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Filiriko is manufacturing and producing PET shrink film offering affordable prices. We can help you save money while you can get high standards PET shrink film. We professionally export PET transfer film to over 100 countries around the world.

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Filiriko PET Shrink Film

Filiriko is an experienced PET shrink film manufacturer and supplier for more than 20 years. We have complete selections from sizes, textures, features, and more options suitable for your final applications. You can send your ideal PET shrink film designs. We ensure to meet your special request to help your run your expandable business and meet your project needs. We have listed samples and other PET shrink film ideas below. Message us now!

Our PET Shrink Film Series

0.2mm PET Shrink Film

You can get rolled PET shrink films at 0.2mm sizes. It is also customizable available in different temperatures and coatings.

0.05mm PET Shrink Film

We widely supply 0.05mm PET shrink films applicable for small labeling applications. Available in customized and non-customized.

35 Micron PET Shrink Film

You can choose 335 micron PET shrink films most suitable for various sizes labels. Custom colors, thickness, prints, and more are available.

Custom PET Shrink Film

We can custom your PET shrink films according to your project’s special needs from thickness, prints, and more for the label.

Laminated PET Shrink Film

Send your desired quantity and various selections of laminated PET shrink films. It has a great ability to support a lot of applications and labeling.

Moisture Proof PET Shrink Film

Our PET shrink films are designed with moisture-proof ability to provide full protection. Available in various colors and transparency.

Opaque PET Shrink Film

You can choose the opaque types of PET shrink films. Manufacture with different measurements and features easier to make.

PET Heat Shrink Film

Choose various hardness selections and types. It has great transparency applicable labeling available in different customizations.

Transparent PET Shrink Film

If looking for durable labels for any of your project and business purposes, Filiriko is supplying transparent PET shrink films.

Why Filiriko PET Shrink Film

Choosing the right PET shrink film manufacturer and supplier in China is not easy. You need to be vigilant to find the best one. Filirkiko is an experienced company providing effective services and complete solutions in more than 20 years in the field. We provide various PET shrink film selections from thickness, features, and more options to consider when handling a project.

Filiriko is handling strict quality control and provides the most needed space, high-tech machines, skilled manufacturing staff, and more. We assure to provide the finest PET shrink film ensuring on-time deliveries and secured shipments and packaging. Send your inquiries!

PET Shrink Film

Filiriko PET Shrink Film

PET Shrink Film
PET Shrink Film


Filiriko PET shrink films are suitable for your business needs. Perfect support for projects, retail and wholesale business, and more purposes. Filiriko is manufacturing PET shrink film using high-tech and modern machines with convenient plant areas. We have great product lines supported by our hardworking manufacturing staff.

As an expert company, Filiriko has a great ability to produce effective and durable PET shrink film. Long life, perfect for different weather conditions. Send your details now!

PET Shrink Film

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Filiriko- Your Reliable PET Shrink Film Manufacturer

Are you looking for the most affordable but highest-quality PET shrink films in China? We engage in producing PET shrink films and other types of films for various applications.

Filiriko PET shrink films are available in plenty of selections from measurements, features, colors, and more. It has great durability and cost-effectiveness that provides perfect benefits and advantages to your final applications. PET shrink films are applied with heat transfer to fit your bottle and other ideal applications. It has a variety of uses like wrapping foods, boxes, toys, books, soaps, and more labeling.

Filiriko PET shrink films are widely supplied in factories and other products like packaging film, logistics film, food packaging, and labeling, medicine film, and more applications. Filiriko is a professional company that assures the best quality PET shrink films offer at a very reasonable price.

PET Shrink Films Characteristics:

  • Soft hardness
  • Attractive and anti-color aging
  • Stable at different temperatures
  • Various materials available
  • Different wrapping capabilities
  • Easier heat transfer films
  • Moisture resistant

Filiriko will assure you of complete PET shrink films details to help you know what is the right PET shrink films applications. We proudly offer great durability for bottle labeling, plastic, glass, and more. Easier to fabricate and easier to custom the prints, colors, shapes, measurements, and more.

We ensure PET shrink films and other related products development that will help you match your requirements. We can pay attention to our PET shrink films quality that proudly offers great capabilities and advantages.

PET Shrink Film Advantages:

  • Long life span
  • Great durability and cost-effectiveness
  • Heat resistant and water-resistant features
  • Provide various colors and suitable for custom purposes
  • Adheres packaging assortment

Filiriko PET shrink films have different specifications from different thicknesses, widths, shrinkage, and more. It has 40 microns to 50 microns, about 500 to 2000mm width, high and medium shrinkage, and is more applicable for beverages labels, and sleeves.

