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Filiriko has been dedicated to the development industry for more than 20 years. We are providing different kinds of PET Films, and one we can proudly offer is PET aluminum foil.

Contact immediately and don’t hesitate to tell us about your specific PET aluminum foil requirements.

Filiriko PET Aluminum Foil

Filiriko has over 20 years of dedication in producing and exporting multiple types of PET aluminum foil. We highly offer PET aluminum foil with cost-efficient, superior quality, and more advantages to offer. Various series of PET aluminum foil with reasonable rates are always available for you. Filiriko will always be at your side when you choose us to be your PET aluminum foil manufacturer. Contact us without hesitation!

Our PET Aluminum Foil Series

Aluminum Foil Metallized PET Sheet

Aluminum foil metallized PET sheet features superb heat resistance and excellent smoothness.

Aluminum Foil PET Laminate

The aluminum foil PET laminate is a composite material comprising aluminum foil laminated. Its heat resistance and smoothness are excellent.

Anti-Fog PET Aluminum Foil

Our anti-fog PET aluminum foil is widely applicable for FPC, electric wire shields, and electronic equipment fields.

Heat Insulation PET Aluminum Foil

Heat insulation PET aluminum foil is generally useful in the flexible packaging industry. It is 100% food-grade, water-proof, water vapor resistant, etc.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil PET

We offer heavy duty aluminum foil PET that is physiologically harmless to food. It reflects UV rays, light, and heat.

PE Coated Metallized PET Film & Aluminum Foil

PE coated metallized PET film & aluminum foil are easy to recycle and fire-resistant. It is widely applicable to the food packaging industry.

PET Aluminum Foil for Flexible Packaging

We manufacture PET aluminum foil for flexible packaging applications. It comes from 99% pure aluminum. We can custom the product based on your desired thickness.

PET Laminated Mylar Aluminum Foil Tape

PET laminated mylar aluminum foil tape is available in 2 various finishes; bright finish and matte finish. We offer them at very competitive cost.

UV Resistance PET Aluminum Foil

Filiriko UV resistance pet aluminum foil is impermeable to gases and water. It is available in different thicknesses, dimensions, and more specs.

Why Filiriko PET Aluminum Foil

Filiriko is your no.1 supplier and manufacturer of PET aluminum foil in China. You can fully depend our capabilities in developing your ideal PET aluminum foil requirements. We can develop that surely reaches your standards and expectations.

All kinds of PET films, especially the PET aluminum foil is available here. We offer them at very affordable prices with qualities you’ve been wanting for. Contact us for inquiries!

PET Aluminum Foil Application

Filiriko PET Aluminum Foil Video

PET Aluminum Foil Development
PET Aluminum Foil Advantages

You can entirely rely upon Filiriko to give you the highest quality and high precision PET aluminum foil. Depending on your specific application, we can custom-make the PET aluminum foils with your ideal dimensions, thicknesses, and more.

We will suggest our PET aluminum foil for several applications, such as electronic equipment field, electric wire shield, FPC, and more. You ensure you will get superb PET aluminum foils if you prefer Filiriko! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information!

PET Aluminum Foil Supplier-Filiriko

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Filiriko- Your Outstanding PET Aluminum Foil Manufacturer

Filiriko has been committed to the industry for over 20 years. We are a China-based company, specialist in developing different kinds of PET films, including the PET aluminum foil. We manufacture PET aluminum foil with quality and standards to meet each application. It is 100% environmentally friendly and durable.

How to know if the product is PET aluminum foil?

Filiriko PET aluminum foil is created using pure aluminium material, with at least 99% aluminium content. It could be with a matte finish or a bright finish. You can use PET aluminum foil for industries like food packaging and chocolate wrapping application.

