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Filiriko manufactures extraordinary PET films. We engage in producing a comprehensive range of PET film products. You can get strong and superior PET films at Filiriko. We offer PET film at reasonable rates.

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Filiriko PET Films

Filiriko is an expert PET film producer and supplier. We have a broad range of PET films for your choice. If you need a superior PET film, Filiriko is the ideal option for you. We have specialized in fabricating different ideas of PET film. With decades of experience, we are proud to present and offer our PET film in other countries nationwide. You can send us your PET film desires!

Our PET Films Series

Blue PET Films

The blue PET films function of low adhesion and anti-static. Suitable for surface protection of metal, plastics, electronics, household appliances, and other applications.

PET Films for T-Shirt Printing

The PET films for T-shirt printing are made of high-quality PET materials and featuring a high-temperature resistance. Customizable with your desires dimensions and colors.

Transparent PET Films

A transparent pet film is suitable in a wide range of applications such as screen printing, graphics, plate making, and other print design applications.

Waterproof Pet Films

The waterproof PET films feature superb high-resolution, good ink absorption, and instant dry. OEM and customized services are available.

Clear Pet Films

Clear PET films are environmentally friendly. It has an attractive and professional appearance making them ideal in various printing applications.

Scratch-Resistant PET Films

The scratch-resistant PET films are not easy to scratch and have stable colors. They are easy to cut and have no edge crack. Available in different dimensions and sizes.

Heat Transfer PET Films

Our heat transfer PET films have no damage during the process and have high-impact strength. Comes with different thickness and its surface is stable.

PET Laminating Films

PET laminating films featuring high-gloss, moisture-proof, chemical resistant, and safe to use. Available at affordable and friendly rates that are suitable for your budget.

PET Protective Films

The PET protective films have tensile strength, excellent clarity, and chemical resistance. Perfect for protecting any devices and other valuable things.

Why Filiriko PET Films

If PET film is your concern,  Filiriko is your ultimate solution. We are one of the professional and expert PET film manufacturers here in China. We keep maintaining our good reputation while exceeding customer’s standards. At Filiriko, you can rest assured that our products are high-quality and have superior stability.

Filiriko PET film has the best features and desirable characteristics. We manufacture PET fil using the finest raw materials and the best methods. Filiriko can customize PET film according to your specifications. Check our PET film selection!

PET Films

Filiriko PET Films Video

PET Films Installation
PET Films Video

If you are seeking reliable and outstanding PET films, Filiriko is the best place to count. We can recommend you the right film materials that are suitable for your applications. We can provide an excellent PET film with the best appearance and professional surface.

Filiriko can fabricate solid and extraordinary PET films. Our PET films meet international standards. When you have specific details for your PET film requirements, we can make them for you. You can trust and rely on us!

PET Films

Filiriko- Your Reliable PET Films Manufacturer

Filiriko is the leading manufacturer of PET films and other films. We have an innate capacity to produce an excellent PET film with professional design. As an expert manufacturer, we obtain the best reputation, and we always maintain our good name by supplying desirable products.

What is PET Films?

The PET films are commonly used for industrial laminations and electrical insulations. It is manufactured from the finest PET materials ensuring a long time of usage. Moreover, the PET films perform with outstanding strength, allowing them to sustain during the process.

Filiriko PET film will let you have the best output. This is very popular in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including:

  • Laminating
  • Tipping
  • Sheeting
  • Packaging, etc.

The Main Features and Characteristics of Filiriko PET Films

  • Color stability
  • Easy to cut
  • High-durability
  • High impact strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • High transparency 
  • Chemical resistance
  • Good weather resistance 

Whether you need a high-quality PET film, you are in the right place. Filiriko devoted to manufacturing and producing PET films. We use the best technique, methods, and advanced equipment, ensuring the best quality of our products.

Filiriko is one of the reliable partners for your PET film needs. As your number 1 supplier, we can provide you a professional and on-time solution. We understand the customer’s part that’s why we always give an excellent and superior service.

We offer different types of PET films such as PET laminating films, PET heat transfer films, scratch-resistant PET films, clear PET films, and many more. They are available from different thicknesses depending on the customer’s needs.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and as of that, you can guarantee gratifying and wholehearted services from our friendly staff. Aside from PET films, we also manufacture solar film tint, window tint film, car window tint, PPF film, and so much more.

You can send us your ideal PET film. If you need more detail or information, please get in touch with us directly!

PET Films: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before importing PET films from China, read this guide.

It has all information about PET films – take a look.

What Are PET Films?

PET films

PET Films

This is a versatile plastic with many applications.

PET films are crystal clear thermoplastics which are high-performance films.

They are manufactured from ethylene glycol and dimethyl terephthalate.

Then made into thick sheets through an extrusion and after this, they are biaxially stretched.

