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Filiriko is an experienced metalized polyester film manufacturer in China for over 20 years producing the highest-quality supplies to over 100 countries. Filiriko can lower the cost that helps you save your money while you can get durable metalized polyester films.

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Filiriko Metallized Polyester Film

As your professional metalized polyester film manufacturer and supplier in China, Filiriko has a great ability to provide full support for your growing business. We provide complete metalized polyester film samples that help you choose easier and fast. We have listed some samples below. Send your details now!

Our Metallized Polyester Film Series

Die Cut Metalized Polyester Film

Die-cut metalized polyester films with various options from thickness, colors, and textures. It offers affordable and durable for various applications.

Heat Seal Metalized Polyester Film

We can supply complete selections of heat seal metalized polyester films. Guaranteed cheaper cost available in different measurements.

High Reflective Aluminum Metalized Polyester Film

High reflective aluminum metalized polyester films have various selections guaranteed at affordable prices available in different transfers.

Moisture Proof Metalized Polyester Film

You can choose various options of moisture-proof metalized polyester films. Available in different pound transfer pressure from 20-30.

Protective Adhesive Metalized Polyester Film

Protective adhesive metalized polyester films are available in multi-layer selections which perfectly provide protection.

Soft CPP Metalized Polyester Film

Soft CPP metalized polyester films are available in various features. You can get moisture proof at different applications and dimensions.

Translucent Metalized Polyester Film

You can also choose translucent metalized polyester films with customized thickness and different temper and coated treatments.

VMPET Metalized Polyester Film

Filiriko metalized polyester films have different micron selections available from 07 up to 150 microns. Choose the right colors for your needs.

Customized Metalized Polyester Film

We can custom metalized polyester films for you. Accessible in many designs, colors, features, and more selections for your business.

Why Filiriko Metallized Polyester Film

Are you looking for a professional partner and reliable manufacturer for your metalized polyester film orders? Well, Filiriko will fully customize all your requests. Over 20 years of providing quality and complete services and support different projects from different countries and regions. Filiriko will supply metalized polyester film at various selections from features, measurements, and more options for you.

We professionally handle strict quality control from a different processes. Manufacturing finest metalized polyester film that exceeds high standards. We have an excellent team to guide your process.

Metalized Polyester Film

Filiriko Video

Metalized Polyester Film
Metalized Polyester Film


Choosing the right partner and manufacturer is your perfect choice. A professional metalized polyester film manufacturer can provide a convenient space for complete equipment and facilities. We have skilled manufacturing staff, senior engineering, technicians, designers, production team, packing, and more.

Filiriko is an expert company that manufactures metalized polyester film with a long life span and cost-effectiveness offer. Applicable for car windows applications durable for different weather conditions. Send your inquiries now!

Metallized Polyester Film

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Metallized Polyester Film Manufacturer

Are you looking for a professional metalized polyester film manufacturer in China? Then Filiriko is your perfect choice to get amazing and complete selections.

Filiriko is manufacturing versatile plastic films and metalized polyester films. It has various selections from metalized polyester film features, measurements, colors, textures, and more options. We ensure great applications and effectiveness.

Filiriko metalized polyester film is widely used in many applications. It has high chemical resistance offered at perfect durability and toughness. It is widely used for various products like creating face shields, laminate, carrier films, electronic insulations, and more. This is an FDA-approved metalized polyester film that provides a lot of benefits and advantages.

There are some Metalized Polyester Film advantages:

  • Suitable thickness and soft temper
  • Coated surface treatment
  • Easier to apply and long life span
  • Moisture-proof and various transparency
  • Easier to fabricate

Filiriko is manufacturing various selections and applications. You can choose different measurements, colors, features, and more specifications. There are many colors like gold, aluminum, and more choices suitable for your final applications.

Filiriko metalized polyester films are available with 20minron to 150-micron thickness. You can choose 5mm to 1000mm width and inner/outer diameter. There are silver metalized polyester film colors, blue, golden, pink, and even custom colors.