Filiriko is a professional PET shrink films manufacturer and supplier for more than 20 years. We provide a higher percentage of PET shrink films that we have become popular worldwide. We can reach over 100 countries around the world popular in many countries and regions.

Whether you need PET shrink films for personal or distribution purposes, Filiriko will be your amazing partner and producer. We offer long-term connections which help your easier process for the next purchase.

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PET Shrink Films: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are looking for any information about PET shrink films, you will find it right.

This guide covers everything you need to know about PET shrink films including features, quality, surface finishes, use, printing technique to thickness, just to mention a few.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Is Heat Shrink Film?

This is a material that contains a polymer plastic film.

When you apply heat on it, it tightly shrinks to whatever it is covering.

heat shrink film

heat shrink film

You can use this heat shrink film to cover and wrap gifts boxes, foods, and soaps

What Are PET Shrink Films?

This shrink film is manufactured from polyethylene terephthalate.

The PET shrink film will combine both high strength and density to give a high-quality option.

Also, the PET shrink film is the best scratch resistance film and has high heat resistance options.

PET shrink film

PET shrink film

In addition, it has the best shrinkage and gloss performance compared to other shrink films.

Where Can You Use PET Shrink Films?

The PET shrink films due to their characteristics can be used in various industries but majorly the packaging industries.

You can use PET shrink films for food and industrial packaging.

Also, PET shrink films are used for medical packaging.

Adding to that, the PET shrink film can be used in packaging premium products as well as usually shaped containers.

Why Use PET Shrink Films?

The PET shrink film is optically excellent meaning the clarity of the film enables eye-catching graphics when printed on.

The PET film is dimensionally stable and has a uniform thickness hence great processability.

Adding to that, the PET shrink film is a high-performance film meaning you can work with it well in printing and labeling processes.

The film also maintains its profile that gives out an excellent finished product in post-processing.

When stored or transported at room temperature, the film does not shrink hence saving on cooling bills and special transport.

When used at high processing temperatures, it remains stable because it is a high-temperature resistant film.

Do PET Shrink Films Have Limitations?

Just like any product, the PET shrink film has its limitations.

The PET film has a low shrink rate of about 20% compared to other shrink films.

Also, the PET shrink film is not very clear compared to other shrink films.

When you compare the cost of the PET shrink film, it is more expensive compared to other shrink film meaning it has a high cost of production.

Is There Recommended Thickness Of PET Shrink Films?

Shrink films are available in different thicknesses for specific use.

The best and most recommended thickness of a PET shrink film is between 40 and 50 microns.

What Are Available Sizes Of PET Shrink Films?

The PET shrink film is packaged in rolls.

These rolls are available in different sizes depending on where you are going to use them.

The estimated size of the rolls is majorly 20 inches and above in width.

Whereas, the length of most PET shrink film is around 4000 meters per roll.

Are There Custom PET Shrink Films?

You can get custom-made PET shrink films in the market.

Most of them are manufactured according to the customer’s precision.

custom PET shrink film

custom PET shrink film

Also, the PET shrink films are customized depending on where they will be used.

Which Features Should You Consider In PET Shrink Films?

You should ensure your PET shrink film has good clarity and transparency.

Also, your PET shrink film should have excellent mechanical properties.

You should always check your PET shrink film shrinkage rate to know where you can use it.

Also, check your PET shrink film thermal properties that will suit where you want to use it.

Which Types Of PET Shrink Films Are Available?

  • Laminated PET shrink film; this is a result of corona treatment of the PET shrink film.
  • This film has very good heat sealability hence the best option for lamination.
  • Moisture-proof PET shrink film; the moisture-proof PET shrink film is mostly used in the packaging of foods and pharmaceutical products.

It does not allow the entrance of water or moisture into the packaged product hence not contaminating it and preventing it from spoiling.

  • Opaque PET shrink film; the opaque is a result of printing treatment on the surface of the PET shrink film.

Since it is opaque, it makes it easy for printing on the PET shrink fil, and the characters printed are very visible.

  • Transparent PET shrink film; these are very clear PET shrink films.

They have very high clarity and this enables customers to understand the packaged product more clearly.

How Do You Test Quality Of PET Shrink Films?

The quality of the PET shrink film is found by checking the shrink percentage and shrink force.

  • Shrink percentage; you determine this by immersing the PET shrink film in an oil bath at a chosen temperature.

You are supposed to monitor the shrink percentage in the machine and transverse direction as a function of time.

  • Shrink force; here the test sample is attached to a load cell and then placed in a hot oven briefly, it is then cooled at room temperature.

