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Filiriko is your leading manufacturer of various smart tinting windows. All our smart tinting window designs will meet your application needs. Filiriko, together with our team, chooses the best material to ensure durable products.

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Filiriko Smart Tinting Windows

We provide the turnkey solution for all your smart tinting windows requirements. Filiriko is one of the world’s leading smart tinting window suppliers and manufacturers in China. We have over 20 years of history and can help you boost your business. At Filiriko, you can find durable, high-quality smart tinting windows.

Our Smart Tinting Windows Series

0.12MM Black Smart Tinting Windows

Perfect for different vehicles and applications. 0.12mm black smart tinting windows use a remote to control the tinting levels.

Anti-Explosion Smart Tinting Windows

Our anti-explosion smart tinting windows are available with voice control and mobile controls. It is budget-friendly.

Colorful Smart Tinting Windows

Colorful smart tinting windows give aesthetic designs to the interior. It is tinted using seamless integration or automatic settings.

Decorative Smart Tinting Windows

Filiriko is your best choice when you need top-quality decorative smart tinting windows. It has all the intelligent control system features.

Frosted Smart Tinting Windows

Frosted smart tinting windows are all certified eco-friendly, cost-saving, and highly efficient. We manufacture the product according to your needs.

Heat Insulation Smart Tinting Windows

Heat insulation smart tinting windows elegantly solve solar control challenges without sacrificing aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Remote Control Smart Tinting Windows

We provide remote control smart tinting windows with enhanced safety, improved privacy, and instant flexibility.

Smart Switchable Tinting Windows

Are you looking for smart switchable tinting windows? You can find what you’re looking for here in Filiriko. All are affordable yet high-quality.

Ultra-Thin Smart Tinting Windows

We supply ultra-thin smart tinting windows with excellent sound insulation and high energy efficiency. All are inexpensive yet top-quality.

Why Filiriko Smart Tinting Windows

In China, Filiriko is a prominent smart tinting windows manufacturer and supplier. We have our skilled workers using the most advanced production machinery to produce your smart tinting windows needs.

We also offer customized solutions. All are budget-friendly and made according to your specific requirements. You can always count on Filiriko!

Why Filiriko Smart Tinting Windows

Filiriko Smart Tinting Windows Video

Smart Tinting Windows Video
Smart Tinting Windows Benefits

Our professional workforces and full capabilities allow us to provide you with superior quality smart tinting windows. We can export all our window tint solutions throughout the world.

Filiriko can make the exact smart tinting windows. Depending on your specifications and applications, we can excellently supply your needs. Please send your designs today for custom smart tinting windows.

Filiriko - Your Premier Smart Tinting Windows Manufacturer in China

Smart Tinting Windows Gallery

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Filiriko -Your Trusted Smart Tinting Windows Supplier in China

Filiriko is your best choice if you need smart tinting windows for business or personal projects. We are a China-based enterprise supplying smart tinting windows for different vehicles and applications. Come to us directly and allow our capabilities to help you.

An intelligent control system powers the smart tinting window of Filiriko products. It uses sensors to tint automatically concerning light conditions. We provide various means of control to reach different customer desires.

Intelligent Control System in Smart Tinting Window Consists:


Smart tinting windows with voice control devices will provide building owners with additional flexibility. Controlling the tinting window will be much easier with voice control devices.


You can use a mobile app to save default scene settings and fine-tune tint zones for particular lighting effects from anywhere in the building –whenever and wherever you want.


All Filiriko tinting solutions can be cleared and tinted using seamless integration or automatic settings.

Filiriko is your best choice anytime you need smart tinting windows with these intelligent control system features. All are high efficient, certified eco-friendly, and cost-saving.

Our smart tinting windows allow occupants, builders, and architects to elegantly solve solar control challenges without sacrificing energy efficiency, aesthetics, or design while decreasing environmental strikes.

Filiriko Smart Tinting Windows: The Multiple Benefits

  • Improved Privacy
  • Instant Flexibility
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Energy Efficient
  • Excellent Sound Insulation
  • Fast transformation into a projection screen for advertisements

The superior quality of our smart tinting windows will help boost your business. They are also best to use for meeting rooms, conference halls, home theatre rooms, study rooms, car windows, offices, clubs, hotels, villas, hospital curtains, airports, malls, government offices, and many more. We can customize the smart tinting windows to fit any application.

We custom smart tinting windows according to your ideal sizes, shapes, colors, and configuration.

Filiriko is the company you can count on. Please feel free to contact us today!

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