Filiriko Metalized Polyester Film Advantages:

  • Pre-sale and after-sale best teams
  • 20 years expertise
  • Stable quality metalized polyester film
  • Competitive prices and outstanding quality applications

We, Filiriko are manufacturing metalized polyester film using complete facilities and high-tech equipment. Our outstanding quality metalized polyester films are export in more than 100 countries and regions around the world which are tested and proven with our long-term and big-time clients.

We provide a convenient plant area and complete equipments for different processing lines. Filiriko can supply and support various productions applicable for apparel, agricultural; food metalized polyester film applications, and more. Whether you need them for personal business purposes or even for distribution, Filiriko is your most trusted and supportive partner and manufacturer in China.

We ensure strict quality control and complete solutions for your expandable business. Send your inquiries now and expect quick response!


Metalized Polyester Films: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know choosing a suitable metalized polyester film can be an overwhelming task.

A reason this guide will explore everything you need to know about metalized polyester films.

Whether you want to learn about the applications, features, benefits or material composition; you will find all information right here.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Are Metalized Polyester Films?

These are films made of polyester covered with different types of metals like aluminum. They have a reflective, glossy metallic appearance.

They look like aluminum foils; in fact, some people confuse the two.

However, they are different.

metalized polyester films

metalized polyester films

 Metalized polyester films are lighter, cheaper, translucent, and not as wrinkled as aluminum foils are.

How Much Do Metalized Polyester Films Cost?

Giving an exact amount might be misleading because it may be more or less.

However, the following factors will affect the price of your metalized polyester films:

  • The finished look- different visual effects of the films are priced differently
  • Where you buy- different shops price their goods differently.

Equally, if you buy your films online you will have to pay a shipping or delivery fee that increases the end price of the goods.

  • The metallic coating differs in density and texture which affects their prices
  • You will pay more for custom made films
  • Be on the lookout for sales seasons. You can buy them at a ridiculous price
  • Metallic films also have seasons like during Christmas or Valentine’s when people want to wrap gifts for their loved ones.

Well, there may be a genuine need to buy them at that time but if you want to strike a good deal avoid peak seasons instead buy during low seasons.

  • You can buy your films in bulk at a wholesale price
  • Films have different thicknesses which affects the price some are measured in kilogram others in square meter

What Are The Uses Of Metalized Polyester Films?

You can use the metalized polyester films to do the following:

  • Packaging foods stuff- they separate moisture and oxygen.

Ideal for packing food like; snack food, coffee, instant soup, candy, yogurt lidding, alcoholic drinks, and medicine.

  • Used to wrap cosmetic sachets like gel, lotion, and fragrance.
  • Used to coat goods or a surface give it a metallic finish.
  • The metallic effect on the films make it beautiful enough to be used for decoration during the festive season to make things like balloons, ribbon, and gift wraps.
  • It’s a relative vapor barrier in building insulation
  • Reflects heat radiation

What Are The Available Thickness Rang For Metalized Polymer Films?

Metalized polyester films come in the following range:

  1. 6.5 – 75 microns for BOPET
  2. 8 – 75 microns for BOPP
  • 18 – 200 microns for CPP

How Does Metalized Polyester Films Compare To PVC-coated Films?

Films are not only coated with metals but also PVC. Here’s how these two coats differ:

Metalized coats-These are thin polymer films coated with a thin layer of metal like aluminum or copper.

PVC coated films

PVC coated films

Their finished look is metal while that of PVC is plastic.

They are good conductors of electricity hence used in electronic circuits.

Metalized films are not permeable hence used to pack foodstuffs.

It ensures they stay for long because no air or moisture is allowed in; the food remains fresh.

Vinyl or polyvinyl chloride PVC- is a thermoplastic material used to coat films.

It is a synthetic plastic that is versatile and cost-effective. Also rigid and flexible and can easily be plasticized.

PVC is a bad conductor of electricity, therefore, the films can’t be used anywhere near electricity.

PVC coated films are oxygen semi-permeable hence cannot be used to store foods like milk or coffee because they let air in.

However, they can be used to pack meat since the pores will let in some good amount of oxygen that will maintain the red color and keep it fresh.

Both metalized and PVC coats on films have their advantage and disadvantages. Choose according to the purpose you want your films to serve.

