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Filiriko offers the best quality products and professional services to customers around the world. We work hard to serve retailers or commercial customers and give 100% satisfaction.

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Filiriko Photochromic Window Tint

Filiriko is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of transitional window tint. We have a deep commitment to providing exceptional quality, excellence, and innovative products. Here in Filiriko, we have expert designers to create a wide range of photochromic window tints.


Our Photochromic Window Tint Series

Nano Ceramic Photochromic Car Window Tint

It features 35.5% VLT, 70.4% IRR, and 99.4% UVR. It also features zero signal interference.

Photochromic Color Change Window Tint Film

It changes colors and VLT depending on the sunlight’s intensity. It can change to dark VLT in strong sunlight.

Photochromic Heat Insulation Car Window Tint

These products feature nano-film lamination, UV filtering, high-efficiency light sensing, and shading adjustment.

Photochromic Self-adjust VLT Window Tint Film

It offers high accuracy sense light change, repaid change VLT, infused with UVR and IRR.

VLT Transitional Car Photochromic Window Tint

It has a nano-ceramic particle coating technology and automatic adjustment of visible light comfort level.

Car Photochromic Window Tint 1.5x30M

These products offer up to 55% transition in direct sunlight, water installation, and 99.9% UV radiation blocking.

Smart Laminating Photochromic Window Car Tint

It offers efficient heat insulation, superior light filter, substantial shrinkage, UV blocking, and explosion-proof.

4Mil Photochromic Window Tint

It features nano-ceramic construction, high clarity, splash-proof, UV-blocking, IR rejection, and low energy cost.

Photochromic Tint Solar-Free Window Film

Photochromic Tint Solar-Free Window Film

It offers excellent privacy protection, light-filtering, and heat insulation. It also features UVR, IRR, and VL transmission.

Why Filiriko Photochromic Window Tint

Filiriko has been a professional photochromic window tint in China for many years. We manufacture products through our advanced manufacturing lines. Aside from that, we also work with professional designers to provide you a broad selection of photochromic window tint.

All our products meet the requirements of CE, ISO, and more international standards. Filiriko has full capabilities that allow us to offer speedy services. Choose Filiriko as your go-to source of transitional window film.


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Filiriko Window Film Video

Filiriko Photochromic Window Tint
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Filiriko manufactures all kinds of photochromic window tint to meet your requirements. We make sure that all our products are durable and aesthetically pleasing. At Filiriko, you can guarantee high-performance photochromic window tint.

We sell photochromic window tint to customers around the world. Filiriko is indeed your no.1 manufacturer in China. Request a quote today!

Filiriko - Your Premier Photochromic Window Film Manufacturer in China

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Photochromic Window Tint Manufacturer

What is a Photochromic Window Tint?

A photochromic window tint can also be called a transitional film. You can distinguish its unique properties through its appearance. Photochromic window tint delivers a darker shade when exposed to sunlight or during daylight. Thus, offering superior UV protection. However, during nighttime, a photochromic window tint transitions to a transparent, clear appearance.

Photochromic Window Film

Are you looking for a reliable transition window tint for cars manufacturer in China? Filiriko is your perfect choice! We offer the best quality products with a wide range of variations for your options.

Features of Filiriko Photochromic Tint

  • Automatic adjustment of visible light comfort level
  • Prevents glass shattering in an accident
  • The color of the tint during nighttime or rainy day is clear for safe driving
  • Blocks 100% UV rays
  • Energy-saving
  • Thermal insulation
  • IR reflection and security protection
  • Increasing privacy

Filiriko Photochromic Tint Film Specifications

  • 35-65% Visible Light Transmission
  • 99% UV rejection
  • 46-56% total solar energy rejection
  • Customizable thickness
  • Customizable sizes

With its advanced features and specifications, you can assure that your photochromic window tint can provide tons of advantages in your application. It can also help your business and products to skyrocket.

Where can You Use Filiriko Photochromic Window Tint?

Filiriko transitional window film has a versatile function that makes it suitable for

  • Home windows
  • Office glass windows
  • Side, front, and rear car windows
  • Train doors and windows
  • Cruise ships and aircrafts

Choose Filiriko as your no.1 manufacturer and supplier of photochromic window tint. We offer the best quality at an affordable price. Here in Filiriko, you can also guarantee low MOQ and professional after-sales support.

We manufacture photochromic window tint through our advanced manufacturing machines and high-technology production lines. Filiriko also has an expert design team and R&D team to develop an innovative product.

Aside from photochromic window film, we are also a manufacturer of car window tint rolls, custom car tint, high-performance window tint, UV window tinting, infrared window tint, polarized window tint, dyed window tint, car window security film, and more.

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