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Filiriko is the best firm to manufacture your one-way window films. We produce different colors and sizes to meet your project requirements.

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Filiriko One-Way Window Films

Filiriko is a long-established one-way window films manufacturer in China. Since the beginning, Filiriko has been committed to customer satisfaction. Therefore, our material sourcing team ensures the raw materials that meet quality standards. At Filiriko, you can get durable, long-lasting, and high-quality one-way window films.

Our One Way Window Films Series

One-Way Vision Window Film

Our one-way vision window film is an ISO9001, SGS, and CE compliance. It is available in many different colors and sizes.

One-Way Perforated Vinyl Film

It is applicable for Window graphics, Glass, curtain, wall advertising, Glass panels on buildings, and Vehicle graphics.

One-Way Reflective Window Film

Our self-adhesive one-way reflective window film is made from PET materials. At Filiriko, we accept OEM and ODM services.

Dimming Window Electrochromic Glass Film

It is compost of ITO film, PET film, polymer, and liquid crystal molecules. You can get different sizes and colors.

Perforated Window Film for Glass

Our Perforated Window Film for Cars and Glass is composed of high-quality raw materials. It is available in many sizes.

Perforated Window Film for Car

The perforated window film for the car is moisture-proof. We produce outstanding designs to meet all your needs.

One Way Mirror Reflective Window Film

The window film is effectively increased the sunblock effect and reduces glare light. It also has an excellent thermal insulation effect.

Perforated One Way Vinyl Window Film

Our One Way Vinyl Window Film is waterproof. It is best for custom stickers, shipping labels, price tags, medicine, etc.

One-Way Vision Window PVC Film

Suitable for application onto acrylic, transparent glass, polycarbonate, etc. It is also great for vehicle advertisements on cars.

Why Filiriko One Way Window Films

If you require a one-way film for glass, Filiriko has a wide range to offer. We are your best provider for your one-way window film requirements. Our advanced manufacturing lines along with our skilled workers allow us to deliver your urgent orders on time. 

Being your trustworthy one-way window film manufacturer in China, we strive to give you the right product that fits your requirements.

one way window films

Filiriko One-Way Window Films Video

one way window films
one way window films

Finding suitable one-way window films is not easy at all. It would be best if you considered the expertise and capabilities of the manufacturer. In short, you need to consider Filiriko company! Filiriko is over 20 years in manufacturing one-way window films in China. We have become a leading manufacturer and provider to the most prominent companies throughout China through the years.

And now, Filiriko can export one-way window films and other film products to 100 countries. With our skilled workers and modern facilities, Filiriko can assist your needs towards your one-way window film requirements.

Filiriko - Your Premier One-Way Window Films Manufacturer in China

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Filiriko- Your Reliable One-Way Window Films Manufacturer

When privacy at home or office is essential, Filiriko recommends using one-way window films. No need to worry about where to buy the best one-way window films. Filiriko itself offers a one-way reflective window film that fits your project. 

Filiriko is over 20 years of manufacturing one-way reflective window films in China. We offer custom and standard designs. If you want our plans, you can ask our design team for assistance. We can deliver traditional one-way window films in a quicker lead time.

If you can’t find suitable one-way window films from our design, you can send us your designs or layout. We have an expert technical team to produce your product development.

What is a One-Way Reflective Window Film?

Filiriko offers the highest quality one-way reflective window film. It is a type of mirrored privacy window film. Additionally, Filiriko one-way reflective window film provides a high level of daytime privacy.

Furthermore, its reflective finish gives a one-way mirror effect of the glass when there is more light on one side than the other. During the day, when you are outside, you can’t see inside through the glass.

Applications of One-Way Reflective Window Film

  • Ground floor windows
  • Bathroom windows
  • Patio doors

One-Way Window Films Benefits

  • Suitable at blocking out glare
  • High level of reflectivity
  • An ideal treatment for windows in home offices or entertainment rooms
  • High level of daytime privacy

Filiriko is a perfect place when it comes to your one-way window film needs. We manufacture top-quality one-way window films according to your specific colors, designs, and sizes.

Custom and standard solutions are both available in Filiriko. We are your OEM and ODM manufacturer in China to support your business entirely.

Let Filiriko skyrocket your business now! Please drop us an email!

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