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Filiriko is your premier choice to get the best quality PET transfer film. We have great ability to lower your cost and manufacture according to your request. You can send your details and final applications. We can supply your desired quantity and deliver wherever your location.

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Filiriko PET Transfer Film

As your professional PET transfer film manufacturer and supplier in China, Filiriko handles satisfying services. We offer free and complete PET transfer film samples that can help your quick purchase easier. We provide some PET transfer film ideas that we listed below. This is one of the popular selections for various car window applications. Please send us your ideal PET transfer films.

Our PET Transfer Film Series

5mm PET Transfer Film

Filiriko can supply various colors and thicknesses of 5mm PET transfer films. You can choose standard options offered at the lowest prices.

Anti-Fog PET Transfer Film

Filiriko PET transfer films are accessible in anti-fog perfect in rainy seasons. Manufacture with rigid hardness offers an affordable price.

Colored PET Transfer Film

We have colored PET transfer films available in red, blue, green, and white. Available in heavy release force available in heat transfer.

Moisture Proof PET Transfer Film

Moisture-proof PET transfer films are available in high temperatures and suitable thicknesses. Available in standard centimeters from 60cm to 100cm.

PET Printing Transfer Film

PET printing transfer films are great applications for various car windows. Available in various customizations and release force like heavy.

Reflector PET Transfer Film

Filiriko PET transfer films is a perfect car window reflector with a durable ability that serves a long life span. Applicable for various applications like printing.

Thin PET Transfer Film

We manufacture different PET transfer films thicknesses. You can choose thin PET transfer films customized and noncustomized.

Transparent PET Transfer Film

We have various selections of transparent PET transfer films that provide moisture resistance. Fully protect your desired applications.

White PET Transfer Film

It is available in different types from thickness, applications, colors, and coatings. It has optal density range from 1 to 3.

Why Filiriko PET Transfer Film

Filiriko is a popular and well-trusted PET transfer film manufacturer and supplier in China. We can custom PET transfer film according to your final application needs whether you need them for personal and other business purposes. We assure you to supply PET transfer film that meets the highest standards trusted for long-term use.

We, Filiriko professionally handle strict quality control. We assure to manufacture PET transfer film that undertakes the testing and other inspections. We have complete testing equipment to make the process faster and smoother. Message us now!

PET Transfer Film

Filiriko PET Transfer Film Video

PET Transfer Film
PET Transfer Film


If you are searching for a professional and experienced PET transfer film manufacturer and supplier in China, then Filiriko is your perfect choice. Filiriko ensures perfect production by providing convenient factory space and complete equipment and facilities.

As your expert partner in China, we assure you to easier your purchase. We have skilled and complete manufacturing staff that guide and support the different processes in different areas.

PET Transfer Film

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Filiriko- Your Reliable PET Transfer Film Manufacturer

Are you looking for durable, high-quality, but affordable PET transfer films in China? Will, Filiriko is your perfect choice. We have over 20 years of expertise in producing various films selections that include PET transfer films.

Filiriko PET transfer films have high performance with higher tensile strength. Available in various dimensions stability with lowest moisture absorption ability. PET transfer films have good retentions with a wide temperature range. Filiriko can manufacture PET transfer films according to your entire request and based on your final applications. We can ensure great benefits and advantages for you.

Here are Some PET Transfer Film Advantages:

  • Great moisture absorption
  • Superior UV resistance
  • Good optical clarity
  • Moisture barrier properties
  • High-performance plastic films and sheets

Filiriko is your premier choice to get the highest performance PET transfer films but at affordable prices. Available in various materials, measurements, colors, transparency, and more. We always ensure to provide your entire request for your business.

For any of your order purposes, Filiriko will fully assure excellent support. We have the ability to produce effective and durable PET transfer films. It has a great role in all demanding applications available in various coatings and different types of transfer. Low odor PET transfer films with great high chemical resistance and more under FDA regulations.

Choose various thickness and widths meets specific measurements suitable for your final applications. You can assure certified PET transfer films international since we assure our supplies will undertake the highest standards before we move or deliver.

In more than 20 years in the field, Filiriko complete services at the same time. We manufacture using our complete processing machines and different quality processing lines. We provide complete facilities and convenient plant area which supported with plenty skilled manufacturing staff and senior employees.

There are many attractive PET transfer films we manufacture and produce. Send your details and we can help you choose the best for your final applications. We assure a long life span and budget-saving offer. Whether you need them for personal business and other purposes, Filiriko will fully support you.

We assure quick response through our 24/7 online working support. We have friendly customer service that can satisfy your needs. Message us now!

PET Transfer Film: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question about PET transfer film, you will find the answer right here.

This guide covers all information you have been looking for about PET transfer film – from features, properties, uses, to thickness, amongst others.

What Is A PET Transfer Film?

This refers to a film consisting of PET as the primary raw material.