Features of Filiriko PET Aluminum Foil:

  • Superb heat resistance and smoothness
  • The thickness of about 12-20 µ
  • Owns barrier properties
  • 100% Harmless to food
  • Lightweight & water-resistant
  • UV heat protection
  • Grease and gas resistant
  • Fire-proof and recyclable

Our expert production monitoring team frequently inspects the PET aluminum foil to ensure its reliability and stability. We always make sure our PET aluminum foil obtain complete features to achieve your satisfaction. Filiriko is your best choice! We supply you with the best PET aluminum foil you deserve.

Main applications of PET Aluminum Foil in some industries:

  • In the electrical sector for its electrical and dielectric shielding properties
  • In the wine sector for aesthetic and functional purposes in the final container. It is useful in large capsules and bottle capsules
  • For packaging industries
  • For waterproofing and thermal insulation, examples are bituminous membranes, panels, cork, rock wool, etc.
  • For food industries; it helps the food stays fresh longer

Choose the most reliable manufacturer and supplier in China. In short, choose Filiriko! We have not only the organization and ability of the manufacturer, but also we have the type of raw material and advanced technology used for developing your ideal PET aluminum foil.

In China, FIliriko can guarantee the right PET aluminum foil for your application needs. Throughout 20 years of experience, we are knowledgeable and competent enough to produce your PET aluminum foil requirements.

Give us the chance to help you boost your brand. Please contact us for any doubt.

PET Aluminum Foil: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any questions about PET aluminum foil, the answer is right here.

It is because this guide covers everything you need to know about PET aluminum foil.

What Is A PET Aluminum Foil?

The manufacture of conventional aluminum foil only requires the use of light metal.

On the contrary, the PET aluminum foil uses both plastic and metal.

PET aluminum foil

PET aluminum foil

The manufacture of the PET aluminum foils involves the below main stages:

  • First, a plastic foil is manufactured.
  • Second, the plastic foil is evaporated with aluminum powder, with a minimum aluminum concentration of 99.98%.

Notably, the evaporation of the plastic foil is done in a high vacuum.

The resultant material is has a metallic shine that gives the PET aluminum foil its outstanding optical effect.

What Are The Properties of PET Aluminum Foil?

The properties of the PET aluminum foils originate from its composition, plastic, and aluminum.

The main properties include:

  • The PET aluminum foils are soft and flexible due to thermal treatment during their manufacture.
  • Also, these aluminum foils are impermeable to gases and water. However, the impermeability will depend on the thickness of the foil.
  • Compared to the normal aluminum foils, the PET aluminum foil has a higher resistance to stiffness or rust.
  • Next, the PET aluminum foils have a reflection property that makes it reflect heat, light and UV rays.

Consequently, these types of foil do not charge electronically.

  • Additionally, the PET aluminum foils are not only easy to recycle but also fire resistant.
  • It is also possible to print the PET aluminum foils to meet various packaging requirements.
  • Lastly, the PET aluminum foil is ideal for various food types including salty, alkaline, and acidic foods.

Where Can You Use A PET Aluminum Foil?

The PET aluminum foil has a wide range of applications with the main ones being:

  • Packing food substances such as biscuits, tea, dried food, candy, and chocolate.
  • A lining for various foods packages
  • Electronic packaging or insulation of power cable
  • Insulation of fiber optic cables in the telecommunication industry.
  • Creation of vapor barriers in the construction industry.
  • Insulation of various materials such as acid, heat, and light
  • As labels or stickers on various products
  • In survival products such as survival tents and blankets
  • Color coated PET aluminum foil is used for decorative purposes such as festival decoration, glitters, gift wrapping, etc.

Which Are The Quality Control Measures In The Production Of PET Aluminum Foil?

There are various quality control measures put in place to ensure that the PET aluminum foils produced are up to standard.

  • First, the center for the production of PET aluminum foils needs approval from the local government.
  • Next, the PET aluminum foils should be tested in certified laboratories such as the CNAS laboratories for Chinese manufacturers.
  • Lastly, the PET aluminum foil should undergo third-party inspection such as BV or SGS. This is usually financed by the buyer

Is There Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) For PET Aluminum Foil?

