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Filiriko is one of the most reputable in the pet tape industry.  We supply extraordinary pet tape products that meet various industries standards.

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Filiriko Pet Tape

Filiriko is an authorized pet tape manufacturer and supplier in China. Whether you plan to import pet tape for your business, Filirko is your ultimate solution. Filiriko is one of the professional exporters of pet tape products. We produce an extraordinary and outstanding pet tape to keep our good reputation. You can send us your pet tape specifications and we will do the rest to give the best one. Trust us!

Our Pet Tape Series

Green Film Pet Tape

We design green film pet tape that can stand up to 220˚C temperature with high viscosity. It can mainly use for covering PCB in a high temperature and more.

Silicone Pet Tape

Silicone pet tape has a strong adhesive. It is fit to any environment diversity. If you need this type of pet tape, Filiriko is a perfect choice.

Reflective Bicycle Pet Tape

To avoid any accidents especially at night, reflective bicycle pet tape is best for you. Not just for bicycles but it is perfect also for road or traffic signs.

Double Sided Pet Tape

This kind of pet tape has a tough adhesion, can stand at high temperatures, and has flexible strength. It can be use for both household and industrial applications.

Polyester Pet Tape

Polyester pet tape is easy to use and apply. It has superior adhesion with outstanding holding power.

Washi Pet Tape

Washi Pet Tape is easy to tear made of soft thin paper and waterproof. Perfect for different occasions like giving gifts, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and many more.

Anti-Scratch Cat Training Pet Tape

It is the best cover protection for your furniture especially your sofa against fabric damaging and scratch. 100% medical safe and non-toxic.

Multicolor PET Mylar Tape

This kind of pet tape is of 100% polyester film. Use for wrapping insulation transformer and also for electronic and motor components. It has great resistance to both flame and chemicals.

Anti-slip Pet Tape

Anti-slip Pet Tape is best to avoid any potential injury. When you need any of our pet tape products, come to Filiriko, we make sure that you can get the best pet tape products from us.

Why Filiriko Pet Tape

Filiriko is a recommended manufacturer and supplier of pet tape. With over 20 years of experience, we fabricate an impressive and superior pet tape. Filiriko works with a professional and expert team allowing us to produce the best products. 

We are utilizing with complete production line and we choose durable materials to manufacture a strong pet tape. We offer affordable and competitive rates for our pet tape. Whether your business requires a reliable pet tape, let us know immediately.

Pet Tape

Filiriko Pet Tape Video

Pet Tape
Pet Tape

As a leading pet tape manufacturer, Filiriko obtained the best reputation and receive good feedback. We produce remarkable and high-quality pet tape. Our pet tape products are suitable for various applications. They meet various certifications such as ISO and ROHS.

We are considering your pet tape details to make it suitable for your purposes. We can fully support your requirements timely and professionally. You can email us your pet tape desires!

Pet Tape

Filiriko – Your Trustworthy Pet Tape Manufacturer

If you are looking for a waterproof and tough kind of pet tape, Filiriko has it all. We are a pioneer company in making different pet taps in China for many years.

Filiriko pet tape is made out of polyester film that is usually used in the bed of a 3D printer. Pet tape is very useful because it has a smooth surface, withstands high temperatures, and has sturdy sealing tape. Also, it will not easy to tear and has an eye-catching appearance.

The best about having pet tape is that it can be applied for both dry and wet similar to car window tint. Our pet tape can be used for different industries and purposes.

Whether it is general or technical purposes like automotive application, insulation, sealing, and many more. By using pet tape it has a lot of features and benefits.

Features and advantages of using our Pet Tape:

  • Strong resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Abrasion and moisture resistance
  • High strength
  • Impeccable impact strength up to 5 times compared to other tapes or films
  • Can block UV rays
  • Non-toxic and no health risks

Here in Filiriko, you can always ensure that you can get high-quality pet tape products for your business or for personal use. We made pet tape that came from outstanding materials to make sure of its quality. And our products are available in different sizes, dimensions, shapes, and colors. We can even customize pet tapes according to your demands.

 Filiriko is very famous to the customers as a quality conscious when it comes to manufacturing pet tape products. Catering all the needs to meet the exact specific qualifications and specifications of certain products.

We continue developing trendy and one-of-a-kind products in order to achieve superior growth in the pet tape industry. And focuses on establishing a world-class pet tape company.

If you need all kinds of pet tape like washi pet tape, pet medical tape, double-sided pet tape, 3m pet tape, and many more, you can message or contact Filiriko now!

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