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Filiriko manufactures outstanding solar film films. We commit ourselves to produce a wide range of solar film tint and other film products. At Filiriko, you can encounter a strong and superior solar film. We offer affordable solar film tint yet high-quality.

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Filiriko Solar Film Tint

Filiriko is a proficient solar film tint producer and manufacturer. We have a wide selection of solar film tints for different applications. If you require a reliable solar film tint, Filiriko is a great option for you. We have been fabricating and manufacturing solar film tints with decades of experience. We are proud to offer our solar film tint locally and abroad. You can send us your solar film tint desires!

Our Solar Film Tint Series

Solar Car Film Tint

A solar car film tint protects your privacy and properties. Has stable color and no fading. The solar car film tint has a professional and attractive appearance.

Solar Reflective Film Tint

The solar reflective film tint has a durable characteristic allowing them to use repeatedly. Available in different thicknesses, dimensions, colors, and features.

UV Blocking Solar Film Tint

UV blocking solar film tint can absolutely block the UV rays and it is very helpful to eliminate undesirable skin diseases like cancer. Perfect for car windows and home use.

Anti-Scratch Solar Film Tint

The anti-scratch solar film tint comes in different colors and VLT. This solar film tint meets your special standards and expectations. Not easy to scratch and damage.

Solar Auto Glass Film Tint

A solar auto glass film tint is ideal for any kind of vehicles such as cars, vans, UVs, marines, trucks, and many more. It offers an affordable and friendly price.

Nano Ceramic Solar Film Tint

Our nano-ceramic solar film tint features high heat rejection, high stability, and super durability. It is from imported and superior materials ensuring the best quality.

Carbon Tinted Solar Film

The carbon tinted solar film can work as a decorative, window protection, and sunblock. It has a professional and outstanding surface making them ideal in various applications.

Solar Tint Film for Building

The solar tint fil for the building is available for any colors like amber, silver, blue, black, green, and many more. They are applicable for home and other industrial or commercial buildings. 

Reflective Solar Tint Film

The reflective solar tint film features better heat control, explosion-proof, and high daytime privacy protection.  It is effective in heat insulation since they resist sun heat.

Why Filiriko Solar Film Tint

If solar film tint is your interest,  Filiriko is your best solution. We are one of the experts and well-trained solar film tint manufacturers here in China. To maintain our good reputation, we always exceed customer’s standards and expectations. At Filiriko, you can be ensured that our solar film tint products are functional and reliable.

We always select and use the finest raw materials. Filiriko fabricates an extraordinary and exceptional solar film tint. Our rich experience enables us to be a popular solar film tint manufacturer. We can give you a suitable and exact solution for your solar film tint requirements.

Solar Film Tint

Filiriko Solar Film Tint Video

Solar Film Tint Installation
Solar Film Tint

Filiriko solar film tint has the best highlights and good features. We build solar film tint using our advanced production line and modern techniques. Filiriko can customize solar film tints according to your specifications. Check our solar film tint selection!

We can produce a professional and excellent solar film tint. Whether you need bulk and wholesale orders, Filiriko can undoubtedly support your needs. You can send us your solar film tint details!

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Solar Film Tint Manufacturer

Filiriko is the leading solar film tint manufacturer and supplier in China. We have the full capacity to manufacture exceptional and high-quality solar film tint products. As an expert manufacture, Filiriko can deliver solar film tint in different countries nationwide. You can choose your ideal solar film tint at Filiriko’s selection.

Filiriko manufactures an advantageous and beneficial solar film tint. Our solar film tint is widely used in different fields and industries. We also warmly welcome any OEM and customization services. Together with our professional staff, we can meet your solar film tint specifications.

Features and Advantages of Filiriko Solar Film Tint

  • Best coating
  • 100% UV rejection
  • Meet your standards and qualifications
  • Stable color and no fading
  • Provides a high level of privacy protection
  • Excellent performance
  • Anti-explosion
  • Block sun heat

Applications of Filiriko Solar Film Tint

  • Home Windows
  • Commercial Building
  • Cars
  • Vans
  • SUVs
  • Truck

Whether you need a durable solar film tint, Filirko is the best place for you. We manufacture an outstanding and superior solar film tint for different applications. We can meet your special demands regarding solar film tint and other film products.

We offer different types of solar film tint like solar car film tint, solar reflective film tint, UV blocking solar film tint, anti-scratch solar film tint, and other more. Our range of products is available at affordable and reasonable rates.

We are your one-stop solution for your solar film tint needs. As a leading manufacturer, we can produce suitable products base on your requirements. We are utilizing a complete production line allowing us to have better production. For your urgent needs, Filirko is the best choice to count.

We always prioritize a customer’s satisfaction, and as of that, you can ensure gratifying and wholehearted services from our friendly staff. Aside from solar film tint, we also manufacture window tint film, car window tint, PPF film, and so much more.

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