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Looking for a trusted manufacturer to handle your non reflective tint requirements? Filiriko is your best choice. We have been trusted for over 20 years serving faithfully in the industry.

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Filiriko Non Reflective Tint

Contact us anytime you need top-quality non reflective tints. At Filiriko, you are fully guaranteed to have the best quality non reflective tints. We offer numerous options for you. Our vast expertise will surely satisfy you. Drop your inquiries now!

Our Non Reflective Tint Series

1Ply Non Reflective Tint

1Ply non reflective tint provides fade protection to SUV’s interior. It is also capable to enhance the overall look of the unit.

3M Non Reflective Tint

Choose Filiriko to handle your 3m non reflective tint requirements. We offer the best quality tints with numerous benefits to offer.

70% Clear Vision Non Reflective Tint

70% clear vision non reflective tint provides aesthetic appearance and heat control function to any SUV unit. It is customizable in sizes.

Anti Scratch Non Reflective Tint

Standard anti scratch non reflective tint has 94% glare reduction and 90% UV rejection. It is available in different colors.

Anti UV Non Reflective Tint

Anti UV non reflective tint can block up to 99% of UV rays. It is very ideal on all GPS-enabled SUVs.

Bubble Free Non Reflective Tint

Choose Filiriko to ensure bubble free non reflective tint. It provides accident safety since it can hold the broken glass when accidents occur.

High-Quality Non Reflective Tint

We produce high-quality non reflective tints for reasonable costs. It has UV resistance and improved comfort.

Non Reflective Pet Glue Tint Film

You need non reflective pet glue tint film for different vehicles to avoid skin burn and damages. It can block up to 99.9% of UV rays.

Removable Non Reflective Tint

Our removable non reflective tint can provide interior protection, increased security, and a sharper appearance. It is cheaper yet has a satisfying quality.

Why Filiriko Non Reflective Tint

Filiriko offers the biggest selections of non reflective tints for cars at a reasonable price. With our rich history, we are fully capable to satisfy your non reflective tints requirements.

Filiriko uses the most advanced manufacturing equipment to develop your non reflective tints. Please book your orders today!

Why Filiriko Non Reflective Tint

Filiriko Non Reflective Tint Video

Filiriko Non Reflective Tint Video
Non Reflective Tint Benefits

Filiriko is China’s leading non reflective tint manufacturer and supplier. You can only get here the top-quality non reflective tints, which are available in both standard and custom designs. For customization, we manufacture according to your specifications. Our main goal is to attain your trust and satisfaction.

All kinds of non reflective tints are available here. Be one of Filiriko best partners today! We will help you to skyrocket your business.

Filiriko - Your No.1 Non Reflective Tint Manufacturer in China

Non Reflective Tint Gallery

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Filiriko -Your Leading Non Reflective Tint Supplier in China

When choosing a window tint, you should consider its quality, features, advantages, and specs. At Filiriko, you can get a top-quality non reflective tint that will meet your needs. We are the most reliable non reflective tint manufacturer in China. Serving you only high-class products is our ultimate goal.

What is Non Reflective tint?

Non reflective tint provides a way to secure the car’s interior from sun damage while driving. It also improves the entire look of the vehicle. These are commonly used to help control solar glare and aesthetic reasons. When you choose Filiriko to supply your non reflective tint demands, we will give you inexpensive yet high-quality non reflective tints.

Moreover, we supply both standard and custom designs, depending on your applications.

Here are Standard Specs of Non Reflective Tint:

  • 94- Percent glare reduction
  • 47-Percent total solar energy rejection
  • 9-Percent UV A & B rejection
  • Perfect on all GPS enabled cars
  • 2Ply, 1.5mil thickness

If you find it hard to choose the right and the best one for your specific applications, we will help you by recommending the best non reflective tints. We ensure each non reflective tint we manufacture has the complete specs, quality features, and advantages you need.

Filiriko Non Reflective Tint: The Advantages

  • Accident Safety

Non reflective tint can be stick to the window and tend to hold the broken glass when an accident happens. Therefore, it can prevent dangerous shards from flying all over.

  • UV resistance

UV rays can damage the skin. If non reflective tints are installed in a vehicle, it can block up to 99.9% of the sun’s UV radiation.

  • Enhanced Comfort

After blocking the UV rays, non reflective tints can make the inside more comfortable and more relaxed.

  • Protects the interior

Not only will it damage the skin, but UV rays can also cause cracks and fade to interior materials, such as dashboards and seats. Our non reflective tints will help to avoid that.

  • Increased Privacy

The non reflective tint can make other people harder to see what is inside the car. If you have these tints, you are indeed safe.

  • Sharper Look

We make the non reflective tint that is capable of improving the entire style of the exterior.

You can have Filiriko non reflective tint with all these advantages. For competitive prices, we are glad to help you boost your brand.

Email us today! We will provide a free quotation for you.

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