The properties of the two above make the film have extremely good qualities in comparison to common plastic films.

What Is PET Film Used For?

The PET film is used in the production of plastic bottles.

These bottles are widely used for the packaging of soft drinks.

When you use them for packaging alcoholic drinks, an additional polyvinyl alcohol layer is sandwiched in to prevent oxygen permeability.

You also use the PET film in the form of biaxially oriented PET.

You can aluminize this by evaporating a thin layer of metal onto the film.

This reduces its permeability and also gives it a reflective quality.

Then the PET film has these qualities it makes it useful in multiple spheres that include food packaging and thermal insulation.

You can also use the PET film in form of a non-oriented PET.

This film can be thermoformed to produce packaging trays which can be used for frozen dinners if you use crystallizable PET film.

Which Types Of PET Films Are There?

Types of PET films

Types of PET Film

There are various types of PET films as mentioned below.

When you classify them according to the materials and process of production we have;

  • Biaxially oriented PET film; is made of bright material and is a high-end film

The material is first dried, melted, extruded and cast and finally stretched horizontally and vertically.

This film property is high tensile strength, excellent rigidity, high gloss as well as a wide range of uses.

  • Uniaxially stretched PET film; this film is made from semi-dull material.

The material is dried, then melted, extruded, cast and finally stretched longitudinally.

This PET film has the lowest grade and also its price is cheaper compared to other PET films.

You will mainly use this PET film in the packaging of pharmaceutical tablets.

Since this type of PET film is not commonly used, it is mostly not produced on large scale.

You can also classify your PET films according to their quality.

The best quality PET films are referred to as grade A and will account for around 98% of products sold by those who manufacture them.

The grade B PET films will account for only 2% or 3% of products sold.

The grade C is termed as substandard products and these cannot be sold in any circulation field.

Are There Clear PET Films?

Clear PET film

Clear PET film

The PET film market has different types of films depending on where they will be applicable.

Yes, there are clear PET films available in the market.

The surface of this type of PET film is smooth on both sides and transparent.

The film is tough and mostly used for optical applications because of its ability to hold colour and clarity.

You will use clear PET films in applications such as lamination, production of face shields and a variety of graphic arts applications.

Also, clear PET films are used in places where cleanliness and sterilization are vital.

What Are The Applications For PET Films?

You can use PET films in both food and nonfood film applications.

This simply means the films can be used in medical packaging, plastic wrap, in the microwave as well as protective coatings like safety window films.

You can also use them for packaging under the FDA regulations due to their high chemical resistance, low odour as well as inertness.

The PET film can be used as aroma barrier film when you are packaging coffee and tobacco.

This is because the film is sometimes metallized by the vapour deposition of metals and this improves the barrier against oxygen, aroma loss and water.

How Does Clear PET Film And Opaque PET Film Compare?

 Opaque PET film

Opaque PET film

 Clear PET film

Clear PET film

Clear PET film as the name suggests it is transparent in appearance.

Whereas the opaque PET film is whitish with low transparency.

For the opaque PET film, it is easy to print on it and words or pictures printed on it are very visible due to the whitish or milky background that they have.

On the other hand, you can print on the clear PET film but the visibility of the wordings is not as clear as that on the opaque PET film.

How Do You Test The Quality Of PET Films?

When it comes to testing the quality of PET films, some of their most important properties are put to test.

If the properties are up to the standard, then it means that your PET film is of good quality.

Those properties areas listed below;

The melting point should be relatively high to make it suitable for applications that will require the film to undergo high-temperature sterilization.

Mechanical properties; if the PET film has excellent mechanical properties this means it is of good quality.

This means that the strength and toughness of the film are at their best compared to other thermoplastics.

Also, your PET film should have extremely good UV resistance, the best optical clarity and good gas barrier properties for it to be termed as a high-quality PET film.

When you are testing the quality of your PET film, ensure that it has good chemical resistance.

This means that it is not going to react with any chemicals to form another product.

This is important if you are going to use the film in food packaging.

A high-quality PET film has excellent chemical resistant properties.

How Does PET Films Compare To Polyester Films?

Polyester is a general term used to describe polymers formed by polyhydric alcohol and polybasic acid.

PET film is obtained from transesterification between polyethene terephthalate and ethylene glycol.

This simply means that the PET is also polyester.

So when you use PET for bottles and containers you call it PET film.

But when you use it as fibre, ii typically becomes a polyester film.

How Is PET Film Packaged?

The PET film is either packaged in sheets or rolls depending on where it is going to be used.

The PET is packaged in sheets on specific dimensions if the customer asks the manufacturer to do so.

Therefore, for the PET films that are packaged in sheets that simply means that they are custom made to fit the customer’s preferences.

In most cases, it is packaged in roles of specific dimensions that are easy to transport.