You are supposed to record the force that builds up during the shrinking of the material.

How Does PVC Shrink Film Compare To PET Shrink Film?

The PVC shrink film is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride while PET shrink film is from polyethylene terephthalate.

From the statement above, we get a clear comparison of the two in terms of material used in manufacturing them.

PVC shrink film

PVC shrink film

Both PET shrink film and PVC shrink film have good thermoforming characteristics.

The PET shrink film has a higher thermal conductivity compared to the PVC shrink film.

Therefore, you will require less energy to mold the PET shrink film in thermoforming than when doing the same for the PVC shrink film.

It is easier for one to recycle the PET shrink film compared to the PVC shrink film.

This is because the PET regrinds can be turned into sheets easily compared to the PVC regrinds which are more expensive and hard to use.

What Makes PET Shrink Films Different From Normal PET Films?

The PET shrink film will tightly shrink and cover an object if heat is applied to it, unlike the normal PET film that does not have shrinkage properties.

Normal PET films

Normal PET films

The PET shrink films have a very high strength-to-weight ratio compared to the normal PET films.

Which Surface Finishes Can You Use On PET Shrink Films?

There are different types of surface treatments that can be used on the PET shrink films that are;

  • Surface coating; you use chemicals to coat the surface of the film and this increases the surface tension as well as changes the surface characteristics.
  • Corona treatment;

This is a discharge treatment to the surface of the film using a high voltage electric charge to achieve the purpose of making the surface energy and strength stronger.

  • Printing treatment; here you use chemicals to change the surface characteristics of your PET shrink film to make it suitable for ink printing.

Is PET Shrink Film Eco-friendly?

The PET shrink films are recyclable.

This means you can reuse them and also after use they can be taken back to the manufacturer and be remanufactured.

This helps to ensure that you do not require raw materials to come up with a PET shrink film but you can make use of the old one to come up with a new film.

By doing so, the cost and energy required to manufacture the film are decreased.

Also, it means that you will not have to dump them into the environment making them eco-friendly.

Can You Recycle PET Shrink Film?

Yes, the PET shrink film can be recycled.

This means you can use the already used PET shrink film as your raw material.

It will save on the cost of buying raw materials and also makes them environmentally friendly as dumping is reduced.

Which Industries Use PET Shrink Film?

Most industries use PET shrink film for wrapping and packaging.

  • In food industries; the PET shrink film is used since it helps remove oxygen contact from the food.

By doing so, food fermentation does not occur and reduces food waste.

  • In medical industries; PET shrink films are used to help seal caps of pharmaceutical products.

Also, they offer the ability to detect tampering if any on medicinal products.

  • Electronic industries; the PET shrink film here is used for abrasion resistance as well as environmental protection to exposed electrical components.

Also, the PET shrink film is used to package electrical products.

  • Hardware industries; here you use the PET shrink film to detect and detour tampering on hardware products.

Also, the PET shrink film is used to bundle multiple hardware products together.

How Does POF Shrink Film Compare To PET Shrink Film?

The POF shrink film uses linear low-density polyethylene as an intermediate layer and the inner and outer layers are polypropylene.

There is a great difference in terms of materials used to manufacture the POF shrink film and PET shrink film.

The POF shrink film has very high transparency, small corners, and thin sealing lines while the PET shrink film has low transparency a thick seal.

POF shrink film

POF shrink film

There is a need for outer packaging of the POF shrink film but for the PET shrink film you don’t need to outer package it.

The PET shrink film is mostly used for beverage packaging whereas the POF shrink film is suitable for both manual and high-speed packaging and suitable for packaging multiple items.

How Do You Package PET Shrink Film?

The PET shrink films are packaged in rolls.

Besides, the reason why they are packaged in rolls is that the rolls will hold a large quantity of the film and occupy little space.

This reduces the overall packaging and transportation costs.

In doing so, the transportation energy consumption is reduced as well as exhaust emissions that pollute the environment are reduced.

Are PET Shrink Films Suitable For Food Packaging?

The PET shrink film is safe for food packaging making them suitable.

The shrink films are not only safe for food packaging but they are also FDA approved.

For this reason, you will find that most food producers use film packaging from meat to vegetables.

Also, the PET shrink film is chemical resistant meaning it is chemically inert hence will not react to form another chemical.

This means that if you use it to package food, your food is safe from chemical poisoning and will not have a chemical reaction with the PET shrink film.

Is PET Shrink Film Same As PETG Film?

The PET shrink film is not the same as the PETG film.

Again, this is because of their property composition.

