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In China, Filiriko is one of the most trusted companies that centralize matte PET laminating manufacturing. We only provide the most top-charting types of matte PET film to local and global markets. 

Filiriko only offers cost-effective matt PET film for your projects and business aids. Reach us now!

Filiriko Matte PET Film

Filiriko has a couple of decades of years in the cycle of matte PET film production. We are a China-based company that comprehensively presents you with the hit parade matte PET films. Filiriko dedicatedly sustains your needed matte PET films that feature your particular request and requirements. Thus, we listed below some of our high-level inquiries of matte PET film for your reference. 

Our Matte PET Film Series

Drawable Drafting Matte PET Film

The drawable drafting matte PET film is an anti-static material. It is excellent in drafting quality and provides high transparency for sharp reproduction, and is cleanly erasable. 

Froster Matte PET Film

It features super-matte and higher roughness. Froster matte PET film has adequate dimensional stability and excellent processing ability.

High-Transparent Matte PET Film

This kind of matte PET film has the lowest adhesion and smooth surfaces. It is a solid bond strength suitable to application surfaces like glasses, metals, plastics. 

Matte Acrylic Scratcher PET Film

Matte acrylic scratcher PET film provides excellent adhesion between surfaces. It is a high viscosity and offers a higher transparency appearance. 

Matte Glossy Latex PET Film

This matte glossy latex PET film is available in sizes 60cm*100m per roll. It comes out with prestigious features that make it perfect for shoes, banners, hats, sportswear, etc.

Matte PET Thermal Lamination Film

Froster matter PET film enhances the product’s value with a superior gloss finish and higher transparency. It prevents lamination from being bubbled and pressed. 

Matte Rigid PET Film

The matte rigid PET film specializes in film thickness of 0.5mm and a density of 1.37-1.43g/cm3. It is an eco-friendly material that is useful for various applications.

Micron Matte Silver PET Film

It is available in 50x70cm, 70x100cm, 71x102cm,70x102cm and can be customized depending on your request. Perfect material to use for decoration film applications.

Reflective Matte PET Film

Reflective matte PET film thicknesses 20 – 100 micron and measures 500m to 10000m/roll. It features a non-light transmittance rate and is resistant to wetting tension.

Why Filiriko Matte PET Film

Do you seek high premium performance of matte PET film for your projects or specific applications? Filiriko is the right place you can consult with. We are China’s #1 provider of all matte PET film classes based on your standard requirements and expectations. 

Filiriko firstly offers you the most inexpensive yet excellent quality of matte PET film. If you have plans to avail of our products, please settle some transactions with us, and we will give the most proper type for you!

Matte PET Film

Filiriko Matte PET Film Video

Matte PET Film
Matte PET Film

For your matte PET film needs, Filiriko is a credible company that you can rely upon. We have the wealthiest manufacturing experience in this matte PET film production field. Filiriko visibly aids you to stand out and expand your printing and lamination projects and business through our products. Here, you can seek the right matte PET film that reaches out your approval and satisfaction. 

At Filiriko, we guarantee our matte PET film materials’ 100% stability, longevity, and sturdiness. Send us now your specific inquiries and requests!

Matte PET Film

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Filiriko – Your Quintessential Matte PET Film Manufacturer

Are you looking for an opportunity to stand out for your labels, printing, and lamination business or projects? Filiriko gives you that possibility by giving you superior materials that suit your needs.  

Filiriko is one of the companies established in China that professionally works on manufacturing and exporting high-end matte PET film. We exceed 20+ years in offering the best matte PET film to support our customers’ applications, businesses, and projects globally. 

Matte PET Film Characteristics:

  • It has excellent grainy and matte surfaces
  • Standard gloss 
  • Middling haze
  • At hand in a metalized and transparent version

We produce matte PET film that significantly comprises the highest-precision polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It is aesthetically versatile since it provides higher clarity and appearance, making it perfect for printing and laminating applications. Thus, Filiriko matte PE film is highly inexpensive that suits your budget funds.

Matte PET Film Main Features:

  • Outstanding matte effects
  • Superb in printing and lamination ability
  • Excellent in thermal insulation performances
  • Hardly melted
  • Good inking results
  • Elastic
  • Washable/unfading
  • Soft-touch
  • High light reflective rate

Filiriko matte PET film specializes in a unique and high premium configuration ideal for specific applications. This type of film material captivates you in giving you an exact and satisfying product. We offer matte PET film out of different models and categories like reflective matte PET film, froster matte PET film, drawable drafting matte PET film, matte rigid PET film, and many more. 

Matte PET Film Major Application:

  • Release coating
  • Steel lamination
  • Materials for label
  • Tape
  • Hot stamping
  • Heat transfer foil
  • Projection vision system
  • Stamping base

We provide matte PET film out of custom measurements, thickness, and colors. It looks highly epitome and elegant which adds a stylish outlook to your products. 

Filiriko surrounds by an expert matte PET film manufacturer and fabricator. We professionally produce the highest standard matte PET film that obtains the highest peak of your satisfaction and approval. All of our matte PET films centrally corresponds within your specific requirements, request, and specifications. Just send us your entry layout in any of your desired matte PET films.

You can guarantee the absolute performance of our matte PET film. It undergoes some tests and inspections to ensure its quality stability and service longevity. So if your market receives the highest demand for matte PET film and needs a sustainable supply, Filiriko can work that anytime! We are constantly working on having legal transactions with you and all your orders.

We are devoted to serving you more than we can do. Filiriko gained a reputable image and behavior through the years in this industry. It is highly worth it to choose Filiriko for your matte PET film. 

For any inquiries, directly leave us your message through Filiriko email or hotline.

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