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If you’re into reflective window tints, Filiriko is the best manufacturer you can rely on in China. We are an industry-leader supplier with 20+ manufacturing experiences. We are equipped with an advanced production line, and a professional R&D team.

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Filiriko Reflective Window Tint

Are you searching for a way of reducing glare, UV rays, heat, and save energy? Filiriko specializes in bringing you great deals of reflective window tints for your automotive applications. Filiriko is an expert reflective window tints manufacturer and supplier in China. We can offer the best products and high-class services for you. Custom reflective window tints with Filiriko!

Our Reflective Window Tint Series

Metallic Reflective Window Tint

Filiriko metallic reflective window tint provides excellent daytime privacy with a more toned-down look than an entire mirror.

One-Way Reflective Window Tint

One-way reflective window tint has a size of 0.5x30m. It is adhesive type, easy work and reduces heat, glare and prevent your interior from fading.

Static Cling Reflective Window Tint

The static cling reflective window tint comes in multiple sizes and colors such as blue silver, brown-silver, silver, black-silver, etc.

Mirror Reflective Window Tint

Our mirror reflective window tint reflects heat and blocks UV rays. If you are looking for daytime privacy for your car, a reflective mirror tint is your best choice.

Self-Adhesive Reflective Window Tint

It is made from the highest quality PET material, self-adhesive, and easy to install and remove. Filiriko is an expert in producing a wide range of self-adhesive reflective window tints.

Insulation Solar Reflective Window Tint

Deliver 20% visible light transmission, 85% heat rejection, and 90% UV block. Filiriko is your one-stop solution for your insulation solar reflective window tint sourcing.

Cost-Effective Reflective Window Tint

Avail reflective window tint at a very cost-effective rate here. You can save your time and money while booming your business if you cooperate with us.

High-Performance Reflective Window Tint

All reflective window tint from Filiriko features high-performance and functions. Before being delivered to you, this product is rigorously checked and tested.

Custom Reflective Window Tint

Filiriko will recommend the best reflective window tint for your automotive applications. You can send your requirements and custom reflective window tint with us.

Why Filiriko Reflective Window Tint

Filiriko is the right place to manufacture your reflective window tint. We stock thousands of reflective window tints so that we have sufficient stocks for your large orders. If you choose Filiriko, you team up with a reputable manufacturer with 20+ years of history and production experience.

When you choose our reflective window tint, we can deliver them to you in a quicker lead time and at a very cost-effective rate. Our team ensures to provide high-quality products to our valued customers anytime, anywhere.

Reflective Window Tint Benefits

Filiriko Reflective Window Tint Video

Reflective Window Tint Installation
Reflective Window Tint Benefits

For every kind of reflective window tints available at Filiriko, there are various feature options as well as strength of tint, which means that the final judgment on the best window tint for your car should be made with the assistance of our professional window tinting engineers.

Filiriko is committed to manufacturing the best and right reflective window tints for your application. Our technicians have been trained to install the best reflective window tint for your needs properly and professionally. Contact our team now if you have any questions, or to request a quote.

Filiriko - Your Premier Reflective Window Tint Manufacturer in China

Reflective Window Tint Advantage

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Reflective Window Tint Manufacturer

For your reflective window tint sourcing, Filiriko is your best manufacturer and supplier in China. We are a reputable provider with 20+ years of manufacturing experience. Our team is specialized in this field and has gained good relationships with many clients worldwide.

Reflective window tint is a type of film that you can install to your home windows, car windows, office, building, etc. This film can create a mirror effect when viewed from the outside. It adds daytime privacy to your space.

Filiriko Reflective Window Tint Benefits:

  • Increased privacy
  • Prevent windows from shattering
  • Reduce heat and glare
  • Protect against UV rays
  • Control internal temperature in hot weather
  • Excellent shiny look reflective windows

Filiriko reflective window tints are available in various colors, enabling you to customize your car or house design. Depending on the style you prefer, our team can recommend the best product for your applications.

All series of Filiriko reflective window tints are designed from the most advanced cutting-edge manufacturing technology and equipment. It is precisely manufactured to gain customers’ trust. Over the years, we have mastered ourselves to enhance everything in manufacturing window tint and film consistently.

Filiriko is a certified window tint manufacturer with an in-house manufacturing facility that performs strict quality controls and inspections. All products are rigorously tested and checked before shipment to guarantee durability and functionality.

Filiriko reflective window tint is offered at a very competitive cost. Our rich knowledge and expertise in this industry provide an extensive range of reflective window tints. We manufacture products from the highest quality materials that meet industry and customer standards.

Besides reflective window tint, our team specializes in making truck window tint, windshield protection film, non-reflective tint, photochromic window tint, dyed window tint, and so on.

Filiriko is looking forward to being your next reflective window tint provider in China. Since our inception, we have devoted ourselves to be the best partner in this industry. We ensure that our customers rely on us for high-quality reflective window tint, better services, and exceptional value.

If you need further information about what we offer, feel free to contact us. We are willing to help with your window tint and film needs.

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