In any form of production, economies of scale are key in ensuring profitability. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) guarantees the economy of scale for the manufacturer.

Notably, most if not all of the manufacturers or suppliers will have an MOQ for their PET aluminum foils.

However, the MOQ may vary depending on the supplier or manufacturer.

Commonly, the MOQ for PET aluminum foil is measured in terms of kilogram per cubic meter (kg/m3)

How Do You Test PET Aluminum Foil?

The test methods for the PET aluminum foils differ depending on the property being tested. Below are the common test standards for various properties.

  • ASTM D646 Test Standard for the weight.
  • ASTM C1136 Test Standard for the tensile strength.
  • ASTM D774 Test Standard for the burst strength.
  • ASTM C1263 Test Standard for the temperature resistance.
  • ASTM E-96 Test Standard for water vapor permeance.

How Can I Select The Best PET Aluminum Foil?

Selecting the best PET aluminum foil will guarantee you get value for your money.

The two main considerations when selecting a PET aluminum foil are:

  • Manufacturer’s reputation and ability – Generally, we can confidently say that PET aluminum foil is as good as its manufacturer’s reputation.
  • Raw Materials – The raw materials used in the manufacture of the PET aluminum foil dictates greatly the quality of the resultant foil.

The ideal raw materials are the 1000 and 8000 series alloys.

  • Price – Although overlooked most of the time, price is key when selecting a PET aluminum foil.

The foil should not only be of superb quality, but the pricing should also be affordable.

How Much Do PET Aluminum Foil Cost?

Although the prices of PET aluminum foils might vary amongst variance manufacturers or suppliers, the variation is minimal.

Typically, PET aluminum foils prices range between USD2 and USD4; or around USD2500 per metric ton.

What Customizations Do You Offer On Your PET Aluminum Foil?

Customization helps us to meet your specific PET aluminum foil needs.

Most manufacturers offer customizations on the:

  • The thickness of the PET aluminum foil
  • Printing on the PET aluminum foil
  • The material composition of the PET aluminum foil.

customized PET aluminum foil

customized PET aluminum foil

How Thick Are PET Aluminum Foils?

We can customize the thickness of the PET aluminum foils as per your requirement.

Alternatively, there is some standard thicknesses globally used. They can be classified into two:

  • A thickness of between .0008 and .001 inches for heavy-duty PET aluminum foils.
  • A thickness of between .0011 and .0016 inches for extra heavy-duty PET aluminum foils.

You can easily measure the thickness of a PET aluminum foil using the various types of micrometers.

Do You Offer Samples For Your PET Aluminum Foils?

Yes, we do offer samples for our PET aluminum foils prior to bulk purchase. We fully understand that seeing is believing.

In line with this, we offer free samples to help you gauge the quality of our PET aluminum foils.

What Are The Various Surface Treatment Options For PET Aluminum Foils?

Surface treatment is an important aspect of the manufacture of PET aluminum foils.

They ensure that the final foil is durable and presentable.

The main surface treatment options we employ include:

  • Printing
  • Compositing
  • Embossing
  • Coating
  • Holographic impression

Which Types Of PET Aluminum Foils Are Available In The Market?

PET aluminum foils can come in either of the below types:

  • Roll
  • Sheet
  • Die Cut Piece

The various types dictate the application of PET aluminum foil. For example, a die-cut piece is usually used as a lid due to its round shape.

On the other hand, the roll and the sheet PET aluminum foils have a number of applications.

Since they come in various dimensions that are cut to size for a specific application.

Can You Print On PET Aluminum Foil?

Yes, it is possible to print on PET aluminum foil. We offer the printing customization option for most of our PET aluminum foils.

printed PET aluminum foil

printed PET aluminum foil

Typically, the printed PET aluminum foils are used as stickers for labeling or branding various products.

