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Filiriko has served faithfully in the industry for over 20 years. You can rely upon our capabilities. PPF roll is your best choice to make any car unit stands out. Please take a look at our standard PPF roll options. All are budget-friendly yet superior quality.

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Filiriko PPF Roll

You can get world-class quality PPF roll here at Filiriko! We are one of the most reliable PPF roll manufacturers and sincerely commit to supplying innovative solutions. We have professional and well-experienced designers to produce PPF rolls based on your requirements. Choose Filiriko now!


Our PPF Roll Series

Self-Healing PPF Roll

Self-healing PPF rolls are the top choice to protect the car surface from any damages. Different sizes and thicknesses are available.

Anti Scratch PPF Roll

We provide an anti scratch PPF roll with repairable features, corrosion-resistant, and self-adhesive features. High-quality yet affordable.

Anti Yellowish PPF Roll

Filiriko is your primary supplier of anti yellowish PPF roll. It provides stain-resistant and high transparency benefits.

Glossy Black PPF Roll

We guarantee glossy black PPF roll with stretchable, self-healing micro marks and tear film with residue benefits. It is very cost-effective.

High Quality PPF Roll

Pick Filiriko to custom your ideal high quality PPF roll according to your designs. It can achieve shiny, attractive appearance to any car.

Paint Protection Film PPF Roll

Our paint protection film PPF roll can keep the vehicle look good. It also provide invisible protection and safe installation.

PPF Roll for Car Headlight

We offer PPF roll for car headlights at very competitive costs. The product also has self-healing material that strives against damages.

Self Adhesive Vinyl PPF Roll

Our self adhesive vinyl PPF roll comes in different colors. thicknesses, and sizes. If you need this unique type, Filiriko is your main source.

Transparent 30CmX10M PPF Roll

Its great invisibility or transparency is undeniable. Transparent 30CmX10M PPF roll is very high-quality and safe to install.

Why Filiriko PPF Roll

Filiriko has been an expert in PPF roll and any film products production for many years. Recently, we continue to manufacture products using our advanced production lines. Afar from that, we also work with professional designers to produce a wide selection of PPF rolls.

All our products meet international standards, such as ISO and CE. Please rely upon Filiriko for speedy services!


Why Filiriko PPF Roll

Filiriko PPF Roll Video

Filiriko PPF Roll Video
Filiriko PPF Roll Benefits

We are always doing our best in order to produce all kinds of PPF roll to meet your requirements. We also double each product to guarantee an aesthetically pleasing and durable PPF roll for you.  Here in Filiriko, you can find the exact PPF roll you need for business or projects.

We export PPF roll to customers all over the world. Filiriko is indeed your trusted PPF roll supplier. Contact us today!

Filiriko - Your Premier PPF Roll Manufacturer in China

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Filiriko -Your Premier PPF Roll Provider in China

Are you looking for an outstanding PPF Roll from the best manufacturer and supplier? It’s your time to trust Filiriko to serve you! For over 20 years in the manufacturing industry, we have gained trust and a good image. We offer the most outstanding quality products with wide variations for your choice.

What is Filiriko PPF Roll?

Paint protection films roll, most referred to as PPF rolls, are the best way to protect car surfaces from damages caused by the world’s most offensive waste matter.

Filiriko PPF Roll: The Common Features

  • Repairable
  • Self-adhesive
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Transparent
  • Stain Resistant
  • Anti-yellowing highlighted
  • Stretchable
  • Tear film without residue
  • Self-healing micro marks

Together with our professionals, Filiriko will ensure high-quality PPF rolls with exclusive features. However, when PPF rolls are installed on the vehicle, it brings plenty of benefits. Below are samples.

The Advantages of PPF Roll After Installation:

  • Clear and Brighten –Clear PPF roll film will not affect the original paint colors. It instead brightens the car body paint, giving it a significant enhancement.
  • Keep the Vehicle Looking Good –To achieve an attractive, shiny appearance in a car, you need our PPF roll. It is a self-healing material that strives against various damages. It also comes in custom sizes and thicknesses, based on your preference.
  • Safe to Apply –PPF roll installation is effortless and secure. You can come straight to Filiriko if you need top-quality PPF rolls. We are the most qualified experts with any paint protection film manufacturing.
  • Invisible Security –Great benefit of the PPF roll is its invisibility. No one will ever know you’ve taken additional measures to protect the car. After installation, there is no difference from a car with no protection.

Indeed, the PPF roll you got from Filiriko will protect car paints from fading, oxidizing, peeling, scratches, cracks, and even discoloration. Allow Filiriko to serve you our very best.

All our products are affordable to fit your budget.

Please send inquiries now, and we’ll provide a free quotation!

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