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Filiriko is an experienced company producing high-quality smoked window tint and sends it nationwide. Manufacturing and providing complete selections from various colors that you can choose. There are different measurements, thickness, functions, types of transfer, and more.

Filiriko is a professional provider in China that produces certified window tints and films for various applications. Send your details and ideal smoked window tint now!

Filiriko Smoked Window Tint

As your professional smoked window tint manufacturer and supplier in China, Filiriko offers great ability and provides great services. It is offered in more than 20 years of service providing complete solutions and product selections to make your purchase easier. You can choose smoked widow tints from our list below. You can send your ideal measurements, colors, textures, and types of applications. Message us now!

Our Smoked Window Tint Series

1m Smoked Window Tint

1m smoked window tint is available at affordable prices. You can send your ideal quantity and ideal measurements and thickness.

5m Smoked Window Tint

You can choose your ideal thickness and measurements of smoked window tints. It is suitable for various applications suitable for any business.

Anti-Fog Smoked Window Tint

Anti-fog smoked window tints are suitable for rainy seasons of travel. Keep your windshield and window clear and offer affordable prices.

Heavy hardness Smoked Window Tint

We offer heavy hardness smoked window tints with various thicknesses and measurements. Heavier the hardness heavier the protection.

Moisture Proof Smoked Window Tint

Moisture-proof smoked window tints also keep your window clear. You can keep it warm inside that protect you from moisture.

Reflector Smoked Window Tint

We can offer reflector smoked window tints for any purpose. Easier to apply and clean for final applications. You can get lower rates.

Scratch Resistant Smoked Window Tint

We manufacture great scratch resistance of smoked window tints. It has a great ability to block UV rays that protect skin and keep you cool.

Soft Smoked Window Tint

You can choose the soft hardness of smoked window tint that can protect your car upholstery and prevent it from fading and discolor the leather.

Soft Smoked Window Tint Resistant

You can choose soft smoked window tints with various resistance featured. We ensure cheaper prices to help you save your money.

Why Filiriko Smoked Window Tint

Filiriko was established and start to produce various tints and films selections and types of applications in more than 20 years. W manufacture and supply smoked window tints that ensure it passed international certifications and high standards to meet your business special needs.

We professionally handle the best products that supply high-quality products like smoked window tints. We handle strict quality production, product inspections, and more to ensure satisfying services. Send your details. We guarantee competitive prices for you.

Smoked Window Tint

Filiriko Smoked Window Tint

Smoked Window Tint
Smoked Window Tint

Filiriko is handling perfect production through complete facilities, equipment, skilled manufacturing staff, testing equipment, convenient plant area, and more. We ensure to handle strict quality control for everything and provide complete solutions to meet your business special requirements. Our team has a big help to handle smoother production and create the best tint customizations according to your request.

We can follow your drawings and ideal customizations. Send your details and expect a quicker response as we provide 24/7 online support. Send your message now!

Smoked Window Tint

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Filiriko- Your Professional Smoked Window Tint Manufacturer in China

Are you looking for the Smoked Window Tint? Filiriko in China is a Professional manufacturer that offers exclusive Window Tints for your Car Window. Our expert installers constantly maintain an eye toward quality every step of the way. We’re not afraid to offer these to you because we’re more concerned with the quality of our tints. 

When you invest a Smoked Window Tint for your vehicle, it will block approximately 99% of the powerful UV rays from the sun. This not only ensures your eyes and skin are protected while you are driving, but it also protects your car’s covering, which can fade from the sun’s rays. 

Filiriko Smoked Window Tint is available in various selections, characteristics, etc.

  • Can customize your auto tint
  • Industry-leading color stability
  • Optimum heat-shrinking
  • Satellite, GPS, TPM & cellular friendly
  • Improved comfort
  • UV protection

Smoked Window Tint gives you enhanced driving comfort and shades to choose from to customize the appearance of your car. It is the one product that starts working for you the minute it’s installed on your car, offering benefits beyond your needs. By blocking more than 98% of ultraviolet light, you will be assured maximum protection against harmful UV rays. In addition, you will be glad to know that Smoked Window Tint features industry-leading film clarity for unaltered visibility and safe driving.

One of the most significant benefits of Smoked Window Tint is that it offers added privacy. It allows you to look out while making it harder for others to see in. And that makes it more difficult for anyone to see valuables left inside your car. Since we treat our cars like our homes, we often eat, drink, put on makeup, change clothes, sleep, and do many other activities in our vehicles that we don’t want others to see. In addition, with Smoked Window Tint, a passerby cannot see what is in your car. This makes them less likely to break in your vehicle when they don’t know if there is anything of value in it to steal.

Filiriko Smoked Window Tint Advantages:

  • Superior heat rejection
  • Advanced technology won’t interfere with electronics
  • More than 99% UV protection
  • Privacy for passengers and belongings
  • Accident safety
  • Preserving your interior

Purchase Smoked Window Tint from our trusted stock of high-quality tints, and you can transform your entire home easily and quickly. Our Smoked Window Tint includes Reflector, Scratch Resistant, Anti-Fog, or frost. Along with added privacy, these tints will protect you from the sun’s UV rays.

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