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Filiriko has been producing various categories of thin PET film for over eighteen years. We export thin PET film to multiple nations and hundreds of thin PET film industries. You can always rely on us if you require a unique type of thin PET film for your industry.

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Filiriko Thin PET Film

Filiriko is a reputable thin PET film manufacturing company and supplier. Filiriko has enormous benefits over thin PET film and is more cost-effective over a long period due to higher initial investment. For many generations, we have been producing different models of thin PET film. For more than ten years, Filiriko has been competent in the manufacturing process of thin PET film. Please send us a sample of your desirable thin PET film!

Our Thin PET Film Series

Gold Metalized Pet Film For Thermal Lamination

We use BOPP, BOPET, and BOCPP as its material. It features moisture-proof materials.

White Mylar Polyester PET White Sheet Film

The white-label, white-release PET film, and more are applicable for printing. It features good surface cleanliness, good flatness, and more.

Scrapable PET Lamination Film Holographic

It’s applicable to any packaging products like stickers, boxes, and tags. The sizes can be customized.

Printing PET PE Film Bread

His product has an excellent barrier, is moisture-proof, has good oxygen resistance, and has a good sealing quality to help widen the product’s life.

Customized Pet Thin Lamination Transparent Roll Film

They are suitable for food packagings like juices, beverages, coffee, grain, and more. It also supports color customization.

Thin Clear PET Film BOPET Film

They feature its customizable color and the standard width of the roll 150mm, 180mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, and more.

Clear PET Soft Thin Glass Plastic Film

It has 0.05MM thickness in every clear PET soft, thin glass plastic film. It also features the transparency of an item.

Thin Color PET Film For Heat Transfer Printing

It features its metalized, Anti-UC, waterproof, antistatic, anti-fog conductive, and more to its materials.

Boba Bubble Tea PP Cup Sealing Film

We use plastic or paper as its material, and the surface finishing is transparent or matt.

Why Filiriko Thin Pet Film

Filiriko is a leading provider and producer of thin PET films. Filiriko is famous for creating thin PET films for your company. We are also a knowledgeable manufacturer that is dutiful to establishing long-term business relationships with customers. Filiriko guarantees the highest quality thin PET film.

Filiriko is well-known for manufacturing ultra-thin PET film for your company. We only use the best foreign products when producing thin PET films. If you ever require one of our products, we will be happy to assist you!

Thin PET Film

Filiriko Thin Pet Film Video

Thin PET Film
Thin PET Film


You can boost your company’s growth by working with Filiriko, a reliable thin PET film manufacturing company and supplier in China. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to create for your business is which thin PET film to use. You can be sure to find the best thin PET film for your needs here.

Filiriko is an expert in the manufacture of sturdy, thin PET film. Our producer follows strict quality standards to make sure that customers receive high-precision and long-lasting results. Filiriko is capable of meeting all of your needs. The best thin PET film is what we highly suggest. Contact us now!

Thin PET Film

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Filiriko- Your Reliable Thin PET Film Manufacturer

Filiriko is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of thin PET films. As an outcome of its comprehensive capabilities, Filiriko provides more significant benefits and advantages. Filiriko offers the best thin PET film to meet customers’ needs in a variety of industries around the world.

A thin PET film made of Filiriko is utilizing in promotional packaging for a company’s brand. They possess exceptional qualities and characteristics, producing them an outstanding thin PET film producer. Filiriko can produce excellent thin PET film thanks to over two decades of experience in the industry.

Our knowledgeable production quality control team regularly analyzes your thin PET film’s effectiveness to ensure its stability and dependability. Different sizes and layouts of thin PET film are available.

The benefits of Thin PET Film:

  • Clear Appearance
  • Good Flatness
  • Tear-resistant
  • Wide Range Of Thicknesses
  • Excellent Dimensional Stability
  • Good Resistance
  • Excellent Barrier
  • Unequaled Mechanical Strength

Our expert mas production quality control department regularly observes your thin PET film to ensure its consistency and dependability. Filiriko, a prominent manufacturing company and distributor of thin PET film in China, is one of the most well-known companies in the country. All of the products and services are affordable and of good quality.

Filiriko is willing to help you anytime you want a thin PET film. We can sustain even our most pressing needs to keep your work on track. We are constantly striving to create a spectacular thin PET film.

We manufacture high-quality thin PET film that fulfills domestic and multilateral standards. Filiriko manufactures a high-quality thin PET film to meet international requirements. We always ensure that the reflector film is secure and long-lasting.

You can also get thin PET film in a variety of designs and sizes. At reasonable rates, both design and conventional thin PET film are obtainable. We pledge to provide you with our undivided attention and best efforts. Filiriko thin PET film has all of the qualities and benefits you’re seeking in a film for your assessment.

Filiriko thin PET film has all of the qualities and benefits you’re seeking in a film for your assessment. Filiriko is the safest choice if you need a thin PET film for your company’s development. We are available 24/7 to provide you with prompt service.

We are worthy of your loyalty because we continuously offer you helpful service and reliable products. Filiriko will provide you with the precise thin PET film you require.

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