What Are The Benefits Of PET Aluminum Foil?

The benefits of PET aluminum foil arise from its material composition among other properties.

The major benefits of PET aluminum foil include:

  • Economically friendly – Since it is not too expensive to produce PET aluminum foils, their selling price isn’t that high.
  • Vast applications – Compared to the normal aluminum foil, the PET aluminum foil is used for a number of applications due to its superb properties.
  • High tensile strength – The PET aluminum foil has high tensile strength and does not easily tear.
  • Reuse option – Instead of simply using and disposing of, PET aluminum foil provides you with the option of reusing.
  • Environmentally friendly – PET aluminum foils have minimal carbon print, which translates to less harm to the environment.
  • Light and easy to transport – Considering the fact that PET aluminum foils are not that bulky, their transportation is a no-brainer.
  • Excellent barrier – PET aluminum foils offer exceptional protection from moisture and oxygen thus extending the lifespan of products.
  • Proved and tested – PET aluminum foils from legit manufacturers undergo vigorous testing to ascertain all the quality standards are met.

Consequently, you can be confident that the foil will serve its purpose effectively.

What Are The Limitations Of PET Aluminum Foil?

PET aluminum foils do not have many disadvantages.

However, for argument’s sake, below are the typical disadvantages:

  • MOQ – Many sight the minimum order quantity attached to aluminum foil may be slightly disadvantageous for some individuals.
  • Wrinkles – Over time, the PET aluminum foil develops wrinkles which distort its appearance.
  • Metallic Sheen – Others are not okay with the metallic sheen of the aluminum foil depending on the intended application.

How Do You Manufacture PET Aluminum Foil?

The main method of manufacturing PET aluminum foil is evaporating plastic foils with aluminum powder.

The manufacturing process is straight forward and it involves the below three main steps:

  • Transparent Foil – First, to manufacture a PET aluminum foil, you need to have a PET foil (which is the same as transparent foil).
  • Metalizing the Foil –Simply put, metalizing is the addition of the aluminum layer to the PET foil.

The resultant product after this is step is the PET aluminum foil.

  • Rewinding and Slitting – This is the last stage before the PET aluminum foil is finally packed.

In this stage, the PET aluminum foil is stretched and cut into size as per the production needs.

Is PET Aluminum Foil Same As Metalized PET?

To some extent, both are one and the same thing.

PET is a polyester or simply put, plastic. Thus, a metalized PET is a polyester metalized aluminum layer.

metalized PET

Metalized PET

The same definition can hold for a PET aluminum foil.

In both, the aluminum layer is thin and is primarily added to increase the tensile strength of the PET.

Are PET Aluminum Foil Available In Different Colors?

Yes, you can get PET aluminum foils in different colors depending on the finishing applied.

Alternatively, most manufacturers opt to add an additional color coating to the already manufactured PET aluminum foil.

Consequently, a variety of colors can be achieved for the PET aluminum foils.

colored PET aluminum foil

colored PET aluminum foil

Ideally, you can get PET aluminum foils in all the primary colors; blue, green, and red.

However, there are also other color options that are a blend of these primary colors.

Can You Recycle PET Aluminum Foil?

Just as aluminum can are 100% recyclable, the PET aluminum foils are also recyclable.

However, the catch is that PET aluminum foils can be rejected for recycling by recycling centers if they have food materials.

Advisably, if you need your PET aluminum foil to be recycled, ensure that you clean it before disposing it into the recyclable bin.

Alternatively, you can opt to reuse the PET aluminum foil.

Here are some great ideas for reusing your aluminum foil:

  • Scrubbing off grease from your utensils.
  • Protecting your garden by putting the PET aluminum foil around the plant’s base to keep off pests and insects.
  • Wrapping moisture-sensitive items (such as a matchbox) when you are out camping.
  • Protecting your silverware from deteriorating.
  • Get rid of static cling in the dryer.