PET is a type of polyester with stretchable and dimensional qualities that make it suitable for fabricating these films.

PET transfer film

PET film transfer

What Are The Benefits Of A PET Transfer Film?

Among the benefits that you get to enjoy when using a PET transfer film are:


The use of PET transfer film assures you of the highest quality printing of your images.

This is due to the double printing procedure that starts with printing before transferring the film to the product.

The double printing procedure allows you to check for any errors in the initial printing on the film.

This will enable you to remove any mistakes before printing the image on your object or fabric.

Easy Procedure

The process of using a PET transfer film is relatively more straightforward.

You, therefore, reduce the overall operating cost since you don’t have to hire specialists to do the printing.

The procedure involves understanding how printing works and where to place the print on your fabric.

Environmentally Safe

The use of a PET transfer film involves materials that do not pollute the environment. The inks are degradable, while the print films are recyclable.

Works On Different Fabrics

The advantage of using a PET transfer film is it is compatible with different fabrics.

In addition, this is economical since you don’t have to use different printing methods on different fabrics.

Are There Any Limitations To The Use Of A PET Transfer Film?

Understanding the limitations of a PET transfer film helps facilitate its practical use. Such limitations are:


PET transfer film process is relatively expensive compared to the other printing methods. Therefore, you must purchase numerous films if you have a large printing order.

These films do not allow for mass printing since you reduce the quality of the print hence the need to purchase many of them.


The printing process using these films consumes a lot of time due to the various steps.

For instance, you need to print on the movie before transferring the image to your object.

The drying process also takes longer, which increases the overall production time.

This can negatively affect the output of your company, especially when you have a large order.

Material Wasting

PET transfer film is not ideal for reusing since it compromises quality. This means you have to purchase numerous films to achieve the same print quality.

Purchasing these films increases material wastage while increasing the overall operating cost.

How Do You Print On A PET Transfer Film?

Printing on your PET transfer film involves the use of a printer.

Before printing, you need to ensure the image is in the correct format and has the required measurements and design.

What Are The Product Preparation Procedure When Using Pet Transfer Film?

You have to undertake different procedures before using a PET transfer film.

These procedures enhance your print quality and ensure there is a seamless printing procedure.

It is crucial to ensure you clean your fabric before using a PET transfer film.

Removing dirt facilitates the chemical reaction between the fabric and the ink.

You also have to stretch the fabric using a heating press stretching to remove any crests on the fabric, thus facilitating the printing process.

If the fabric is not flat, it can distort your intended image. Allowing the fabric to dry after the printing process is also critical.

Drying facilitates the chemical reaction while enhancing the durability and quality of your print.

How Do You Use A PET Transfer Film?

The working procedure involves using a PET transfer film and water or wax-based ink. These are the primary tools you need to print your image.

You have to design the image that you want to print and ensure it is in the correct format before printing.

The next step involves printing the image on your PET transfer film.

It is the film responsible for transferring the image onto your fabric. The image should be so that you want it to appear on the fabric.

You have to stretch the fabric to allow for effective printing.

Transferring the image from the film to the fabric utilizes a heating press.

The heat press also stretches the fabric to ensure a seamless printing surface.

It is essential to wait for the ink to transfer to the fabric during heating. The waiting time varies depending on the characteristics of your fabric.

After heating, the fabrics need to dry off the ink before checking on the quality of the print.

Is There A Difference Between A PET Transfer Film And Screen Printing?

Yes, there is a difference between PET transfer film and screen printing. PET transfer films rely on heat transfer to print on the fabric.

PET transfer films

PET transfer film

Screen printing does not depend on heat but relies on a series of screens. Therefore, it is an expensive option compared to PET transfer film.

The advantage of a PET transfer film is you are not limited to colours compared to screen printing.

OET transfer film results in prints that are of high quality compared to screen printing.

 screen printing film

screen printing

What Is The Difference Between A PET Transfer Film And A PETG Transfer Film?

The main difference between a PET and a PETG transfer film is the raw material present in the two.

PET and PETG are two types of plastic with unique characteristics, making them ideal for the fabrication of these films.

PETG transfer film

PETG transfer film

The application area also differs though PET transfer films are of common use.

What Are The Properties Of A PET Transfer Film?

The main properties of a PET transfer film are:


The transparency characteristics of a PET transfer film allow for easy visibility of the print image. Transparency allows for easy printing on the fabric since you can see where you place the film

Chemical Reactivity

The ability of these films to react with different chemicals is suitable for compatibility during printing.

In addition, the chemical reaction between the ink and films results in quality print on your fabric.

Temperature Resistance

The advantage of these films being fire resistance is that they allow you to heat press the image onto your fabric without distorting it.

This enhances the quality of your print and ensures these films are durable.

What Is The MOQ for PET Transfer Film?

The MOQ for PET transfer film varies depending on the manufacturer you engage when purchasing. Manufacturers usually have a minimum order quantity to meet to buy their PET transfer films.