What Colors Do Metalized Polyester Films come in?

We have an array of colors of metalized films. They include:

  • Primary colors- Red, blue, yellow
  • Secondary colors- green, purple, orange
  • White and off whites
  • Gold and silver
  • Mixed color films

All the colors mentioned above have different shades and tints. Whether you want dark blue, sky or navy we got you. The choice is yours.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Metalized Polyester Film?

A metalized polyester film should have the following properties:

  • Highly gloss and transparent
  • Has twist retention
  • Highly stiff
  • Superior yield
  • Excellent run ability
  • Low density at low cost
  • The ability to be heat sealed
  • Highly flammable
  • High tensile strength
  • Surface hardness
  • Waterproof
  • Doesn’t discolor after some time
  • Ecofriendly

Which Metals Are Used To Coat Metalized Polyester Films?

We use the following metals to coat polyester films:

  • Aluminum- is the most common
  • Nickel
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Silver

How Do I Verify The Quality Metalized Polyester Films?

Quality is everything especially when you want value for your money.

We have a committed quality control team that supervises the whole production process.

Other than the internal supervisors, we hire an external inspector who oversees the before, during, and after the process.

The inspector is allowed to pull random samples of metalized films and check their quality.

S/he classifies goods and reports any quality defects encountered. Also supervises the vacuum metallization process as it’s ongoing.

We check our products against specifications sent by our customers to ensure all is well.

We also check the humidity inside the products, detect any misprints, packaging, etc.

We use a good quality bubble bag and a master carton to pack all our films.

We also have a product return policy where you can return your films within 30 days from the purchasing date.

Do You Have Both Sided Metalized Polyester Films?

Yes, we do.

We have metalized polyester films that are one-sided and ones that are metalized on both sides

Which ones do you prefer – talk to us.

How are Metalized Polyester Films Made?

Once the film is ready, the metallization process begins. It involves a batch of processes that are not that complicated.

The process is called the vacuum metallization process here, the metal like aluminum is heated to the melting point in a vacuum chamber then condensed on the web.

The reel with base films is placed on the un-winder station.

There is a trolley carrying the reel which is moved into the metallization chamber.

Where a vacuum is generated to lower the boiling point of aluminum and issue a comparable aluminum deposit.

The film surface is cleaned by plasma treatment for metal to adhere to the film perfectly.

The coat on the film is very thin like 0.5 microns. Additionally, it doesn’t lose its original color with time.

The polyester layer acts as the tie layer between the underlying film and the metal layer.

How Long Does The Process Of Producing Metalized Polyester Films Take?

The duration we’ll take producing your metalized polyester films depends on:

  1. Season- peak seasons like Christmas takes long because many people are purchasing the films to wrap their gifts or decorate their spaces.

We may take longer than off-peak seasons.

  1. Your order quantity- the more films you need the longer it takes to produce them
  2. Customized orders take longer than the normal orders
  3. How fast you and settle and pay for a design- we can only start working on your order after payment so how long you take affects the production time

If all goes well our production process takes 15-30 days after confirmation and receiving the payment.

However, we have rush services at a different price. In case you are rushing, we still got you.

What Are The Visual Effects Of Metalized Polyester Films?

Our metalized films have the following visual effects:

  • Matte
  • Glossy
  • White
  • Smooth surface
  • Rough texture- are two types tactile- perceived by touch has a texture that you can feel when you touch while other look rugged but are smooth when you touch
  • The optical and 3D illusions deceive the eye to be different than they appear. Your eyes tend to see what does not really exist

Why Are Moisture And Oxygen Important Barriers To Metalized Polyester Films?

Metalized polyester films have a high barrier against moisture, oxygen, and water vapor because they are used to pack or cover foodstuff.

Keeping the above away increases the shelf life of goods.

I will give you a practical example, snacks like crispy are usually crunchy when in the package. but when you open and leave them for a while, the crisps lose the crunchiness, why?

Because they have come in contact with oxygen and moisture hence you can’t have them on the shelf again.

What Are The Types Of Metalized Polyester Films?