The PET shrink film is manufactured from polyethylene terephthalate while the PETG is from polyethylene terephthalate glycol.

The addition of glycol to form the PETG shrink film changes its form completely and creates a new kind of plastic that is more flexible and also reduces the rate of moisture absorption.

PETG film

 PETG shrink films

Also, the normal PET shrink film becomes brittle due to crystallization but the glycol in the PETG helps remove the hazing effect.

The addition of the glycol to form PETG film makes the exterior of the film softer compared to that of the PET shrink film.

Hence making the exterior of a printout softer at the same time providing an easy grip.

Can You Use PET Shrink Film with Other Plastic Materials?

The PET shrink film can be used with other plastic materials.

This is through for example wrapping plastic lunch dishes with food in them and since it is chemically resistant it cannot react with the plastic.

Which Test Standards Should PET Shrink Films Conform to?

There are different test standards that your PET shrink film should conform to.

The test standards that the PET shrink film conforms to is the ASTM international.

  • ASTM D2838 is the standard method for shrink tension and orientation release stress of plastic film and thin sheeting.

The method covers the determination of shrink tension and its related characteristics.

That is shrink force and the orientation release of stress, of heat sinkable plastic film as well as sheeting in less than 1.0 mm thickness

Can You Print On PET Shrink Films?

One can print on the PET shrink film.

This is because the PET shrink film displays superb working performance for sleeve and printing purposes.

Since the PET shrink films have good thermal properties, makes it possible for one to use heat printing processes on them.

printed PET shrink films

Printed PET shrink films

Printing on them is also a way of labeling your products that have been wrapped with PET shrink film.

The PET shrink film also allows for superior printing as well as supports 360◦ graphics on it.

What Is The Shrinking Ratio Of PET Shrink Films?

Most of the PET shrink films have a high shrinkage ratio.

The TD shrinkage ratio of PET shrink film is greater than 75%.

While the MD shrinkage ratio of the PET shrink film -is 0[+/-3%].

This ratio gives your PET shrink film efficient shrink performance.

How Does PET Shrink Film Compare to OPS Shrink Film?

The OPS shrink film is oriented from polystyrene film.

When you compare OPS shrink film and PET shrink film, you will notice that the OPS shrink film is more cost-effective compared to the latter.

Therefore, the PET shrink film is costly compared to the OPS shrink film.

Also, the OPS shrink film offers greater consistency compared to the PET shrink film.

OPS shrink film

OPS shrink film

In terms of popularity, the PET shrink film stands out more than the OPS shrink film since it can be recycled.

This means that in terms of being environmentally friendly, the PET shrink film is outstanding since there is little waste disposal of it compared to the OPS shrink film.

The OPS shrink film offers a low vertical shrink compared to the PET shrink film.

How Much Does PET Shrink Film Cost?

It is important to note that PET shrink films are the most- costly of all the shrink films.

The cost of your PET shrink film will differ depending on where it is purposed to be used.

Also, the width of your PET shrink film will determine how much it will cost you.

You have to ensure that you have the correct with for you to reduce the cost of material and time wasted.

Also, the gauge or thickness of your PET shrink film greatly influences its price.

When your film is of a higher gauge this means it’s thicker and depending on where you are using it, it can be costly or cheap.

The cost per roll for a clear PET shrink film is roughly between 100 USD to 250 USD.

Again, the cost of the PET shrink film is mostly determined by the width and the gauge doesn’t impact so much.

How Do You Measure PET Shrink Film?

Measuring the PET shrink film is quite simple.

Also, it is determined by where you intend to use it.

Always put in mind that almost all shrink rates are at least around 30%.

You measure the PET shrink film using the following formulas;

  • Centerfold PET shrinks film measurement formula; centerfold PET shrink film has been folded in half lengthways to make wrapping easier and quicker.

Here you add the width and the depth of your PET shrink film.

The sum is then multiplied by 2 and the total is multiplied by 1.1 and finally divided by 2.

This will give you the centerfold width needed for your PET shrink film.

  • PET shrink bag measurement formula; for you to determine the width of your PET shrink film you will still use the centerfold measurement formula.

For your length here, add one to two inches on the width and this creates room for making a seal.

  • PET shrink tubing measurement formula; when you are using squared objects always use the bag measurement formula or the centerfold measurement formula.

But if you want to use the PET shrink film for cylindrical purposes, the tubing measurement formula is the most preferred.

When measuring a circular object, the tubing width required is calculated by multiplying the circumference by 2 then by 1.1 and dividing the total by 2.

Other films we have include PET films, PPF film, window tint film, and car window tint film.

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