What Are The Features Of Aluminum Foil Laminated With PET Film?

Aluminum foil laminated with PET film is mostly used in flexible packaging applications.

Thus, a foil is combined with a compatible PET film to complement each other and meet the packaging requirements.

Some key features of this type of aluminum foil include:

  • It has a standard thickness of 0.05 – 0.007mm.
  • Good barrier property
  • Lightproof
  • Puncture proof
  • Tear-resistant
  • Superb resistance to Ba-type sterilization

How Do You Customize PET Aluminum Foil?

We are driven by the need to meet the need of our clients.

As such we do offer customization as per your requirements.

All you have to do is to reach out to us with your requirements and we will revert with how feasible your customization requests are.

Alternatively, you can contact us to chart a way forward on what type of PET aluminum foil you need and your preferable specifications.

Are PET Aluminum Foil Suitable For Food Products?

Definitely yes, PET aluminum foils are food standard and do not contaminate the food products wrapped or packed with them.

If the statistic is anything to go by, the food industry heavily relies on the various types of aluminum foils due to the below main properties:

  • Barrier properties which include gas and light barrier
  • Good Hygienic characteristics

How Does PET Aluminum Foil Compare To PP Aluminum Foil?

The main difference between the two foil types is in their composition.

From their names, the PET aluminum foil contains polyester while the PP aluminum foil has polypropylene.

All these compounds (polyester and polypropylene) are the coating compounds.

PP aluminum foil

PP aluminum foil

However, the similarity between these two foils is that the primary material is aluminum.

Consequently, the two foil types can be used interchangeably.

However, PP aluminum foil has more vigorous applications than PET aluminum foil.

Which Types Of PET Aluminum Foils Are Available?

Diversity is important in order to cater to various applications.

As such there are different types of PET aluminum foils with the main ones being:

  • Anti-fog PET Aluminum Foil – These types of foil prevent fogging despite the humidity or the temperature condition.

Additionally, they hold the anti-fog property regardless of how long they have been in use.

  • Heat Insulated PET Aluminum Foil – This type of PET foil is specially designed to restrain the heat from the product it is covered with.
  • Heavy Duty PET Aluminum Foil – The main application of this foil type is in the agricultural industry.

It is used in packaging to prevent moisture, dust, and stand.

Maritime transport also employs heavy-duty PET aluminum foil.

  • UV Resistant PET Aluminum Foil – The UV resistant PET aluminum foil has a more reflective outer surface so as to reflect UV rays.

Is There Difference Between PET Aluminum Foil And PET Aluminum Film?

Below are the main differences between the PET aluminum foil and aluminum film:

Feature PET Aluminum Foil PET Aluminum Film
Material Pure aluminum atom Polyester with a thin layer of aluminum atoms
Density Around 2.7g/cm3 Around 1.4g/cm3
Barrier Property Superb barrier due to large aluminum concentration Average barrier
Tear property Difficult to tear apart Easy to tear apart
Temperature Not easily shrink in high temperatures When the temperature goes past 1600C it will start to shrink
Folding lines Folding lines are easily visible Folding lines are not easily visible
Cost Costs more compared to PET aluminum foil Costs less compared to PET aluminum foil

PET aluminum film

PET aluminum film

Does PET Aluminum Foil Have Different Layers?

PET aluminum foil can have as many as five (5) layers.

The number of layers determines various properties of the aluminum foil including:

  • Barrier property
  • Tear property
  • Temperature and abrasive tolerance
  • Density

Below are some typical layers that a PET aluminum foil will have:

  1. The base layer which contains the PET film
  2. The second layer is made up of a release coat for stripping function
  3. Pigment coat layer which gives out the color effects
  4. The aluminum coat layer has ornamentation and reflective role.
  5. Last, is the adhesive coat that performs the agglutination function

Depending on your unique requirements and specifications, we offer a range of PET aluminum foils including PET films, PPF film, window tint film, and car window tint.

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