 Plain PET film rolls

Plain PET film rolls

 What Is The Process Of Making PET Films?

The PET film is produced by polymerization of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol.

In the manufacturing process, polyester chips are fed in a heated extruder and the molten PET is extruded onto a roll that is chilled.

The chill roll will quench the PET film into its amorphous state.

Using a process known as drawing, you biaxially orient the PET film.

The sequential process is the most common process of doing this.

Whereby, first you draw your film in the material direction using heated rollers.

After this, you subsequently draw them in a transverse direction.

After finishing the drawing process, you crystallize the film under tension in the oven at temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius.

By doing so, you prevent the film from shrinking back to its original upstretched shape hence locking in the molecular orientation of the film plane.

 PET film manufacturing process

PET film manufacturing process

Which Is The Ideal Thickness For PET Films?

The thickness of PET films depends on where the film will be used.

For PET films used for electrical insulation, the ideal thickness is around 50 microns.

For PET films used capacitor, films are around 6 microns.

Generally, the most common PET film available in the market and that is thought to have the ideal thickness is one of 50 microns.

Is PET Film Environmental Friendly?

The PET film is fully recyclable and this makes it a highly sustainable material.

When you recycle the PET film, it has a lower carbon footprint when you compare it to one that’s a virgin PET.

By doing so it means you have converted post-consumer waste into a very valuable resource.

Since your PET film can be 100% recycled, this automatically makes it environment friendly.

This is because you will not have a lot of wastes from it meaning instead of dumping it you will convert it into a useful product.

Does PET Films Conduct Heat?

In most cases, PET films are used as insulating materials.

This simply means that they have no procedures for conducting heat.

However, this does not mean that all PET films do not conduct heat.

We have some PET films that are designed for use in heat transfer.

These PET films are designed to withstand very high temperatures and have a high thermal conductivity

How Much Does PET Film Cost?

The cost of PET film is not constant and it differs depending on the quality, the thickness and the type of the film.

Biaxially PET films are generally higher priced compared to uniaxially oriented PET films.

This is because the biaxially oriented PET film is of higher quality compared to the other.

Besides, the price will range from around 1 US dollar per kilogram to up to around 40 US dollars.

The PET films that are expensive are of excellent quality hence the price.

How Do You Specify PET Films For Any Application?

There are different types of PET films available in the market that have different applications.

The appearance and texture of the PET film will give you the direction on where it is applicable.

For those that are opaque, it means that they are suitable for printing hence you use them to package items that need instructions to be printed on them.

The clear PET you will use them where clarity is a top priority.

What Are The Benefits Of PET Films?

Have excellent moisture and water resistance hence the best fit for packaging mineral water and other carbonated soft drinks.

The PET films are recyclable, this means you can re-use them or change them to another form and still use it.

This makes the PET films very environmentally friendly since they reduce the need for new raw materials and also lessen the energy output for manufacturing.

The PET films are chemically inert, meaning they are not reactive hence this property makes them very suitable for use in food packaging.

Also, this helps the PET film to benefit from the application of different chemical treatments for specific uses.

The PET film offers a high level of stability in terms of heat stabilization.

This will offer low shrinkage in any type of environment hence retaining its original form when exposed to extreme conditions.

The PET films provide excellent optical clarity and this is beneficial when it comes to covering important documents such as identification cards.

Also, the arrays of textures and finishes available will depend on the needs of the user.

Can You Print On PET Films?

Printing PET film

Printing on PET film

Manufacturers produce different types of PET films.

Some PET films are designed specifically to be printable.

This simply means that not all PET films are printable because they come in different grades.

The printable PET films will require you to use specific methods that are particular to the chemical properties of the film.

Most PET films that are printable are those that can conduct heat since most of the printing methods used require heat transfer.

Which Factors Should You Consider When Buying PET Films?

When you want to buy PET films it is important that you consider their properties and if it is suitable for the application your intent to use it on.

The following factors are ones you should take into consideration when buying PET films.

  • Tensile stress; the PET film should have very high tensile strength.

This is the strength that is required to break the PET film.

You should always buy a PET film that is rigid and does not deform or break when under pressure.

  • Chemical resistance; always ensure that you buy a chemically inert PET film.

This simply means that it is resistant to chemicals and chemical reactions making it neutral and suitable for use in any chemical environment.

Since your PET film is chemical resistant, it makes it suitable for use in food packaging.

  • Electrical insulation; the PET films have excellent mechanical stress and are also resistant to most oils and solvents used in transformers.

This characteristic should be put in mind if you are buying a PET film to be used in places where electrical insulation is needed.

With these properties, you are guaranteed excellent insulation in your transformer.

  • Thermal stability; you should ensure that your PET film is thermally stable.

By this, it means that it should not conduct heat unless required to do so.

