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Filiriko is your primary source of the best silver window tints in China.

There are thousands of silver window tints offered at the best prices. You can select the exact one for your applications.

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Filiriko Silver Window Tint

Filiriko is the most popular silver window tint supplier and manufacturer in China. If you need a specific type of silver window tint and assistance from experts, you can rely upon Filiriko. We offer complete options for your choice. Also, we export our products, including the silver window tint, worldwide. Below are our series of top-quality silver window tints.

Our Silver Window Tint Series

6M X 50CM Chrome Silver Window Tint

We manufacture 6M X 50CM chrome silver window tint according to your designs. It is cost-effective to fit your budget.

30CM X 120CM Silver Window Tint

30cm X 120CM silver window tint allows outstanding overall to any vehicle units. It reduces the solar glare that comes in through the glass.

75CM X 3M Silver Window Tint

We provide a 75CM X 3M  silver window tint that can reduce eye strain and tiredness, resulting in a more comfortable driving.

Anti UV Silver Window Tint

Customized sizes and thicknesses are available for Anti UV silver window tint. It provides the best privacy protection.

Customized Silver Window Tint

Customized silver window tint provides numerous benefits, including privacy protection, heat control, and thieves protection.

Heat Insulation Silver Window Tint

You can get heat insulation silver window tint with better solar heat control. It also provides comfort and removes fogging.

Mirror Chrome Silver Window Tint

Mirror chrome silver window tint will bring a distinctive look for any car installments. It is cost-effective for you.

Reflective Silver Window Tint

Choose Filiriko to custom your reflective silver window tint requirements. We custom them in different sizes & thicknesses.

Self-Adhesive Silver Window Tint

We provide a satisfying self-adhesive silver window tint. It is high-quality, UV proof, affordable, and offers better privacy.

Why Filiriko Silver Window Tint

Filiriko is the company you can count upon when you need a specific silver window tint. Please choose from our designs; all are reasonable in price and exact to your applications. Also, expect fast delivery for your final silver window tint orders.

For over 20 years in the manufacturing industry, we can guarantee top-quality and good performance silver window tints. Our professional team will surely provide satisfactory services and products to every customer.

Why Filiriko Silver Window Tint

Filiriko Silver Window Tint Video

Silver Window Tint Video
Silver Window Tint Benefits

Choosing a silver window tint from Filiriko is your best decision. We also create both standard and custom silver window tints to reach your standards. Customizing your silver window tints will depend on your ideal sizes, dimensions, colors, materials, etc. We will provide silver window tints exact to your requirements.

Would you please tackle your specific requirements with us? We will handle your silver window tint production. You are sure in reasonable assistance!

Filiriko - Your Premier Silver Window Tint Manufacturer in China

Silver Window Tint Gallery

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Filiriko -Your No.1 Silver Window Tint Manufacturer in China

Are you searching for a top-quality silver window tint from the best, most trusted manufacturer? Search no longer!

Filiriko will have your back if you need the exact silver window tint with the extreme quality you desire. Filiriko is a qualified silver window tint in China with over two decades of experience. We offer broad selections; all are cost-effective to fit your budget. Allow Filiriko now to do their best to satisfy you!

What is Silver Window Tint?

Filiriko Silver window tint can improve the overall outlook of the vehicle. It perfectly matches many vehicle colors as well. Silver window tints are one of the best performing and widely applied solar control window films. It decreases the high levels of incoming solar glare and heat coming in through the glass. It also reduces eye strain and tiredness, resulting in comfortable driving conditions.

Filiriko Silver Window Tint: Main Benefits

  • Protection from the Sun’s UV rays –Sun is very dangerous. It can increase the risk of skin cancer ten-fold. When exposed to the sun while driving, protection is a must. So having the silver window tint can solve this problem.
  • Heat Protection –When a silver window tint is installed in a car, it will provide excellent heat protection. Aside from giving the car a more attractive look, it also offers a comfortable feeling since this tint can make the car cooler.
  • Protection from Thieves –The car with a silver window tint installed can make other people see what’s inside. It is reflective by default, provides exceptional protection from thieves. It indeed increases car privacy.

You should consider a professional manufacturer if you need exceptional quality silver window tints. Filiriko has employed skilled specialists approved to work in the tinting industry.

We are certified to satisfy your needs. We are always ready to accommodate your needs. Filiriko is your reliable silver window tint manufacturer in China with over 20 years of experience.

Please drop your inquiries now, and we’ll give you a free quotation!

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