Design metalized films come in include:

  • Different colors mentioned above
  • One-sided and two-sided films
  • Films with visual effects
  • Decorated or printed and plain films
  • Films with combined colors

How Does The Metalized Film For Aesthetics Compare To One For Functional Enhancement?

Both aesthetics and functionality are important when it comes to films in fact they go hand in hand.

Either can be a priority depending on the purpose your films will serve you.

Metalized films for aesthetics-these films improve the appearance of your surface say a shelf, pantry, or countertop by giving them a metallic feel.

They can also be used as labels or packaging to make your goods stand out on the shelves.

They can attract a buyer you know?

Metalized films are used for graphic applications like signage or point of purchase in a store.

We have the following metalized film finishes:

  1. Metal pewter finish
  2. Matte finish
  • Bright chrome finish
  1. Gold metalized finish
  2. Brushed stainless finish

Metalized films for functionality- when metal like Aluminum and Copper is coated on the films it comes with benefits i.e.

  1. Metalized films are good conductors of electricity
  2. The metal provides the films with thermal insulation properties for cryogenic application
  • Provide moisture and oxygen barrier on the films
  1. Used on a blackout window treatment
  2. Reflective insulation used at home

Can I Reuse My Metalized Polyester Films?

It depends on what the films were used for previously.

If it was used to pack coffee, then you remove all the coffee from it what else can you use it for? Nothing.

However, if it was used to cover something like a bowl and it is still in a good state with no folds or holes you can reuse it.

The point is it depends on what it was used for in the beginning and how you want to use it now.

What Are The Benefits Of Metalized Polymer Films?

Metalized polyester films have the following importance:

  1. It provides protection against UV and thermal radiation
  2. It creates an attractive optical effect on the packaging and equally provides a barrier against electromagnetic radiation
  • It gives the packaging and surfaces a beautiful metallic effect on goods and surfaces
  1. The thicker the metalized layer the higher the optical and density and the lower the transparency
  2. When used to coat an item, it also protects the item from aging and damage.
  3. Controlled permeation extends the shelf life of goods since no light, water or oxygen can penetrate through the film
  • It is sun-proof hence it prevents UV irradiance which prolongs the preservation time of foods on the shelves

Do Metalized Polymer Films Have Limitations?

Yes. I mean everything has advantages and disadvantages although it has more pros than cons. Cons include:

  • Highly flammable meaning it can catch fire and burn easily.

It’s more dangerous to place them near children’s reach or even use them as a kitchen countertop.

Placing a hot pot on it can make it burn

  • Films are not like paper bags that we like recycling. It is hard to reuse them due to their condition.
  • It is not ideal for storing all kinds of foodstuff like red meat which need some air to remain fresh

How Do You Custom Metalized Polyester Films?

Yes, we custom make films for our customers.

All you need to do is to send us your specifications.

In terms of the shape, color style size, and even the design you want. On the design do you want plain or printed state the visual affects you prefer.

customized metalic polyester films

customized metallic polyester films

Review your details before sending them to us so that we can deliver exactly what your heart desires.

Are There Food Grade Metalized Polyester Films?

Yes, they are available in an array of designs to suit your taste and preference.

Such films are the best for wrapping purposes.

They are thin, flexible, and used to cover foodstuff tightly.

You can use either side to avoid wastage.

 food grade metalized polyester films

food grade metalized polyester film

They are cut into manageable sizes.

Also, they are made from eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic, so don’t be scared of using them on foodstuff they won’t harm you.

In addition, they are easy to use no procedure is needed.

Apart From Metalized Polyester Films; Which Other Metalized Films Are There?

We often design and test new materials, techniques and technologies hence we have all metalized films solutions.

Other than the Metalized Polyester Films we have the following metalized films:

  1. Metalized polyester film
  2. Metalized polyethylene film
  1. Metalized PEEK film
  2. Metalized BOPP film
  3. Metalized fluoropolymer film it comes with the following
  • Metalized DuPont™ Tedlar® film (PVF Film)
  • Metalized ETFE film
  • Metalized ECTFE film
  • Metalized FEP film

I know you may wish to learn more about these films – here are some useful links:

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Now, we would also like to hear from you – if you have any question or inquiry, contact us now.

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