

Choosing Filiriko as your trusted hot stamping foil supplier for your business is the right decision ever. Here at Filiriko, you can always get precision and high-end hot stamping foil design perfect for your business applications.

Filiriko Hot Stamping Foil To Skyrocket Your Brand

Structure of Hot Stamping Foil

Data Sheet


Filiriko- Your Trusted Hot Stamping Foil Manufacturer

Filiriko has been a reputable hot stamping foil supplier for over 20 years. If you need a specific hot stamping foil and other PET films, talk to our experts and let us create the appropriate hot stamping foil products for your business.

Our company provides various hot stamping foil with superior quality and cost-efficient packaging solutions to fulfill your expectations and demands. Filiriko can provide hot stamping foil to match different applications or requirements with the world’s advanced hot stamping foil.

Filiriko Hot Stamping Foil Benefits:

  • High gloss
  • Good coverage
  • Excellent edge sharpness
  • Suitable for very rough surfaces
  • Accessible in high-gloss, satin gloss, and matte finish
  • Available holographic and transparent patterns
  • Ideal for a wide range of surfaces

Hot stamping foils can be applied to an extensive range of substrates and surfaces. Hot stamping is the method that utilizes a thermal bonding system to transfer permanent adhesion of foil to a target surface, for example, to security paper, plastic, glass, textile, wood, metallic, cardboard, PET, PVC, leather, etc. Filiriko Hot Stamping Foils are used in various applications and industries as decorative sheets to add value to the products using hot foil finishing.

Filiriko Hot Stamping Foils Applications:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Cigarette packaging and shopping bag
  • Tickets, documents, certificates, pharmaceutical box
  • Toys and crafts
  • Confectionary
  • Spirits & Wine
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Security
  • Bankcard,
  • VIP card, Greeting card, etc

Together with our expert technicians and engineers, we rigorously check and inspect each hot stamping foil to guarantee stability and reliability. We strive to deliver the best quality products and reliable services to skyrocket your business. Filiriko is fully capable of satisfying your hot stamping foil needs.

Whether you’re a hot stamping foil supplier, custom factory, or a company that wants to boom your brand, Filiriko got you covered. We will help you from material sourcing until the completion of your project.

Aside from hot stamping foil, Filiriko produces a broad range of hot stamping film, pet aluminum foil, silicone-coated polyester film, pet shrink film, and many more. Filiriko is your one-stop-shop for PET films and foils in China.

If you are interested in our hot stamping foils products, please kindly contact us! We aim for your satisfaction.

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