Also if your PET film is thermally stable, you will not have shrinkage happening to it.

  • High-temperature resistance; always buy a PET film with very high-temperature resistance.

This will ensure that you can use the PET film in high-temperature places and you are guaranteed that it will not melt.

  • Flatness; always ensure that your PET film has excellent flatness.

Flatness is the most important quality of the PET film as it refers to high planarity and also means a low tendency for bulges and saggy areas.

Also, the flatness ensures that processes like printing and coating are not impaired.

When your PET film has bad flatness, it is classified as a scrap production since you will have uneven heat conduction and cooling on guide rollers.

Also, you will end up with bad thickness in profile distribution as well as different extrusion strips.

  • Clarity; your PET film should have high optical clarity.

This is very important especially when you buy it cover and secure important documents like identification cards and display materials.

The clarity will make your documents visible and also the film will secure them from damage.

Why Should You Import PET Films From China?

It is advisable to import your PET films from China simply because it has been in the PET film manufacturing industry for a long hence are experienced.

Being experienced, simply means that they produce very high-quality PET films that are up to standards.

Also, when you import your PET films from china you are assured of on-time delivery since they have trusted shipping partners.

This ensures that your packages will arrive on time with no delays.

Also, most Chinese PET manufacturing companies will give you free samples before they confirm your order.

With multiple choices, you will be able to choose the best product for your business.

What Is The MOQ For PET Films?

The minimum order quantity of PET films is dependent on the manufacturer and also the type of your PET film.

For the plain PET films and most PET films, the minimum order quantity is around 100- 500 kilograms.

Other types of PET films might have a minimum order quantity slightly less or more than the mentioned MOQ above.

Are There Metalized PET Films?

Metalized PET film

Metalized PET film

Yes, you can get a metalized PET film in the market.

A metalized PET film is a polyester film that is metallized using aluminium powder.

The metalized PET film has higher tensile stress and the production cost is lower.

The metalized PET film has a highly reflective surface that one can use to create an attractive optical effect in packaging.

This also creates a barrier against electromagnetic radiation.

Is PET Film Scratch Resistant?

The manufacturer designs the PET film depending on its use and application.

Most PET films manufacturer to offer protective purposes are scratch-resistant.

This does not mean that all PET films are resistant to scratch.

The high-quality clear PET films used as phone screen protectors have a high anti-scratch-resistant layer.

Is There Difference Between PET Films And PET Roll?

The difference between the PET film and the PET roll is the quantity.

Also, the film is in a lesser amount than the roll.

The PET film is packaged in rolls for ease of transportation hence the name PET roll.

In terms of properties and the materials used in production, there is no major difference they are the same thing.

What Is The Recommended PET Film Packaging Process?

The best and the most recommended PET film packaging process is rolling.

Besides, the process ensures that the PET films are packaged into desired rolls of the manufacturers’ preference.

In the rolling process, low friction control-related equipment is used where the PET film is rolled such that it is in a cylindrical appearance.

This packaging method makes it easy for one to transport the films.

How Does BoPET Compare To PET Films?

They possess the very best properties in terms of durability, toughness and processability.

The polycarbonate film will offer you an inbuilt resistance to abrasion and you don’t need the assistance of a hard coat.

Whereas the PET film will require you to hard coat it for it to withstand normal use.

When you compare the two in terms of flammability, the polycarbonate film is regarded as flame resistant.

For the PET film, it doesn’t present any significant flammability hazards hence when you place it under suitable conditions it will burn.

The appearance of the two is quite notable.

The polycarbonate film is thicker and its finishes and textures are in a wider range compared to that of the PET film.

Also, the polycarbonate film is more clear in higher thickness compared to the PET film hence allowing it to have more vibrant colours.

The PET film is more chemical resistant compared to the polycarbonate film.

Also, the degree of chemical resistance of the polycarbonate film is limited to a certain level hence less desirable for use in harsh environmental conditions.

The PET films are more durable and last longer compared to polycarbonate films.

What Is Crystallizable PET?

A crystallizable PET is one with an innovative label that will increase the sustainability of your PET  film packaging by improving its recyclability.

At the container, the grinding stage is where your PET film label separates with the ink.

You can make this separation at almost all label separation processors in the market today.

The ink will cleanly separate as particulate hence the label film is reused with PET film flake and this increases bale yields for those who want to reclaim.

You can print the label using the gravure method or any method using UV flexo.

Can You Coat PET Films?

Yes, one can coat the PET films.

By coating the PET film, you add an aesthetic that is very useful when you are using the film for flexible packaging.

The coating will also change the characteristics of the PET film and this makes it more useful for many applications.

We have a range of PET films including PET laminating film, PET transfer film, PET shrink film, and PET protective film, amongst others.

For all your PET films from China, contact us now.

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