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Filiriko is the leading storefront window tinting manufacturer and supplier in China. All products are made from certified quality materials and are highly advantageous for commercial, architectural, and industrial fields. 

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Filiriko Storefront Window Tinting

Filiriko is your top-tier choice if you seek high-premium quality storefront window tinting. For over 20+ years, we have retained our reputation and position to be the #1 in this production field. Our product comprises excellent features, benefits, and advantages that enable you to skyrocket your business and projects. As you discover more, we have here most of our top-charting storefront window tinting for your references. 

Our Storefront Window Tinting Series

Black Charcoal Storefront Window Tinting

This product protects from glass breakage. It has the highest clearance of raw PET materials, which surpasses the ISO and CE certificates. 

Electrostatic Storefront Window Tinting

It provides 75%-85% of infrared rejections. It is available with standard measurements of 1.52m * 30m and a thickness of 2mil.

Matte White Storefront Window Tinting

It diffuses the direct exposure of sunlight. Configures from the high-class materials and is beneficial for more comprehensive services.

Nanoceramic Storefront Window Tinting

This enables to secures a high-definition display view. It specializes in providing an explosion-proof resistance to your window. 

Reflective Storefront Window Tinting

This product offers excellent daytime security that makes your outside storefront window show a mirror effect. Easy to install in any industrial and commercial establishment. 

Static Cling Decorative Storefront Window Tinting

It conceptualizes assorted unique and versatile patterns, colors, and designs. This type of product is available in 45cm×10m×0.12mm. 

Sunscreen Storefront Window Tinting

High-quality products that offer good heat control effects that keep it cool and warm. It is a non-toxic material, easy to install, and offers superior privacy protection. 

Translucent Storefront Window Tinting

It offers anti-scratch features and provides high-translucency resolution. More likely effective in blocking any harmful solar rays.

Transparent Gray Spectrum Storefront Window Tinting

It is a non-faded product and superior in providing 90% IR rejection, ≥99% UV rejection, 65% TSER, 13% VLT. 

Why Filiriko Storefront Window Tinting

As China’s best company, Filiriko innovates and develops storefront window tinting for commercial and industrial applications. We are persistent in accomplishing our duties in supplying you with the most satisfying and sustainable products. We continue to build up a superior and purest image in this field through bargaining your desires, needs, and expectations.

Filiriko supervises by a manufacturing expert team and personnel who confidently introduces you to storefront window tinting out of assorted colors, models, design, measurements, and thickness. Our product guarantees long-life services, solid and compact structures.

Storefront Window Tinting

Filiriko Storefront Window Tinting Video

Storefront Window Tinting
Storefront Window Tinting

Filiriko only supplies window tinting products that surpass international product surveillance. We have rich knowledge in understanding and modifying the proper storefront window tinting for your exclusive applications. Thus, we can also aid you with any installations and attachments out of this product. 

Our storefront window tinting products receive an increased demand in local and global markets. You can avail a bulk of our product at a most reasonable price. Any request for your specific requirements for this product, send us your message now!

Filiriko Storefront Window Tinting to Skyrocket Your Business

 Storefront Window Tinting

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Filiriko – Your #1 Storefront Window Tinting Manufacturer and Supplier in China

If you seek the most inexpensive yet high-quality storefront window tinting, Filiriko is the one who is perfect for you. Filiriko is your quintessential manufacturer and supplier in China. We have a couple of decades in this production cycle and are servicing thousands of customers all over the country.

Having this durable and secure tinting for your storefront window is one of the best, mature and responsible actions to make. As you continue to read the corresponding information about our products, you can discover its facts, high advantage, and benefits for your industrial and commercial stores.

Storefront Window Tinting:

The storefront window tinting plays an essential thing in all merchandising and retail stores. This product carries out prevention against possible loss, theft, smash-and-grab crimes of opportunity. It helps all your displays inside to remain protected, intact, and organized.

Storefront Window Tinting Features:

  • High-quality materials
  • High-definition of visual resolution
  • Easy for any installations
  • Environmentally safe
  • Non-toxic
  • 100% adhesive
  • Lifetime services

Additionally, it also creates a pleasant and bright light transmittance. It can reduce and excessive heat gain harmful heat light rays. Storefront window tinting keeps all things inside cooler and promotes a comfier environment for both customers and employees.

Storefront Window Tinting Advantages:

  • 100% UV and IR rejection
  • Prevents from vandalism
  • Anti-explosion
  • Superior heat control
  • Excellent for privacy protection
  • Weather-resistant
  • Unfading

Using Filiriko storefront window tinting aesthetically adds an epitome appearance to your stores. It provides state-of-the-art visual effects that help increase your product promotions, advertisements, displays, information, etc.

Versatile models of our product are available in our company. It receives the highest acknowledgment and popularity to all market necessities due to its overall structural configuration and excellent serviceability.

For all your storefront window tinting needs and requests, always rely on Filiriko. Considering our broad manufacturing experience and capacity, we can provide you with fully certified products that bargain on your specified quality and procedures.

We can smoothly respond and transact all your orders and quickly ship them to your designated area of responsibility at the fastest peak of an hour.

Filiriko upholds to win your satisfaction and approval. Whether you reside local or global, Filiriko has a long connection to our old and new clients. Let Filiriko expand your business and project as a paramount of success.

What awaits you? Deal now with Filiriko!

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