However, some can customize your order depending on the specifications that you want.

Such specifications include the design and colours that you want to have on your PET transfer films.

It is essential to clarify with your manufacturer the specifications before making an order.

What Is The Cost Of PET Transfer Film?

The actual cost of PET transfer films varies depending on different actors, including:

Manufacturer Of PET Transfer Films

Different manufacturers consider various factors before deciding the price to sell their PET transfer films.

You, therefore, should expect different pricing for these films in the market.

The best way to find an excellent price is to ensure a particular manufacturer meets all the quality standards before purchasing.

It would help if you also negotiated with the manufacturer for the best price.

PET Transfer Film MOQ

Most manufacturers deal with specific MOQ for their PET transfer film orders. This is to maximize their profit while reducing their operating cost.

It is essential to engage your manufacturer before getting the best price.

You also have to submit the specifications since other manufacturers also consider this before giving you a quotation.

Design Of Your PET Transfer Films

The design of your PET transfer film can help determine the actual pricing. The design includes the colour to use and the film’s size and thickness.

Submitting the design can help your manufacturer give you an accurate price quotation for your PET transfer films.

What Is The Available Thickness For PET Transfer Film?

PET transfer films are available in different thicknesses.

This is to facilitate easy selection by our clients. When ordering temperature, you need to specify the thickness of the film you want.

How Do You Cure A PET Transfer Film?

Maintaining an appropriate temperature during the printing process is the sure way of curing a PET transfer film.

The temperature range differs depending on the type of fabric and the ink you are using for printing.

How Durable Is A Pet Transfer Film?

PET transfer films are highly durable. The durability aspect ranges from proper storage after purchasing to when you use it in the printing process.

The main component is PET which is a form of plastic. The plastic does not quickly decompose and is not affected by external environments, ensuring durability.

After purchasing the films, it is vital to store them properly to maintain their quality.

Which Colors Are Available For PET Transfer Films?

There are different colours for PET transfer films to fit the various customer requirements.

The advantage of this is that it allows you to customize the colours you want for your films.

Does PET Transfer Film Consist Of Plastic?

Yes. PET transfer film consists of plastic. Therefore, the primary material in manufacturing PET transfer film is PET.

PET is a type of transparent plastic and has unique properties that make it suitable for the fabrication of these films.

Is There A Difference Between PET Transfer Film And Sublimation Transfer Films?

PET and sublimation transfer films use the same principle to print on your object. That is, these processes depend on the heat for the transfer process.

The use of sublimation transfer films is relatively more straightforward compared to using a PET transfer film.

sublimation transfer films

sublimation transfer films

In addition, you don’t require numerous processes and materials when using sublimation transfer films.

PET transfer films require numerous processes, including printing the image on the film and transferring it onto your application.

You, therefore, have to purchase various materials and take them along to get the ideal image and picture.

You get to save money when using sublimation transfer films compared to a PET transfer film.

The application areas of these methods also differ. You, therefore, have to consider where you are applying before choosing the best method to use.

The best method to use on surfaces like metal, plastic wood products, textile fabrics and plexiglass. You can use PET transfer films on textile and fabrics.

Can You Reuse A PET Transfer Film?

Yes. It is possible to reuse a PET transfer film.

However, there is a limitation to the number of times you can reuse a single PET transfer film.

Reusing this film reduces the quality of the image that you print on your fabric.

If you want to maintain your print quality, you need to reuse a particular PET transfer film at most twice. The disadvantage of not recycling these films is that you get a higher operating cost since you must purchase many.

However, you get to maintain the quality of your print which can enhance the profitability aspect of your products.

What Is The Difference Between DTG And DTF In PET Transfer Film?

DTG and DTF are the main methods of transferring images and prints onto different objects.

However, these methods use different techniques in applying the prints and images to your objects.

In direct to garment transfer printing, you apply the print or image directly to the garment or textile material.

This is through the use of special aqueous ink.

DTG usually produces a durable and robust print since the ink chemically reacts with your garment. Therefore, the application of this method is ideal for printing on your textiles and garment materials.

Direct to film transfer printing utilizes a particular film to print your garment or textile. This method uses heat to achieve its printing properties.

DTG printing results in a durable print on your garment compared to DTF. This is due to the chemical reaction between the ink and your garment.

DTF is time-consuming and expensive compared to DTG printing. This is due to the various materials you have to purchase before purchasing it.

Which Ink Do You Use In A PET Transfer Film?

The best ink to use on PET transfer ink is a water-based ink that dries perfectly on the fabric, leaving a quality image or print.

In addition, water-based ink allows the chemicals present to react with your fabric during the drying process.

The various water-based ink available have different pricing and react with your fabric differently.

You, therefore, have to consider the cost and compatibility with your fabric when selecting an ink to use.

In addition to this, here are more resources you can learn from:

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